Leg Tattoos For Women From Lower Leg Tattoos For Females And More

Leg Tattoos For Women

Leg tattoos include different designs of various sizes, colors, and types. Since a tattoo stays with you for a lifetime, learning about different tattoo ideas will let you pick the perfect tattoo design for yourself and recommend some to your friends as well. If you are looking forward to having a leg tattoo or a thigh tattoo, here is a curation of 25 beautiful leg tattoos for women with pictures. The list includes small, simple, and unique tattoo designs for thighs, lower leg tattoos for females, calves, ankle, etc. Dive into the article for some tattoo inspiration.

leg tattoos for women

Small Leg Tattoos For Females

Small leg tattoos are ideal for women who desire to seem hotter with a small tattoo. You may flaunt your leg tattoos anytime you want and cover them when necessary. Although the leg region is broad enough just to contemplate larger tattoo designs, generally prefer modest tattoos.

1. Lotus Flower Leg Tattoo

Lotus blossoms represent a variety of different things, giving these one-of-a-kind and incredibly individual tattoos. This lotus flower leg tattoo is thought to signify rising over addiction and being a better person in general.  In Hinduism, lotus blossoms are known as the Padma and are said to represent elegance, innocence, and spiritual enlightenment.

Lotus Tattoo

2. Small Butterfly Tattoo

A small butterfly tattoo is a long-standing emblem of faith, metamorphosis, and freedom, and it is a model of natural beauty. Butterfly tattoo designs are popular because the butterfly has always been associated with femininity and romantic love. Make sure to consider this leg tattoo for sure.

Small Butterfly Tattoo

3. Small Bird Tattoo

A small bird tattoo is commonly used to depict freedom, but it can also symbolize peace, purity, and hope. But this bird is associated with a multitude of other concepts, including strength, courage, and leadership. A small bird tattoo with a minimalistic design right above the ankle is a beautiful pick.

Small Bird Tattoo

4. Crown Tattoo

Because of the significance linked with it, a crown tattoo on the leg is an excellent choice for powerful ladies. The monarchy is associated with hair adornment, which denotes power, victory, consciousness, and grandeur. The crown works well in both large as well as small designs when it comes to placement.

Crown Tattoo

5. Flower Leg Tattoo

Flower tattoos are way too feminine than other tattoo designs. This flower leg tattoo is quite an interesting tattoo design to choose from if you are looking for a small, beautiful, and elegant tattoo. You can always choose to replace this flower design with any other flower depending on its meaning.

Flower Tattoo

Simple Lower Leg Tattoos For Females

Women often choose to have simple tattoos if they are to have them on any part of the lower leg like the ankle, above the ankle, below the calf muscle, etc. Here are some simple lower leg tattoos for females including some of the cutest options like an anklet tattoo, angle wing tattoo, etc.

6. Anklet Tattoo For Women

Anklet tattoos are a very popular choice of tattoo designs amongst women. Similar to the versatility in the actual anklet jewelry, these anklet tattoos are available in many designs. You can pick a simple design like the one in the image below or something more intriguing.

Anklet Tattoo

7. Angel Wing Tattoo On Leg

Angel wing tattoos may represent a variety of things, including independence, devotion, and safety. For some, this angel wing tattoo on leg acts as a memorial to a loved one who has died – a ‘guardian angel.’ Others see them as symbols of Christian faith, and how trust in God awakens them of their positive side.

Angel Wing Tattoo On Leg

8. Lower Leg Arrow Tattoo For Women

Because of its function as a tool and weapon, arrow tattoos naturally depict the concepts of struggle and success. This lower leg arrow tattoo for women getting drawn back on a bow signifies pressure, fight, or personal struggle. Arrow tattoos, whether poised or relaxed, frequently reflect effort.

Lower Leg Arrow Tattoo

9. Name Tattoo For Women

Usually, a name tattoo for women is often attributed to their affection towards their loved ones, like spouse, kids, parents, or someone else. A name tattoo with some added elements like flowers, leaves, and colourful designs right above the ankle bone is the epitome of feminity and elegance.

Name Tattoo

10. Dream Catcher Tattoo For Women

The significance of a dreamcatcher tattoo has not changed throughout the years and maybe broadly defined as an amulet that captures all dark thinking and dreams, allowing only the pleasant and happy ones, allowing the person to sleep peacefully and soundly. This dream catcher tattoo for women is a great pick.

Dream Catcher Tattoo

Lower Leg Tattoos For Females

11. Mandala Lower Leg Tattoo

The word Mandala literally means circle in Sanskrit. The popularity of a mandala tattoo design started in recent times. This mandala lower leg tattoo is quite the coolest option. The designs for a mandala tattoo include leaves, cones, dots, etc. connected in definite circular patterns.

Mandala Tattoo

12. Creeper Ankle Tattoo

Ankle tattoos are quite an interesting and popular choice for a feminine tattoo design. This creeper ankle tattoo is a great option to consider if you think flowers, leaves, and other colourful outline designs work for you.

Creeper Tattoo

13. Wave Foot Tattoo

Wave tattoo designs look different when flaunted in different places on the body. Well, the look of it depends on the design, theme, size, and placement of the tattoo. This wave foot tattoo is unique with a tribal touch to it. Make sure to give it a colourful look if not a blackout.

Wave Tattoo

14. Rose Leg Tattoo For Women

Rose tattoos usually depict many things relating to women. Some of them include rebirth, love, passion, and beauty. A rose leg tattoo for women is always the perfect pick. Especially, if the tattoo is as beautiful as the one in the image below with intriguing details like the shades in petals and leaves.

Rose Tattoo

15. Tribal Turtle Leg Tattoo

The turtle tattoo meaning of immortality is used by certain people. This is an excellent concept to apply if you want to have the fortitude to get through the difficult times in order to have even more pleasant moments in your life. This tribal turtle leg tattoo is all yours to make some modifications and flaunt it your way!

Tribal Tattoo

Flower Leg Tattoos For Females

16. Rose And Butterflies Tattoo On Calf

Rose And Butterflies Tattoo

17. Lily Thigh Tattoo

Lily Tattoo

18. Sunflower Leg Tattoo

Sunflower Leg Tattoo

19. Geometric Flower Tattoo On Leg

Geometric Flower Tattoo

20. Floral Skull Tattoo

Floral Skull Tattoo

Front Thigh Tattoos For Females

21. Sun And Moon Tattoo On Thigh

Sun And Moon Tattoo

22. Mandala And Butterfly Tattoo

Mandala And Butterfly Tattoo

23. Floral Lioness Tattoo

Floral Lioness Tattoo

24. Wolf And Rose Tattoo On Thigh

Wolf And Rose Tattoo

25. Nature Thigh Tattoo

Nature Thigh Tattoo

Leg tattoo is a quite unique and popular choice of tattoo due to its versatility. The choice of flaunting it to the whole wide world or hiding it with your clothing is totally a personal choice. These 25 beautiful leg tattoos for women with pictures are all yours to pick the perfect tattoo!

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