Perfect Square Nail Designs That Makes Your Nails Perfect

Perfect Square Nail Designs That Makes Your Nails Perfect

This nail design has never lost its popularity. Until today, this nail design has always been in trend. It creates ample space on the nails to show off your creativity and decorate it in any possible way. Extended Square Nail Designs are gaining the craze of so many people these days as we enter 2022. They are also perfect on your natural nails as well your long nails. They have straight edges and look sizzling. They are also less prone to damage and are convenient for a long time as you can do most of the work without any hindrance. Some trending nail designs may help you keep your nails art styles up.

Square Nail Design For Summer

Summer is one of the best times to show off your nail design to anyone. For summer, the Square nail design makes your nails as beautiful as summers, such as a rainbow, clear sky, bright sun, and many more things you can love.

Pink nails

You can paint the base of your square nails with a baby pink colored nail polish. On your ring finger, make a flower with dark pink color. And use a striping nail brush and ultra-fine nail brush for highlighting the detail. After that, apply a top coat over it.

Tapered nail design

Have you ever tried tapered square nails? If not, then try to do this. Don’t paint your nails. Just give the outlook with white and grey nail polish. Make the circular art with a nail art tool and paint the tip with nail polish.

Polka dots nail design

Paint the base of your square nails with the lightest peach color shade. With the help of light purple color nail polish, make dots with a dotting brush over all your nails. After finishing this, apply a top coat over all your nails.

Square Nail Designs With Rhinestone

Square nail designs with rhinestone add stars to any of your nail paint. You can decorate your nails with different colored and shaped rhinestones.

Elegant yet straightforward nail design

Paint the base of your tapered square nails with off-pink colored nail polish. After that, at the tip of the bottom of your nails, put different rhinestones of different shapes with the help of nail resin and a nail spray activator. Give a finishing look to your nails by applying a top coat over them.

Subtle nails with rhinestone and glitter

Paint the tip of your short square nails with a pink glitter nail polish giving it French information. Apply a top coat over all your nails. Then, put a rhinestone of heart shape and some round rhinestone of different sizes on your thumb and ring finger. Use nail resin and a nail spray activator to fix them.

Grey with silver rhinestone

Paint the base of your nails with a dark grey colored nail polish. After that, apply a top coat over your nails. Then take some round silver rhinestones of different sizes. Adjust the stone with a thin dot stick and place it with nail glue or gel to stabilize it. Use a spray activator and create a vertical ombre effect on your nails.

Fall Square Nail Design

Fall is the time when winter has just begun to arrive. This is the time when you can show all your winter nail designs. This is the time to show your square nail design in for fall to everyone.


This is the simplest nail design you can try for your short square nail fall. Paint the base of one nail with a gel lavender-colored nail polish and the other hand with a light yellowish, greenish gel nail paint. You can try on some of the different color combinations.

Line Art Square nail design

If you’re not a fan of monochrome, then you can try this. You can do this style on your original square nails. Paint your nails with swirls of different nude colors with a needle-like dot nail tool, and apply a top coat on your nails.

Olive green

Get ready with your pretty square nails. Paint the base of your thumb, middle finger, and little finger with matte olive green colored nail polish. After that, paint the tip of your index finger with the same color and the corner of the ring color.

Square Nail Design in Green

This is a deviation from the old classic nail designs. There are different shades of square nail design green colors you can try. The best thing about green designs is that they could be made up in other ways with gorgeous shades.

C green and golden strip nail design

Paint all your square nails with a C green colored matte nail paint except the ring finger. Paint your ring finger with a dark shade of green in matte type. Then make horizontal strips on the base of the tip of your nails with golden-colored nail paint.

Metallic green and glitter

This nail design gives a party vibe to your square. Paint the base of your nails with a metallic green nail polish giving it a shiny appearance. After that, paint your ring finger with the same shade of dark green glitter.

Olive green and golden leaves

Paint the base of your little long square nails with matte olive green nail polish except for the middle finger and ring finger. Use golden nail paint to make golden leaves on your nails with the help of a sewing pin’s head.

Pink Square Nail Design

Pink is one of the girliest and most versatile styles you can opt for when making your nail designs. You can use different shades of pink color to make your pink square nail design look sizzling and adorable.

Smiley face nail design

The tapered square nails have a different love base. Paint the base of your nails with silver glitter nail paint. After that, Use pink nail polish to make smiley on your nails. Also, use black-colored nail paint and a cocktail stick to give the smiley a complete look.

Shades of pink nails

Your short square nails are your perfect choice for summer. Start with all nail paints, such as light green, yellow, pink, blue, or red. Make the box designs with white nail paint.

Pink ombre effect

Ombre effects with tapered square nails are on-trend and look super cute with pink shades. A transition of a darker and lighter shade of pink creates an ombre effect to embellish your nails. Apply a topcoat over it.

Acrylic Square Nail Design

Acrylic square nail designs are a kind of artificial nail made to give your short natural nails the look of long natural nails and made by using an acrylic powder and mixing it with some other solution. These nails are stiff but not flexible.

Nude square acrylic nails

Painting your long square nails with nude color gives a chic and elegant look. You can make a beautiful nail design without any special effort. You have to paint your nails with any nude-colored nail paint you love. You can also decorate these nails with rhinestones and glitter if you want to do so.

Neon orange ombre

Neon orange color gives a beautiful nail design and is also very trendy. Choose the long square nails from your makeup box. Paint the tip of your nails with neon orange-colored nail polish, giving it an ombre effect. Use rhinestones to decorate your ring finger. Use nail gel or resin, and to keep it regular, use a spray activator.

Pink nails with silver glitter

This nail design looks cute on shorter square nails. Paint the base of your nails with pink colored nail paint. Use silver glitter nail polish to create an ombre effect on the tip of your index finger and ring finger.

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