Top 5 Ways to Refresh Curls: Secret Guide

Top 5 Ways to Refresh Curls: Secret Guide

Many of us want that perm, but let’s be real…they’re expensive, and you probably don’t want to use them to refresh your curls every month. That’s no excuse not to care for your curls, though! But before going ahead, what exactly is refreshing? For those who are new to curlies, refreshing is the process of reshaping and maintaining your curls well after wash day with the least amount of time, effort, and product.

It basically means wearing your hair out more to prevent beginning over every morning (or afternoon/night, depending on your schedule, obviously!). It takes little to no work on your part to get defined, frizz-free[ish] curls.

Don’t trust us?

Here are some tips to refresh and strengthen your curls to stay healthy, bouncy, and beautiful! Read on!

How to refresh curls

Top 5 Ways to Refresh Curls: Secret GuideHow to refresh curls?

Did your curls go limp, dull, and lifeless? If so, you’re not alone. Conventional hair care routines that rely on excessive heat and chemicals can lead to a loss of elasticity in your curls. Luckily for you, there are several natural ways to refresh your curls. So, what can you do about it? After all, curly hair is supposed to be beautiful and fun. Not a hassle! Follow these tips to refresh your curls:

1. Sleeping the right way

Sleep the right way
Sleeping the right way

How is your sleep schedule going? Do you intend to tame your curls before going to bed? If so, you have probably subconsciously mastered this curl refresh routine tip. You’ll want to determine the finest method for maintaining your curls so that they are safe while you have your beauty sleep. When you’re finally prepared to refresh, this will put you in a successful position. I advise using a buff or bonnet or using satin pillowcases while you sleep. For the best curl protection, incorporate satin pillowcase benefits with the other suggested techniques.

2. The best and easiest way to refresh curls is by using water

True, just plain simple water will do. Water not only makes you feel better, but it also causes the frizzy hair to re-clump and reactivates the products you used on day one. You do not need a fancier kind; a simple spray bottle will serve just enough for applying water. Use a standard garden spray container. Simply add water to the container and liberally mist the frizzy areas.

Flip your hair over and gently massage your scalp and top with your fingertips. I prefer to switch up my parting every day by flipping my hair to the opposite side. This adds volume to the crown.

Pro tip: Just a little spritz of water can cause frizz in some hair types, especially low-porosity hair. In that scenario, use more water than usual. Instead of using a sprayer, apply water to the unruly areas by drizzling it from your palm. Once more, carefully scrunch up portions of your hair with water in your hands. Ideally, it would be best to do this next to a sink or a faucet. This method will work better on low-porosity hair than a few sprays, which might cause water to sit on your hair rather than penetrate it.

3. Using hair sprays or hair mists

Using hair sprays or hair mists
Using hair sprays or hair mists

Various products on the market are designed to revive your waves and curls. These sprays or mists frequently include light moisturizing chemicals that quickly reduce frizz. Additionally, they are light enough to prevent your hair from weighing them down. Use the same approach that was described earlier with water. This is very effective on thin, light waves, curls, and day-one frizz.

4. Trying dry refresh

As opposed to our fine curlies, thick, coarse curls typically keep their shape better. This is why thicker curlies can typically prepare their hair for the day with a dry refresh.

Grab your favorite foam, crème, or even leave-in conditioner if that’s what you need in this situation. No need for water! You should first segment your hair to focus on the areas you believe need attention, much like when wet refreshing. Use about half as much of your product as you typically would on wash day to maintain adequate product utilization without being cumbersome.

Before applying it to your sectioned curls using prayer hands or the rope technique, thoroughly emulsify it by rubbing it in between your palms. You’re ready to go once you’ve covered every curl

This technique is referred to as Dry Refresh as it involves no water. The fact that you don’t have to spend extra time drying your hair in the morning makes it simpler as well..woohoo! This method also functions with very watery or liquid treatments, including the cult favorite homemade flaxseed gel.

5. Restyling your curls

Restyling your curls
Restyling to refresh your curls

Now, here is the real debate about this. Many people don’t think of this as a refresh process because it entails fully wetting your hair with water to remove any remnants of the prior product, followed by another application of leave-in conditioner, curl cream, or gel to your entire head of hair. Then you may simply scrunch and smooth your hair, use a small comb, a flexible brush, or a finger coil, depending on your favorite styling method.

Tip: If your scalp needs to be shampooed immediately, you must never use this procedure.

Best regimen to refresh curls

If you want your curls to look their best, follow this regimen: one that functions the best for you. However, if you require an excellent baseline regimen follow the steps mentioned below:

Best regimen to revive curls.
Infographic of a woman showing the best regimen to refresh curls
  • Shampoo: Use it twice weekly, or three times if you feel you need to (based on sebum production or product buildup). Twice every 10 days is a good goal for hair types with dryer hair.
  • Use conditioner: The conditioner will give your curls new life and moisture after the wash. It is also a nourishing way to “rinse” your hair between washes without having to remove any moisture.
  • Go for a hydrating hair mask: For additional nourishment and fortification on wash days, apply a moisturizing mask right after a moisture-robbing wash.
  • Invest in good curl creams or leave-in conditioners: This is your standard “styling product,” which you can reactivate with refresh sprays the following day. Any other kinds of styling products, such as gels, also fall under this category.
  • Use refreshing sprays: On days when you don’t wash your hair, rejuvenate your curls using refresh sprays, anti-frizz oils, dry shampoos, etc.

Key Takeaways

Everyone wants to have healthy and shiny curls. But many people need to learn how to go about it. There are a few things that you need to remember before you start, like don’t overheat your hair with heat styling tools like irons, blow dryers, and straighteners; protect your hair from UV rays and the sun; keep your scalp clean by washing it frequently and using natural hair products (i.e., salt water and oil).

Be sure to do something immediately before your curls are a tangled, frizzy mess because doing something immediately will save you a lot of hassle and potential damage. Follow the tips mentioned above to refresh your curls and show off your lovely locks with a bounce and body that everyone will envy!

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