Pure Classic Shopping Guide From Head to Toe

Pure Classic Shopping Guide From Head to Toe

The most important characteristic feature of a Classic body type is a perfect balance of yin and yang. Symmetrical physique with a cool, restrained aura. ‍Here is a pure classic shopping guide from head to toe. The guide includes recommendations for clothing and accessories as well.

A minor departure from the following qualities is always conceivable and should not be regarded as a cause for concern as long as it does not disrupt the overall blended yin and yang balance.

Dresses for pure classic

  • Smooth forms, delicately fitted design, and narrow widths should be the hallmarks of Pure Classics dresses.
  • The emphasis on the waist should be subtle (narrow, elegant belts or ties).
  • Shirtwaists, fitted wraps, soft sheaths, silky knits, and belted coatdresses are all excellent choices.


  • sharply fitted designs
  • designs that are large and broad
  • intricate detail and flouncy styles

sheath dress with belt belted coat dress

Separates for pure classic

  • You need to pick the separates cautiously and sparingly as a Pure Classic.
  • Separates that are too evident will detract from your elegance.
  • To keep your visual lines smooth, make sure colors, textures, and prints flow together.

Jackets and blazers

  • Jackets and blazers from Pure Classics should always be slim and fitted, with a clean outline.
  • The ideal length is standard (just below the break of the hip).
  • When maintained slim and thin, lightweight unconstructed coats are ideal.


  • jackets with a boxy fit
  • Jackets with a cropped length
  • jackets that are too big
  • Jackets with a lot of angles
  • jackets with a lot of movement

slim and fitted jacket

Skirts for pure classic

  • The skirts of Pure Classics should be smooth and simple.
  • Straight lines.
  • Skirts with straight and soft cuts, or slightly flared.
  • Details are kept to a bare minimum.
  • Moderate length to fit the length of the jacket.
  • Skirts with soft pleats.


  • wide, flouncy designs over detailed touches long, pencil-slim styles

skirts with soft pleats


  • Styles that are simple and tailored with a minimum of embellishment.
  • Pants with plain front or pleated trousers. You can also pick some pants that are slim and narrow.


  • Extremely fitted or man-tailored pants (deep pleats, cuffs, etc.)
  • Draping, clinging, tapering forms large, unconstructed, or baggy shapes

pleated straigh pants

Evening wear for pure classic

  • Clean and exquisite detail in symmetrical forms.
  • The clothes with really smooth fabric.
  • Fabric with beads.
  • Trimmed subtly.

You can pick:

  • jacketed gowns
  • tailored dinner suits
  • smooth chiffon gowns
  • simple little cocktail dresses
  • beaded jackets and bodices


  • Tailored to perfection.
  • Moderate size and fit.
  • Leather is soft and supple.
  • Clutch.
  • Envelope purse.
  • Briefcase with a slim and elegant size.



  • Briefcases that are too big and clumsy
  • Bags that are too delicate or decorative
  • Unconstructed, large bags

Jewelry for pure classic

  • Keep your jewelry simple, symmetrical, and attractive.
  • Small, somewhat geometric designs, as well as gently curved swirls, are wonderful choices.
  • Take cautious not to overdo it!
  • Instead of excessive, go for “elegant”.

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