20 Medium Length Hairstyles To Up Your Style

20 Medium Length Hairstyles To Up Your Style

Different people choose different lengths for their hair depending on comfort and maintenance capacity. Medium length is the most popular and comfortable for most women due to various reasons. Well, you don’t have to compromise on styling your hair! We hope you try these medium length hairstyles on yourself and suggest some for your girl gang too!!

Medium Length Hairstyles With Bangs

1. Long Disconnected Bob With Bangs

Currently, layers are trendy, so if you have long hair and are considering a haircut, this is the greatest choice you can find! For your next outfit, have a look at these lengthy layers. A long disconnected bob is when the short hair is cut in a bob above the chin on the back and the front hair is till above the collarbone.

Long Disconnected Bob

2. Medium Shaggy Cut

The three elements of a shaggy cut are choppy closed-crop layers, bangs, and a hair in the middle with a few layers. In recent years, the style has developed from an extra from just a simple shaggy cut to more relaxed renditions. It’s been updated to more advanced versions like a medium shaggy cut. Shags are only for the youth, said no one ever. Check out these Hairstyles For Women Over 50.

Medium Shaggy Cut

Medium Length Hairstyles For Thin Hair

3. Medium Feather Cut

Medium feather cut is a woman’s haircut and cut carefully with layers. It resembles the layers of feathers of birds. A feather cut is typically cut in a V-style on a razor because airy feathered hairstyles have a highly textured version of medium layered Cut – In its high days the feather cut hairstyle was modified and shaped differently in several variations.

Medium Feather Cut

4. Headband Twist With Thin Hair

Headband Twist With Thin Hair

Medium Length Hairstyles For Thick Hair

5. Medium Length Box Braids

African braids became popular in indigenous areas about three decades ago. Plain chunky braids give low-maintenance beauty, but modern variations adorned with beads, metallic thread, or brilliant highlights may turn attention. Medium length box braids are comfortable and easy to make!

Medium Length Box Braids

6. Medium Length Dreadlocks

Dread requires lots of patience when it takes years to complete. These medium length dreadlocks don’t belong to simple individuals, they tend to be easy to maintain and easy to maintain. Besides protecting the hair they also help keep it moist causing no damage to the scalp. You can try faux locks with different techniques.

Medium Length Dreadlocks

Men’s Medium Length Hairstyles

7. Slick Back Hair For Men

A slick back hair for men is a combination of low or high fade and long hair on top to offer a stylish and cool hairstyle. This guide will show everything in detail regarding fashion. From how to slick back thick or curly hair to choosing an undercut or a faded haircut to how to style and get this classy look.

Slick Back Hair For Men

8. Surfer Style With Medium Hair

Surfer style became popular during the 50s and the result is that it helps you let your hair grow out naturally. While the beach looks are a stylish style for the summer, men’s surfer’s hair can really be worn year round. Good hair products such as clay and sea salt spray are available that help the wavy or curly versions of the surfer boy haircut.

Surfer Style With Medium Hair

Blonde Medium Length Hairstyles

9. Medium Bobbed Hair

Bob hairstyles are characterised by a cut that extends beyond the shoulders. A medium bobbed hair offers a universally flattering shape and is machine washable. Bobs has a wide range of styles to choose from, whether you want to maintain your look modern, traditional, or fashionable. When it comes to bobs, you have the option of wearing them short, long, or medium length to get the appearance you want.

Medium Bobbed hair

10. Edgy Lob

An edgy lob is a shoulder-length cut with trimmed and textured sides that soften the appearance. It looks fantastic on the sleek and wavy hair with or without bangs. An annual trim is needed every 4-6 weeks, or about the length of time that hair grows. An edgy lob with blonde hair is even prettier.

Edgy Lob


Medium Length Hairstyles With Layers

11. Invisible Layers

The invisible layers will help you put that cool and stylish hairstyle into the cut and give it that extra elegance it requires. The trick is to keep the layers long and seamless to reduce weight and add texture and volume, not at all obvious. The invisible layers are quite subtle and interesting.

Invisible Layers

12. Two Tier Layer Cut Medium Hair

The two tier layer cut may seem old-school, when hair stylists everywhere around the world encourage you to cut your hair in multiple layers. Under the trendiest variant, the mullet cut and step haircut are recommended first. Layer cut with two tiers looks more retro with a short voluminous top and longer bottom.

Two Tier Cut Medium Hair 

Straight Medium Length Hairstyles

13. Medium Length Asymmetric Cut

A Medium Length Asymmetrical cut is one of the most popular medium length haircuts where one side or both ends of the cut are medium at this time. What matters is to work on your face shape and achieve proper highlight and balance for facial features. Rebecca Dorsey of Baltimore works with all kinds of features and hairstyles. And isn’t that boring at all!

Medium Length Asymmetric Cut

14. French Braid For Medium Hair

French braid looks complex but making one for yourself is easy. In the case of medium length hairstyles, a french braid is the most versatile, since it suits almost every outfit you choose. You can also try some colours to make it look more gorgeous from different angles.

French Braid For Medium Hair

Medium Length Wavy Hairstyles

15. Beachy Waves With Medium Hair

Bryce Scarlett is the man behind Kaia Gerber, Gigi Hadid and Lily Rose Depp. His go-to skill and favourite tool are the Flatiron. While there are lots of ways you can get beachy waves it is the best choice to choose a product that suits your hair color. Some don’t even use hot tools so there are options for everyone to make beachy waves with medium hair.

Beachy Waves

16. Medium Wavy Hair

Many wavy hairstyles, such as textured curls or beach waves, may be modified for medium hair. These relaxed hairstyles may still be achieved without using heat tools or by using braids and rubber bands. Medium wavy hair is stylish and quickly elevates your hair to a more stylish version.

Medium Wavy Hair

Curly Medium Length Hairstyles

17. Medium U Cut With Curly Hair

A U cut will get you a different angle in the cut rather than straight over the top. The sky really is the limit in terms of different sorts of haircuts available. You also should keep in mind the look you will be getting when you have a u-cut with curly hair. It offers much greater contrast and greater dimensional resolution compared to conventional cuts.

medium U cut with curly hair

18. Curly Low Bun For Medium Hair

No matter what your type of hair is, a chic bun should guarantee you that chic look. With a number of options available for any occasion, this easy to – achieve hairdo is the perfect ‘do to keep you in style from day to night. A curly low bun for medium hair is the best pick for a no accessory and easy hairstyle.

Curly Low Bun For Medium Hair

Cute Medium Length Hairstyles

19. Soft Balayage With Medium Hair

Balayage is a highlighting method that does not involve the use of foils. Instead, a professional hairstylist applies colour to your hair by hand. Despite the fact that it’s a softer effect, it gives your colorist more creative inspiration to use different styles and patterns. A soft balayage with medium hair is one of the perfect medium hairstyles.

Soft Balayage With Medium Hair

20. Waterfall Braid On Medium Hair

The waterfall braid is one of the cutest medium length hairstyles. Keep in mind that making a waterfall braid is complex. but the outcome is totally worth the hard work you put in. Waterfall braid on medium hair looks all things pretty because half of the hair is in the braid and the remaining half is beautifully hanging down.

Waterfall Braid On Medium Hair

This list of medium length hairstyles is curated with love and care for you! So when are trying them all??

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