Round Nail Designs that will make your look Wow

Round Nail Designs that will make your look Wow

Who doesn’t want a good nail design? Well, the answer is everyone. If you are also the one who wants to make nails stylish, then you must opt for round nail designs. They are one of the most popular choices for most ladies who want to look stylish. The round nail designs are straightforward and easily manageable. You can apply any nail color to this nail design, and it adds beauty to your whole look and compliments you. If you are also looking for stylish round nail design styles, read the full article to get the one you want.

Long Round Nail Designs

The long round nail designs is the perfect nail design for everyone, and it goes perfectly with every outfit and adds a beauty statement to your style.

Grey Round Nail Design

Grey is one of the most beautiful colors to go with. This grey rounded nail design is easy to carry. To make your nails look stylish, you can apply the grey nail color on all your nails and leave them to dry for a while. And that’s it; you are ready to flaunt your stylish long round nails.

Simple Nude Design

Simple looks are in trend these days. So if you like simple nude nails, then this nail style is a win-win thing for you. First, you need to apply the nude nail color on all your long round nails. Now, use white paint on your nails to make an umbrella. Leave them to dry, and you are done here.

Short Round Nail Designs

Many different nail designs look perfect on short nails. The sharp nail design is one of the most famous short round nail designs, and it looks good and is very easy to manage.

Orange-White Short Nails

Orange is a summer color. Suppose you are looking for a short round nail design that completes your looks in summer. Paint all your nails the orange color and then make a stripe of white color. Leave them to dry for a while. And it’s that simple.

All Maroon Nails

Maroon is a versatile color that looks good on everyone. Maroon color adds extra beauty to your style. Paint all your nails with maroon colors. And you are ready to rock the party with your short nail design.

Square Round nail Design

Another trendy style on our list is the square round nail design. The nail design is perfect for beach parties and road trips, and it adds a fun statement to your style.

Different Shades

Applying different shades of color to your nails is in trend these days. Color your every single nail with other nail paint. Apply different shades of matte color on your fingers. Apply grey color on your index finger, black stain on your middle finger, white color on your ring finger, and glitters on your thumb and little fingers. This is one of the best square round nail designs, and it gives you a stylish look.

Polkadot Shades

Polkadot is everyone’s favorite and is a famous retro style as well. Applying different shades of color with the Polkadot style will make your nail looks more stunning. Paint your index finger with white color and apply dots of black color over the white paint. Now, paint your little fingers with black shades and apply drops of white coloring over them. After that, paint the thumb, middle and ring finder with red color to look more stylish. It is the perfect match between retro and modern styles. This square round nail design goes perfect with your red or maroon color dress.

Black Round Nail design

Black is a stunning color that gives you a bold look. The black round nail design is a fantastic color. You can easily opt and stand out at every party and occasion.

Black and White Nail Design

The black and white is a retro design that rocks on every occasion. To make your nails look stunning, paint three nails black and two with white colors. Make stripes of white color on black-colored nails and black lines on white-colored nails. You are all set to rock the party with your black round nail design.

Black and Golden Twining

If you are also a black round nail design lover, this nail design is perfect. The black and golden give a dreamy look to your nail. Apply black color to your nails and leave them to dry. After that, apply golden dots and stripes over your black nails. Apply glitters on your little finger over the black color.

Round French Nail Design

The round french nail design is trendy among ladies. This nail design is different from the casual ones. the French nail design is classic and never goes out of style.

Different Tip Shades

If you are also a french nail lover, this style is the one for you. The round french nail design is a perfect nail design for summer. The nail design goes perfectly with every outfit. Apply nude colors on all your nails, then paint the tip of your thumb and ring finger with orange color. Paint your index and little finger the Violet color, and at last, paint the tip of your middle finger with yellow color. This round French nail design goes hand in hand with your every summer outfit. This fantastic nail design makes you look different from the others.

Double Blue Stripes

The single stripe is cool, but the double stripe is fantastic. The double-blue colored striped nails are an elegant choice if you want to hang out. This round French nail design is easy to carry. Apply a single blue-colored stripe on the tip of your nails, and then apply the second stripe on all your nails. It is a funky and relaxed style that goes hand in hand with your summer outfits.

Round Summer Nail Designs

Summer is full of adventure, and it becomes more standing with the terrific nail art. Everyone wants to look trendy in the summer, and the round summer nail designs give your nails a stylish and fantastic look.

Peach and Neon on Round Nails

Peach is a beautiful color that makes your nails look fantastic, and adding neon color makes it more attractive. To make your nails look beautiful, paint the thumb, index, middle, and ring finger with matte peach color. Apply matte neon color to your little finger to give it a more vibrant look. You can also design your ring finger with stickers of different colors. Make a design on your ring fingernail with an additional sticker or paint over your peach color. This round summer nail color design is perfect for every occasion.

The Multi-Color Vibe

Summer is full of colors and fun. This round summer nail design is perfect if you are also a fun-loving person. Apply white paint on all your nails, then apply larger dots of orange, green, and violet color on all the fingers. Let them dry for a while. After that, put smaller black stripes about three to four times on all your nails, making your nails look more beautiful and joyful.

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