Nail Colors That Will Make You Look Tanner

Nail Colors That Will Make You Look Tanner

When confronted with a sea of bottles in every color under the sun, the polish wall at the manicure salon might be full. Nail polish is the most important amongst cosmetics and other makeup products. Well, here is a list of nail colors that will make you look, tanner.

Is a basic red your best bet? How about more vibrant emerald green? Does that cool grey shade that a specific beauty blogger recently posted on social media work for you?

Nail Colors That Will Make You Look Tanner

What are the best nail colors for highlighting your tan?

While having beautiful skin is important for summer attire, did you know that the color of your nails may also help you seem sun-kissed? Here is a list of nail colors that highlight your tan.


Against darker skin, pale pink, lavender, and even white look gorgeous. The beautiful contrast you’ll create will make your skin look even tanner. This will mostly help fair-skinned women and have a substantial impact.


Wearing bright colors like sunny yellow, juicy orange, or hot pink can make your tan pop even more. These are a bold choice for a daring individual like you!

The color of cornflowers

According to color theory, blue and orange are complementary colors, thus wearing blue will make your tanned skin seem better. Cabana Boy by Static Nails and Soul Surfing by Nails Inc. are two of our favorites.

Grey Dove

When tinted with warm taupe, traditional frigid grey becomes more enticing. Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro in When Doves Cry, a gel-like solution containing components you’d expect to see in treatments, is one of the creamiest and longest-lasting ways to wear this hue. Among the numerous things we’ll explore are rice protein, bamboo, and keratin.


Year-round, a crisp, pure white looks lovely, but in the spring and summer, we’d add a holographic touch. Frequent Flyer, like all of KBShimmer’s nail colors, is noted for its multi-dimensional beauty. This white has a beautiful rainbow light embedded into it.

Necronomyl yellow

Neo is a popular trend right now, and the golden tone looks great with a tan. The best neon color is yellow, but any other shade will do. Regardless of what you wear on your nails, a couple of layers of neon yellow nail paint will make your tan look deeper.

Grape candy

Natural colors are lovely, but there’s something particularly pleasurable and nostalgic about the purple that isn’t found naturally in grape-flavored candy. Habit’s 45 Belladonna nail color, in particular, catches the feel beautifully. It’s a cold, deep amethyst with a myrrh undertone that’s exploding with color.

Poppy red

True red will never go out of style, but poppy red will lend a little more punch to your conventional look. Mischo Beauty’s hue Diana exudes a youthful, enthused feel by mixing conventional red with a hint of orange. It’ll be the most noticeable color on you no matter what you’re wearing, and yet it goes with everything.


Cacao is a more contemporary version of chocolate brown that’s just as luscious, if not more so, as the original. A flexible lipstick like Revlon’s LondontownLakur Enhanced Color in Teak is one of our favorite ways to wear a deeper hue in the spring. It has a gleaming, opaque finish that is difficult to look away from. It’s sophisticated without being dull or predictable.


Which color is more deserving of appreciation because of its aesthetic qualities? The material is referred to as butter. It’s an underappreciated beige-yellow combination that needs more attention, as well as a convenient placement right at your fingers. Elevé Cosmetics Nail Pop in Shirley is a terrific choice.

What nail color makes your skin look tan?

Bright colors, like sunny yellow, juicy orange, or hot pink, will make your tan pop for sure, especially on more golden, dark skin tones.

What colors make skin look tanner?

Clothing colors that enhance a natural tan are those that complement and contrast brown. Those are colors like orange, yellow, red-orange, teal, turquoise, lilac, blue-purple, and various light pastels. It’s typically best to wear clothing that is significantly lighter than your skin if you wish to look tanned.

What colors make tan pop?

Citrusy Colors If you want to show off your newly tanned skin, think about rocking some red, orange, or yellow. All shades of orange, from peach to carrot, will make your tan especially noticeable. You’ll want to stick with the shades of bright yellow, as they will do your skin the most favors.

Does light blue nails make you look tan?

The cool tones in this blue polish will complement the warmer tones in your skin to make your tan pop.

Do neon colors make you look tanner?

Colors like orange, yellow, and lime green look great on people with golden skin tones. Citrus colors will enhance the glow your skin has picked up from a tan, whether you got the tan naturally or unnaturally. Fruity colors like watermelon, melon, and berry will also do a good job of contrasting your tan.

How do you look tan when you’re pale?

  • Burning is your biggest enemy- Always use sun protection.
  • Take your time, and build your tan up slowly.
  • Let your skin rest.
  • Get a kick-start.
  • Feed your skin whilst tanning.
  • Create the perfect tanning conditions, right on your skin.

How can I look tanner without tanning?

Here are six ways to nab instantly sun-kissed skin without the hassle of a self-tanner.

  • Body shimmer.
  • Bronzer.
  • Body highlighter.
  • Bright nail polish.
  • Foundation.
  • Sunscreen with a shimmer.

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