Running Tips For Beginners (10 Basic Running Tips)

10 Basic Running For Beginners

Running encourages people to stay fit and active and enjoy life. However, one must guard oneself against injuries. The following running tips help you run safely.

There are two kinds of injuries; one that results from acute trauma and the other that is caused by repetitive pressure on a tissue.

Over-training by increasing distance or intensity too fast, inadequate rest and recovery period between training runs, unsuitable footwear, or running on uneven terrains can cause injuries.

Basic Running For Beginners


Start every run with a few minutes of walking. When you start the actual running, gradually ease your way into the run.

Progress slowly: 

Gradually increase your mileage and speed while training.

Don’t make up for missed workouts: 

If you miss a scheduled workout (such as a long run), let it go, and don’t try to make it up the next day.

Go soft once or twice a week:

 If you are running on roads, run for a few days on a grass surface. It will give your legs the much-needed rest.

Keep yourself hydrated: 

Drink enough fluid, but avoid drinking too much too quickly, or in short spells.

Take rest: 

Take at least one rest day per week, but also plan for one easy week of light running per month and one easy month per year.


Do stretches before and after running. Here are some yoga for runners for a good stretch and to get rejuvenated for the next run.

Seek expert help: 

Consult an experienced trainer and physiotherapist if you experience pain.

Monitor shoe wear: 

Wear a good pair of running shoes.

Listen to your body: 

Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. If there is pain, stop running.

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