Nike Metcon 3 Review – Nike metcon 2 vs 3

Nike Metcon 3 Review – Nike metcon 2 vs 3

Nike Metcon 3 Review - Nike metcon 2 vs 3

Since Nike Metcon 3 inception, there have been many fans of the Nike Metcons. They are a great hybrid shoe that can be used for lifting and also calisthenic or plyometric movements. Nike is known for its style. Let’s see how this new Nike Metcon 3 is working.

  • The fit is exactly like the older versions. The metcon 2 and 3 are identical in terms of fit. Stick with your normal shoe size.
  • The sole of the shoe is supportive and firm. You shouldn’t expect much cushiness or spring. The shoe is not bouncy but it responds well to jumping and can be used for many other activities. The shoe offers moderate arch support for my high arches.
  • After a few wears, the sole will begin to flex more. Flyknit fabric is used for the upper, which allows for great flexibility.
  • These are not recommended for running, just like the previous generation of the metcon. Although they are fine for short distances, anything longer than a mile will be painful.

Nike metcon 2 vs 3

Nike metcon 2 vs 3

  • Nike has completely redesigned the materials in the new metcon 3. The 3’s now have a flyweight upper. This made the shoes lighter. They are only about 5% lighter than the previous 2’s, but it isn’t noticeable when they are worn.
  • Although the toe box is fully knit, it offers less flexibility than the metcon 2’s “seams”, but it’s very subtle.
  • There were complaints about the old metcons not being durable and some areas peeling. It seems that some of the material changes were made to remedy this. However, some didn’t have any problems with their previous metcons.
  • No price change with the new generation. The metcon 3’s retail for $130 will cost you the same as the metcon 2.
  • Nike has changed the sole’s design, as seen on the arch of the shoe and the outer edge. The sole’s traction was not significantly different from previous version.
  • The back view shows that Nike has updated the reflective bars by adding “metcon” text. Many CrossFit-oriented athletic shoes, particularly those that are made for CrossFit, have the disadvantage of being only designed for men.
  • The entire heel area has been upgraded. The heel now has an extra swath made of plastic. This adds stability and structure. The shoe’s heel cup is extremely secure and doesn’t slip. The heel clip to be more subtle and less sharp.
  • You can also wear your Nikes proudly with full-sized swooshes at both the side and on the sole.

FInally, Do you really need the metcon 3 now? If you have the metcon 2, and like it, then you don’t necessarily need the 3. The functional differences between the metcon 3 and 2 are very minimal, despite the substantial material changes. Both are equally enjoyable.

Can I use Nike metcon 3 for running?

If you’re looking for a new CrossFit shoe, look no further than the Nike Metcon 3 shoes. Perfect all-around trainers, you can run, lift, and jump with confidence in these shoes.

Are Nike metcon 3 good for lifting?

Are Nike metcon 3 good for lifting?

The Metcon 3 is not a pure weightlifting shoe, but rather a durable and versatile cross-training shoe designed and built for the rigors of CrossFit workouts. Box jumps, rope climbs, sprints, and heavy weight lifting all factor into these workouts – and Nike designed this shoe to work for all those things.

Are Nike metcon 3 Good for CrossFit?

The Nike Metcon 3 Training Shoes are some of the most popular CrossFit training shoes on the market and for good reason. These are some of the best training shoes available; they also look great as well.

Are Nike metcon 3 good for squats?

1. Nike Metcon. Whether you’re performing plyo squats or practicing weighted front squats, the Metcon can do it all. The wide, flat heel provides stability, but there’s also enough cushioning to transition into cardio moves.

What are metcon 3 Good For?

The Nike Metcon 3 is a great functional fitness shoe that performs best on short-distance runs.

Are Metcon shoes good for walking?

Nike Metcons are among the most functional training shoes out there. Although you probably don’t want to use them as long-distance running shoes, they’re great for pretty much every other workout, including walking, lifting and high-intensity interval training.

Which Nike metcon is best for CrossFit?

Nike Metcon 7 for Lifting and Crossfit The Metcon 7s shoes are great for both strength and cardio. This isn’t to claim it’s a better cross-training option than the finest specialist running or weight-lifting shoe, but it is a great cross-training alternative that will keep you feeling supported in a range of motions.

What are Metcon shoes good for?

What Are Nike Metcon Shoes Good For? Nike Metcon: Best for CrossFit, heavy lifting, more serious cross-training, some classes, and HIIT. Nike Free Metcon: Best for classes, HIIT, athletic-focused training, and recreational lifting. Nike React Metcon Turbo: Best for lifting, classes, HIIT, and athletic-focused training.

What does Metcon stand for?

metabolic conditioning Let’s start off with the term Metcon, which is an abbreviated version of the term metabolic conditioning. This term is hugely popular with the growth in CrossFit™ and is the term that CrossFitters use to describe their all out, go as fast as possible, vomit-inducing workout of the day.

What’s the best Nike metcon?

Nike Metcon. The go-to choice when it comes to CrossFit sneakers, Nike Metcon has unshakeable stability and ground-gripping traction, making these shoes ideal for any multidirectional movement. The Metcon’s revamped midsole rubber wraps up your arch for intense grip during rope climbs.

Are Nike metcon 6 good for squats?

Yes, you can lift weights in the Nike Metcon 6. The heel is firm and stable. Heavy squats (barbell), front squats, back squats, cleans, jerks, snatches – you can do it all. In fact, the heel is so firm and dense, these shoes make a “clip-clop” sound when you walk – Just like Oly lifters!

Can I run in metcon free?

Yes, you can run in the Nike Free Metcon 4! The dual-density foam of the midsole provides comfort for running without compromising the stability of the shoe.

Is it OK to squat in running shoes?

You should not wear running shoes during squats. The kinematics of squatting are extremely different from running, and wearing runners will cause you to feel off-balance, which will impact the amount of force you apply through the floor. Also, runners can also negatively impact your bar path, depth, and torso angle.

What Nikes are good for working out?

Recommended Nike products for weight training and high-intensity training

  • Nike Metcon 7 Flyease. Buy from
  • Nike MC Trainer.
  • Nike Free Metcon
  • Nike Flex Control 4
  • Nike City Rep TR
  • Nike Flex Experience Run 11

Which shoes are best for squats?

A quick look at the best shoes for weightlifting

  • Best overall: Nike Metcon 7 X.
  • Best for competitive lifting: Nike Romaleos 4.
  • Best for CrossFit: Reebok Nano X1.
  • Best for squats: Reebok Legacy Lifter II.
  • Best for powerlifting: Adidas Powerlift 4.
  • Best style: Converse Chuck Taylor All Start High Tops.

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