Should You Apply Sunscreen Before or After Primer?

Should You Apply Sunscreen Before or After Primer?

Skincare can be tricky to understand and remember the right order! Should You Apply Sunscreen Before or After Primer? Apply the sunscreen to each area of the skin, dry before applying make-up or using primer. There are many sunblock primers available in the market, that act as a buffer to keep your sunblock in place. Make sure to check out these makeup tips and tricks for flawless skin.

Should You Apply Sunscreen Before or After Primer?

How long should you wait between sunscreen and primer?

Sunscreen: 1 minute. The professionals advise waiting a minute between your moisturizer and sunscreen steps to allow each to penetrate and dry down.

How to use the primer with sunscreen?

The sunscreen is typically the best way to get a full coverage of your foundation. Apply your sun protection in generous amount a few minutes before applying your primer so it goes on smoothly. Select a base you love without considering SPF and add in sunscreen with additional sun protection for a bonus.

Difference between sunscreen and primer?

Primer is used to cover pores and for even and non-cakey makeup. Using sun screens is important for your skin, not only do they reduce the risk of skin cancer but can also help to protect you from sunburn-like reactions.

Can you replace sunscreen with primer?

Long story short, a primer is a makeup product and a sunscreen or a moisturizer with SPF is a part of skincare routine. By this it is evident that their functions are different. Therefore, you cannot replace a sunscreen with primer.

When should you apply sunscreen in your skincare routine?

Best practice is to apply sunscreen every 90 minutes to 2 hours, at least 15-30 minutes before going outside. If you’re swimming or sweating, reapply it immediately after rinsing off or towel-drying.

Can you wear primer over sunscreen?

You can wear both sunblock and makeup primer as long as they are applied in the correct order. Applying primer after sunblock can act as a buffer for foundation, keeping intact the sun-care product’s effectiveness.

How long should you wait to put on sunscreen after moisturizer?

Interestingly enough, the site also says that you should not actually mix your sunscreen in with your moisturizer to save a step, as this could interfere with the SPF. For best results, the site suggests you wait 20-30 minutes after the last skincare product you applied (i.e. likely the moisturizer) before adding SPF.

Should sunscreen be applied after moisturizer?

As a rule of thumb, you should always apply sunscreen as the final step in your skin care routine. And knowing that, the answer to the debate on applying sunscreen or moisturizer first is quite simple: You should always apply sunscreen after you apply moisturizer.

How do I put sunscreen on my skincare routine?

My best recommendation is to double-dip and layer a moisturizer with sunscreen first — let it fully absorb — and then layer another straight sunscreen, be it a mineral or chemical blocker, on top.

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