What Is A Man Bun & Its Different Types

What Is A Man Bun & Its Different Types

Several hairstyles are gaining popularity again that reflect retro trends of the past. Historically, undercuts, side parts, and comb-overs were all inspired by vintage men’s fashion. There is however one hairstyle that definitely breaks all of these rules and makes a statement on its own – the man bun. Check out tips on how to grow a man bun.

Generally, a smooth, high bun such as a Ballerina bun will not be suitable for everyday wear, but it can look good for special occasions. Each man can decide which style of bun he prefers, whether it’s high, mid-length, or at the bottom. There are many styles of hair to choose from, such as messy, clean, braided, or dreadlocked. In addition to the half-up and Samurai bun, there are a variety of ways to style the look.

Hair types including straight, wavy, curly, and wave types can be styled into the man bun. The length of your hair makes no difference. By shaving the sides and undercutting your hair, you can make your style interesting.

What Does A Man Bun Require?

Obtaining this look will take a lot of perseverance and clips. It is best to grow your hair at least 6 inches long if you do not already have long hair. If you have less, you won’t be able to tie up all your hair. Between ten and sixteen inches is the ideal length for a medium-sized man bun. As you can see, there is no restriction on how long you can leave your hair, but it will be more challenging to arrange longer hair. 

The Man Bun: Style & Care

Getting a man bun is a very easy hairstyle, but it requires constant attention to avoid it becoming oily or unclean. Shampoos remove the necessary oils from your hair, so most hair experts advise washing your hair no more than twice or three times each week. You should only shampoo your hair every couple of days in order to maintain healthy hair.

The styles of man buns are endless, and the options are numerous. Here are some ideas 

An infinity man bun

Do you want your man bun to stand out? Risk it all and do something different. This Infinity Man Bun is a great option for experimenting with different hairstyles depending on the shape of your hair. Put your own unique spin on your bun to make it more interesting.

Types Of man bun - infinity man bun


Messy man bun

When hair is gathered into a bun, it is neatly tied at the crown of the head, however, for a more rustic look, allow a few hair strands to fall outward and you will achieve a unique look of your own.

messy man bun


Undercut taper faded bun

An asymmetrical top with thin hair, dense volume, and sides with undercut tapers is a balanced look. The bun atop really compliments that. An organized and harmonious appearance is achieved by the sideburns blending into the beard.

Undercut taper faded man bun


Buns and Highlights

It is an open-ended bun with long strands of frizzy hair. There is not much maintenance needed for these types of buns, just make sure they are long enough and you’re good to go. Usually, that’s something reserved for thick hair, but this particular one has golden dyed highlights with a smooth texture.

man bun with highlights


Mid-fade dye bun

As a matter of fact, when hair is dense, it is usually difficult to curl. A matte blonde dye is used on the bun while the top is tightly braided with tapered sides. The top is all that’s visible because the lower temple is faded. Your facial features will be accentuated if you follow these trends.

Rusty Afro Bun

Although bunning afro hair can be challenging, it looks amazing when it is done properly. Here, we see a similar taper fade, but with shaved hairlines. Additionally, the bun is dyed reddish-brown which complements the entire look. Who can resist a style like that?

Long-haired thin buns

There’s no reason why you can’t do anything with thin hair, you just have to adjust it a little. With this bun knot, a larger volume and a longer length have been created, resulting in a bun knot that is several folds longer than before. In addition, thin hair looks silky, as well as well-groomed, and not too chaotic.


Man bun with undercut

The undercut man bun is the most ideal men’s bun hairstyle you could ever imagine. Sides can be faded or shaved closely, and the long, textured top can be twisted into a bun. A stylish look is what you’re looking for, you may want to consider getting an undercut man bun.

man bun with undercut


A half-bun

Make your hair elegant by keeping it off your face. You can wear your long hair up or down in a bun to both look fashionable and feel confident. Trends can be interesting when combined, and it is even more advantageous now.

half bun


Braids and buns

You can enhance the look of a simple bun by adding a man braid to it: it’s full of charm! This braiding challenge focuses on having an abundance of braids and then incorporating a twist-style hairstyle to enhance the overall look of the man bun. The braided man bun can also be worn on the head, you can experiment with different textures to customize your style.

man buns and braids


Man buns were at first thought to be just a fad, but their popularity has proven their staying power. Additionally, the man bun competes with other style options like the pompadour and undercut, which are currently very popular. In this case, a man bun is an excellent style fit for hair that has a good amount of length. It’s only a matter of finding the right option for you!

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