Top 7 Ways To Create Minimalist Wardrobe For Men

Top 7 Ways To Create Minimalist Wardrobe For Men

Fashion is not always about trendy clothes and accessories. It is sometimes all about being wise enough to make a smart choice! When it comes to men, they can get a little messier with heaps of unworn clothes piled up in their wardrobes. And that’s troublesome, isn’t it? 

Now that the world is spinning around for small- less food, minimalist living, and diet supplements, fashion is something you want to check off from the list too! 

You have a fast life and certainly can’t stand your girlfriend blabbering about maintaining your wardrobe! You find it hard to choose your clothes for an important meeting and end up pulling out whatever you find on the top! Life is messy, isn’t it? 

Check out our tips to join a minimalist fashion men tribe that would make your life easier than ever before! 

Blazers are forever loved:

Blazers are something that must be added to a minimalist fashion men list. Add a regal blue or black blazer to your closet. They fit any occasion and go with both denim or formal pants. You can also rock them to office meetings or wedding receptions. 


blue blazer

Have you tried neutral colors yet?

What’s the secret of less but a trendy wardrobe? Neutral shades are something that is never going out of fashion. The best part? You can rock them to formal and informal meetings. Black, white, beige, brown are all colors that suit men the best. Also, you can easily match them up with any color! Add it to your wardrobe today! 

beige trouser

Who says monochrome isn’t cool?

If you have no time to choose colors on your busy days, why worry when merely black and white can help? Always remember to pick white, black, or black and white t-shirts as well as the shirts in your closet. They go with denim, sportswear, casual wear, and sometimes for formal meetings as well. Don’t tell me all the guys out there don’t feel like you absolutely look dapper in a white tee, or a black shirt and a pair of denim jeans! 

Black Shirt

White tee

Must have shoes:

We know how much you love your footwear. But honey to be a minimalist fashion freak you must make some compromises. But don’t worry we have the best tip for you. Pick up a pair of sneakers, sports shoes, and black leather shoes and these three main picks will go for any occasion. The mix and match will go with any of your attire, be it sportswear, dinner date, or wedding reception. 

White sneakersblack leather shoes

What about accessories?

Go for wristwatches that give a little rugged look but aren’t too complicated— are stylish but not very peculiar, are affordable but not expensive. You can also go for strap watches, casual wear, or sportswear bracelets. Also, when it comes to bags, go for the ones that can be used for multi-purposes. Weekender bags can be one of the best options for a minimal style. Don’t forget to add beanies and baseball caps to your collection to level up your style game. 

strap watch

Bottom wear:

For bottom wear stick to

  • chinos
  • two pairs of denim jeans
  • one pair of solid trousers
  • one statement trouser.

For your sportswear, you can go for a black and grey jogger and a pair of shorts to beat the heat in summers. So you’re done with your casual, party and formal wear. Wasn’t that easy? 

chinosdenim jeans

Don’t forget the leather jacket:

It is good to go minimalist but wiser to go versatile as well. Add a black-colored leather jacket to avoid monotony. These black-colored jackets can go with any color besides being classy enough to grab eyeballs. 

Leather jacket

Sweatshirts are too cool:

One last thing yet to add to your wardrobe is one or two sweatshirts. They’re trendy, have got all the sass, and protect you in mild winters. You can go to neutral shirts again. 


Some important things to note while going minimalist for the first time: 

As easier said than done, going for a minimalist wardrobe for the first time can be a little confusing. You can end up discarding clothes and accessories that you had been relying upon for a long time or add up the junk to your closet. Therefore, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions before going minimal. 

  • What are your daily requirements? 
  • Do I really need them? 
  • How often do I use them? 
  • What’s my style? 
  • Do these reflect my personality well? 
  • What about the laundry? Will I be able to maintain them? 
  • What’s the best that would suit my past lifestyle? 
  • What should I add to the color palette? 

To end with, when you start eliminating things from your wardrobe, you can avail yourself the various benefits when you go for minimalist fashion

  • No mess: Minimalist wardrobe or capsule wardrobe can leave your surroundings tidier than before. You would no more have to waste your precious minutes or even hours finding the perfect attire for different occasions. 
  • Affordable: Bid goodbye to extra expenses and smile wide because your pocket is going to be full this year. You can save a lot since you would be no more spending on things that you no longer use. 
  • Easy to decide: You no longer need to rely on friends or your girlfriend or wife to choose an outfit for you, be it a grand party or an important meeting. You can opt for attire as per your wish, thereby boosting up your confidence as well! 

So men, when are you going for a minimalist fashion wardrobe? 

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