Summer Workout Plan At Home (Workout & Diet Tips For Summers)

Summer Shape Up Guide:

summer workout plan

It’s that time of the year where we get back to the pool or head straight to the nearest beach or prefer staying in the cool confines of our homes or offices. The weather is changing and holiday planning is right on your cards. While you gear up for the warmth of the season, you must keep a check on your health and fitness too. Summer can be exhausting but hiding from it isn’t the solution. As a result, you might plunge into binge eating with your weight shooting up and your energy dropping. Prioritize your health this summer and by doing so is watching your fitness. Here’s a summer workout plan to boost your energy levels this season and get that summer body. Read on!

Summer Diet Tips:

The first step is to consume the right food, the right quantity, and follow a healthy lifestyle as a whole. There are certain foods that reduce body heat to help you keep your cool. Also, make sure you do the following:

summer diet tips
  • Load your food with fibers.
  • Lay-off unhealthy snacks, especially if they are salty. They make you feel hungrier, and you’ll end up loading yourself with problems.
  • Water your body with fluids and plenty of water.
  • Keep it small. While you can have your cheat days, mind the portion size.
  • A mindful workout is what you must be conscious about, especially when it comes to strength training.
  • Add probiotic food to your diet and help your gut stay happy.
  • Detox the healthy way with salads, soups, and smoothies.

Summer Workout Hacks:

The summer workout plan has to be light & simple, the key to effective workouts during summer. A thirty-minute workout plan can give you a strong, toned body. Better yet, if you are not a gym enthusiast, take a dip in the pool, do some cardio or even go on a hike. There are endless ways to stay active. Here are some quick and effective workouts for you this summer.

1. Yoga and pranayama:

If you like your exercise routine to be calm and refreshing, yoga and pranayama are the best. Here’s summer yoga, a complete body workout, and relaxation together are all you get.

summer yoga and pranayama

2. Take the stairs:

take stairs

While walking is a great way to keep yourself fit, why not try the stairs too? Ditch the lift and take the stairs. You might feel it’s exhausting, but the results will be unbelievably healthy after a period.

3. Stretches and office exercises:

If your job keeps you stuck to the chair and glued to the screens, take short breaks, a nice walk, and try some easy seat workouts and stretches that’ll make you feel fresh.

Summertime Home Workout:

A good summer workout plan and healthy food are a great blend to a longer life. Remember, your body doesn’t know the holidays. So any form of exercise, whether it be a jog, the gym, or yoga, make sure it’s on your list of priorities. Eat fruits and hydrating veggies, consume a good amount of fiber and proteins and drink lots of water. Be summertime fine this year!

1. Roll-on the Swiss Ball:

roll on the swiss ball

12 to 15 repetitions will workout your shoulders, back, and legs. Put your forearms on the Swiss ball, elevate your torso with your legs straight and your feet apart. Roll your elbows away from your body and bring them back in.

2. Planks:


Planks are an amazing choice for core strengthening. Start with 15 seconds and gradually increase your time. It’s best if you can go up to 3 minutes.

3. Tricep Dips:

tricep dips

20 repetitions of tricep dips strengthen your triceps and shoulders. On a mat, place your palms on the ground and fingertips facing your feet. Your toes facing forward and dip slowly, as low as you can go without your butt touching the mat. Shoulders must be away from the ears and your hips up for an optimal range of motion.

4. Contralateral Superman:

contralateral superman limb raises

12-15 repetitions of contralateral superman will work on your neck, biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, hamstrings, inner and outer thighs. Raise your right arm and left leg until they’re parallel to the ground, keeping your core tight. Hold for a count and return to the starting position. The same goes for the left arm and right leg.

5. The Push Roll:

push up roll

6 to 10 repetitions keeping your core tight and your body straight, a push up with your legs on the Swiss ball. It works on your chest, shoulders, triceps, core, and hip flexors.

6. Jumping Jacks:

jumping jacks

This is a simple jump with coordination of arms and legs. Jump up and widen your legs with your arms going up sideways to get that clap and back. 2 sets of 20-40 jumps should raise your heart rate just right, and you’re ready to take on the day.

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