Soft Natural Shopping Guide – Clothing, Accessories And Hair

Soft Natural Shopping Guide

Soft yang with a yin undercurrent characterizes the Soft Natural body type, which is characterized by a slightly soft and mushy body type on an angular frame, as well as an attractive naive nature. ‍Here is a soft natural shopping guide for everything from clothes, and accessories to hair and makeup.

A minor deviation from the following qualities is always conceivable and should not be seen as a cause for concern as long as it does not disrupt the overall soft yang with yin undercurrent balance.

Clothing options for soft natural body


  • Dresses should be free and unconstructed, as well as soft and flowing.
  • In broad, flaring shapes, they should loosely define the waist; in straighter silhouettes, they should be highly draped and clinging.

dresses for soft natural


  • Lightweight and gently draped pants with a little of soft detail or decorative trim are ideal (gathers, shirring, soft pleats).
  • Leg lines can be gently straight and hanging around the ankle, or tapered and pegged.

Jackets and blazers

  • Jackets should be unconstructed, soft, and always reveal the waist without stressing it.
  • This can be a waist-shaped jacket or a jacket that is unconstructed and very lightweight or flimsy, allowing it to drape about the body but still revealing the waist.

jackets and blazers for soft natural


A clear usage of separates is beneficial to you. Maintain an artistic balance of textures, colours, and patterns.


  • Blouses should be soft, draped, and billowy or clinging in appearance. The detail should be ancient and complex without being excessive or overbearing.
  • Open necklines, especially if draped, are ideal, as are camisoles.
  • Sheer textiles are fantastic (voiles, batiste, etc.). The less intricacy there is, the shinier the cloth.


  • Skirts should have a rounded silhouette. Those with full or flared skirts and a flat hip region are ideal.
  • Lightweight, draped, or gently tapered straight skirts are also suitable. Straight skirts have a straight hem and are worn short, no longer than the kneecap.
  • Full skirts are worn long, mid-calf, and below the knee, and have an uneven hem.
  • Slits, kick pleats, button fronts, plackets, and other elaborate details (shirring, draping, etc.) are all acceptable as long as they aren’t restricting.

Accessories for soft natural body type


  • Knits that are both soft and pleasant to the touch. They might be light and silky or thick and deep, as long as they aren’t harsh.
  • Slightly longer sweaters are good if they are tight and expose the body below (especially the waist).
  • Fitting sweaters should be thicker (bouclé, cable-stitched, etc.) and any draping or shirring should be low on the body and loose.
  • Trim, such as appliqué, gems, beading, and other embellishments, should have an antique or gently abstract form.
  • Skinny, ribbed knits are delightful, especially in belted dresses.


  • Your bags should be of a reasonable size. Shapes can be gently geometric with subtle gathers or complexity to soften, or slightly rounded with little or no trim.
  • Evening bags made of antiques are fantastic (small and beaded).
  • Smaller, unconstructed “pouchy” styles are also suitable.


  • Hats should be rounded and neat, or soft and floppy (i.e., picture frame) (i.e., crisp-brimmed straw).
  • Soft details should be used (antique ribbons, lace, or flowers). Fur hats are fluffy and cuddly.

hats for soft natural


  • Belts should be broad and supple, made of soft leather or suede, or fine fabric.
  • Buckles with sparkles or beading, especially for evening, should be complex and slightly antique.

belts for soft natural


  • Your jewellery should have a delicate appearance yet a really creative effect.
  • Crystal, hand-wrought copper or silver, leather, finely carved leather or stone, faceted glass, and any object that appears to have been crafted by an artisan are all excellent choices for you.

Hair, Hair color and makeup


  • You should have smooth and free of tangles.
  • The finest hairstyle is a loosely layered cut that gives the hair a little ruffled and gently seductive touch.
  • If you want to add body and gentle curl, perms and processing are a good option.
  • The length should be between moderate and lengthy.


  • The colour of your hair should be rich, natural, and delicate. It should not appear that you have coloured your hair.
  • If you do so, make sure the effect is subtle rather than dramatic.
  • The ideal form of colour for you is subtle lowlights, cellophaning, or henna.


  • Makeup is essential for completing your look from head to toe. It should be a clean face with a hint of soft/bright colour and a watercolour mix.
  • Your fresh and feminine beauty is completed to perfection with a touch of frost in the eyes, extremely pink and rounded cheeks, and soft and glossy lips.

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