Last Minute Bachelorette Party Ideas

Last Minute Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bachelorette parties are a must before any bride gets married. It is usually a party thrown to honour the days before the wedding, for the bride by her female friends where they celebrate and cherish memories together. Hence, it is a vital pre-wedding celebration, and no one wants to miss it. As the Maid of honour, it’s primarily one’s job to plan a bachelorette party for the bride-to-be. For easy access to some Last Minute Bachelorette Party ideas, we have put together this article. Check out bachelorette party ideas for different personality brides.

last minute bachelorette party ideas

1. Arrange for a regular Tea Party

Tea Parties are always enjoyable. It can be planned well when someone is in a hurry or needs to make a quick decision for any arrangement for a bachelorette party. All you are needed to do is plan the time, date and ingredients for the party. 

You could hold it either mid-afternoon or late afternoon, depending on when the bride-to-be prefers having tea. Or, arrange for some fancy crockery, choose several flavours and mixes to customize tea or go with the flow of the mood. 

You can keep green tea, as it is pretty popular, and options for coffee for those who prefer coffee more. 

Some type of dry snack, biscuits, or cake would boost the menu and make the party a success. Decorating well is a bonus for those who prefer a colourful and youthful party. 

tea party

2. Arrange for a fun Horseback Riding Activity

Horseback riding is a fun way to celebrate a bachelorette party together as a way of recreation. It is a very unique and great way of celebrating together without pre-planning a lot of things. 

You have to dress well to enjoy the time outside, and you could go shopping first and get outfits fit for horse riding, to add a little more spice to the experience. A sun hat and boots are a must to complete your horseback riding look. With this, you can set off on the horse alongside a trainer and have a great time outside.

Horseback Riding Activity

3. Go to your Local Concert

For those who are more into culture and music, going to a local concert with the bride-to-be and friends is the best way to spend a bachelorette party at the weekend. If you are aware of any music concert taking place near you, you can celebrate the bachelorette with friends while enjoying the show. 

If the concert is followed by acts or a fair or food stalls, it is even better for you to grab snacks while enjoying the event. A comedy show or circus is also appreciated by people always because it is humorous and exciting and adds to the enjoyment. 

You can also include a hearty dinner at a local restaurant or pull an all-nighter at someone’s place to end the day by getting comfortable together.

Local Concert

4. Plan a Spa Day

Weddings are always busy occasions, and the brides rarely have time to unwind and care for themselves. Due to this reason, planning a spa day would be beneficial and a good way to celebrate as well as relax for the day through a spa session. 

Every girl wants to look their best on their wedding day, so a spa day would help them take care of the looks and soothe worries. 

Nowadays, spa sessions have multiple packages, including facial massage, manicure, detoxifying, mudding, and others. You can easily choose on the spot or pre-book your slot as per your or the bride-to-be’s wishes. 

A whole-body massage is a very desirable option when it comes to a spa, and it helps relax the various nerves of the body and muscles. After the session, you can have a girl’s night out, dine at a fancy restaurant, or simply stay overnight at a hotel to relax and unwind while being close and comfortable with your best friends.

Spa Day

5. Go for a Movie Night

Arranging a movie night may look like a very basic bachelorette party idea to many people, but a movie night with friends maybe is a great way to spend the bride-to-be’s day before the wedding day. 

You can reserve seats at a movie theatre the night, or if you find tickets available, you could purchase them at the counter directly outside the venue. Some funny or exciting movie will set the mood for a girl power night, but for those who want to go with whatever you want, you could decide on whatever you are feeling then. 

Get some popcorn, drinks and snacks before you enter the hall to have the best experience. 3D movies or shows are also an enjoyable way to spend time. Some places have 7D shows, which are extremely fun with friends. 

Later, you can take a ride to a park or back to one of your houses to talk about the day and have a great time together.

Movie Night

6. Organize a Karaoke Night

For the excited and cheerful people who enjoy singing their heart out as well as enjoying with friends together, a karaoke night is the best possible option to go for if looking for a last minute bachelorette party. You can choose from a variety of songs and sing together to your heart’s content.

Karaoke Night

7. Boat Party

When planning for a last-minute bachelorette party, a boat party is not at all a bad idea at all since you can make a grand celebration out of it. Cruises or small boats are always available for rent if you have a little bit of time. It would be best if you go for a boat that is big enough to accommodate all your friends. 

You should grab your accessories and swimsuits if you have an in-built pool set up. You can also hire photographers or book an overnight boat or cruise ride to enhance the enjoyment. Always remember to stock the boat with snacks and drinks of your choice. 

Always be sure to check the security system of the ship and ask for extra life jackets and other necessary precautions to enjoy the time without worries.

Some boats come with a food serving facility and alcohol to allow customers to drink and rest for the night, as per their package. You can chill out after drinking and having a fancy dinner and make the party memorable before your best friend gets married.

Boat Party


The seven alternatives, as mentioned above, have been picked from a plethora of options available on the internet, with the hope to help you choose a bachelorette party idea when you are in much of a rush and need to fix something as soon as possible. These last minute bachelorette party ideas shared above will give you the experience to remember in a short time and also keep the fun and enjoyment intact.

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