The Wide Ranging Pant Closure Types – Types Of Pant Closures

The Wide-Ranging Pant Closure Types – Types Of Pant Closures

We are all in love with fashion. From hats on our heads to getting the perfect shoes to fit our style, fashion has become a growing industry with billions of trendsetters and followers worldwide. Its overall approach entails whatever one needs. Pants – a vital piece of clothing, are found in a wide variety, which we are all aware of, but did you know about the different pant closure types? If not, you need this article to learn about the varied types of pant closures, get up-to-date with all your favorite trends, and plan your outfits better!


pant closure types - buckle closure

Although used more in shoes, bags, and belts, Buckles are a specific pant closure we often use to keep our pants in place. It makes the pants look fashionable, adds the extra touch of sassiness, and makes the wearer feel chicer and in line with the current trend.

Alternative fashion or clothing designers mostly use buckles to make an outfit appear edgy and suit the gothic vibe.


button closure

One can give buttons the oldest and most desirable title of all pant closure types. Designers make them from various materials such as plastic, seashells, metal, leather, and wood.

Today’s types of buttons we use in clothing (especially pants) are Wooden Buttons, Leather buttons, Metallic Buttons, Press buttons, Printed buttons, Pearl Buttons, Lac Buttons, and Wax Buttons.

Cuff links

Cuff links are fasteners we attach to hold the cuffs of shirts, but they are also found in pants. These cuffs have holes to put the buttons through.

These holes are put on both sides, and the Cuff links have a flat squarish, or sometimes roundish surface with a loop that fits into both the buttonholes and locks them together.


eyelets pant closure

Eyelets rings of either metal or plastic help designers reinforce holes in clothing. In pants, designers place these loops on the two ends of the fabric, and a string or thick lace is either woven or threaded through them to tie the pants.

The advantage of eyelets is that you do not need to worry about your pants being too large in the waist area; you can pull the string as much as you wish, to make the waist fit perfectly.

D Rings

D Rings have a function similar to Sliders. These got the name D rings from the shape of the metal attachment, which has a ‘D’ shape. The belt is put through the D-loop and wrapped around the waist to hold the pants up.

However, D Rings can also find use in Snap Hooks, where the hook is usually clasped to the ring.

Elastic Band

Elastic Bands are the most widely opted-for option for selecting a pant closure type. They are comfortable and stretchy, making the pants feel breathable and free of constrictions.

Elastic bands are sewn through the waistbands of pants to keep them from falling, and the stretch allows the person to move while wearing their clothes freely.

Metal Hooks and eye

Metal Hooks and eyes are other valuable options for pants. These, just like the name, have a metal hook and a clasp, known as the ‘eye.’ The hook is held safely around the eye to bind the waist of the pant into place.

The hook and loop perform the same function as the hook and eye attachments. Both have the same structure and purpose.

Press Studs

Press studs are not very frequently seen in pants. However, kid’s clothing and some unique pant designs use them as a closure option. Designers make them from metal, and they usually are of two separate portions.

One is designed in a way that it can lock the other inside it and prevent the pants from opening or falling.

Strings or Lace

Strings are the most common fastening pants to keep them in place. Strings (often similar to shoelaces) are put through the waistband of the pants through a hole and pulled through the other hold on the opposite side to tie the pants in question to their spot.


Sliders are another type of pant closure. These are generally made from metal or plastic. They have a unique structure, with a circular or squarish shape, with a pole in between, around which the belt is tied around the waist into its place.

Sliders give your pants a chic and fashionable look while perfectly doing their job of keeping your pants tied safely around your waist.

Squeeze buckle

Squeeze Buckles are similar to belts, but these lack the extra pin, which goes through a hole in the leather, to secure it in place. Squeeze buckles come in two individual parts.

One among them fits the more petite part and locks it to prevent the pants sliding down. These are widely found in trekking suits, which need extra support during rock climbing courses.


Zippers, alternatively known as chains, are another type of Pant closure to fasten our pants. Unlike any other kind of attachment, Zippers are present in most pants (of all age groups), being the best option for securing the pants to their place.

Zippers are made of metal, and they can be of various designs or colors, matching the aesthetic of the pants. Zippers are mainly used in denimwear such as jeans.

What are hook and bar closure pants?

The most discreet fastening Invisible and discreet, the trousers hook and bar closures are an elegant solution and alternative to the classic and visible buttons. Therefore, they are the closure choices for outerwear, tailored suits, cardigans, and children’s clothing for their easiness of fastening.

What are the different types of hook and eye?

Basic sewing hooks and eyes There are two different types; the wire version is the most common, while the die-cut metal ones are designed to withstand more wear. A single hook and eye is often sewn above the top of a zip to finish it and take stress off the fastening on a skirt, dress or trousers.

Which fastener is best used in garment closure?

Clothes Fastenings – Best for Clothes & Sewing Hook and Eyes. Kam Snaps. Ribbons and Cords. Sew in Snaps (Press Studs) Snaps (Press Studs) Toggles. Velcro (Hook and Loop Tape) Zippers.

What is 3/4 hook-and-eye closure?

3/4″ wide, for use with 3/4″ elastic/band. Hook side is 1″ long, Eye side is 2.25″ long. Use for bra repair, to extend the band, or in sewing your own brand new bra patterns.

What is hook and loop closure?

The hook and loop fastener is an adjustable closure obtained by pressing two parts together. The gripping part penetrates the loop part. On opening, the hooks open and release the loop.

What is fashion closure?

A back closure is a means for fastening a garment at the rear, such as with a zipper, hooks-and-eyes or buttons. Back closures were once common on Western female clothing, but have recently become less so, especially on female casual and business attire.

What is toggle closure?

Toggle Closures are an excellent way to keep garments closed and fashionable. Toggle closures feature two ends, one with a loop and one with a button or t-shaped piece that slips into the loop. They come in a variety of styles, from more natural looking leather and suede ones to chic vinyl.

What is tie closure?

It means you need to tie it. Not a clip on.

What is standard hook and eye?

A hook-and-eye closure is a very simple and secure method of fastening garments together. It consists of a metal hook, commonly made of flattened wire bent to the required shape, and an eye (or “eyelet”) of the same material into which the hook fits.

What are openings and fastenings?

An opening is there for a closure in your garment – How is that for an Oxymoron! But so true for the openings used in sewing. These are openings sewn on garments that allow easy putting on and removal and to close the garment with the many fasteners available to you.

What are the 3 steps to attach the hook?

What are garments fasteners?

Fasteners are used to hold two pieces of a garment together ۛ some pieces lap one over the other, while others meet. Fasteners include snaps, hooks and eyes, self-gripping devices, buttons and buttonholes, and zippers.

All accessories, clothes, shoes, or anything to do with fashion has revolutionized the concept of ‘dressing up in the years after the Industrial Revolution. People have become more interested in ‘looking their best wherever they go. Gaining inspiration from their favorite artists and designers has fuelled their thirst for precision.

Everything has boosted the fashion industry, from breaking gender norms to normalizing clothing types, and pants in this aspect are an integral unit of designing or planning an outfit. Hence, this article is exclusively put together to help those who want to make the planning of their outfits a more manageable task by knowing more about fashion and the diverse pant closure types.

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