10 Top Motion Sickness Remedies And Tips

Motion Sickness Remedies

Motion sickness, as the name suggests, is something that starts with the motion, i.e, movement. When people travel by car, plane, or boat, then they can face the motion sickness. But, you may be amazed to know that not every person undergoes this problem even if every person travels in one way or the other. Let’s get into the motion sickness remedies and tips.

Scientists are not able to detect the root cause of this sickness, but this stops as soon as the motion stops. Isn’t it amazing? People suffering from this problem can have a feeling of nausea, dizziness, clammy hands, uneasiness, or vomiting. These problems can easily ruin the essence of your journey. 

Top Remedies To Treat Motion Sickness

Here are some motion sickness remedies that you can follow to thoroughly enjoy your trip without being unconscious. So, just hold on your breath and have a look at them while feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

1. Face towards the direction of your journey

If you are someone who gets prone to motion sickness, then you should be very careful about your sitting position while traveling. It has been observed that if people with this problem sit on the front seat, then they get a sigh of relief.

If you are sitting on the rear end, then you should ask someone to exchange their front seat with you. There are very few chances to feel motion sickness if you face towards the direction in which you are going.

2. Talk yourself down

Always remember that YOU are the one who can train your mind in any direction. You should talk aloud to yourself before any journey. Affirm yourself that this time you are not going to become a prey of motion sickness. 

If you keep on affirming yourself, then your mind will focus on the solution rather than the problem. This will help to curb the motion sickness, and you will get a sense of accomplishment from it. 

3. Distract your mind

You should try to divert your mind by indulging yourself in some sort of conversation or by listening to music. As everyone knows, music comes as a healing therapy that will help you to feel better.

If you can distract yourself, then you are not going to feel nausea for a longer duration. You can release yourself from the clutches of motion sickness just by listening to some good songs or podcasts. Being distracted will make you feel wonderful at the end. You will be surprised to observe that you can beat motion sickness in no time.

4. Do acupressure

When you are unable to calm yourself down with any sort of remedy, then acupressure comes in picture. You can see terrific results with this in no time, but you should be vigilant enough to put pressure on the correct point. 

You just need to locate a bumpy part below your wrist and put pressure on that point with the middle and index finger. Put pressure on that part for about 30 seconds, and you are going to be spellbound after that.

Acupressure helps to get over nausea and other physiological problems in no time. You can apply this therapy when the situation goes out of control. Be alert!! Do not put pressure on the wrong part unless you are well aware.

5. Aromatherapy can help

You must be wondering that how aromatic substances can get you to get over the motion sickness. But aromatic substances can indeed help you in the long run.

If you carry your favorite aromatic scent with you on your journey, it can help you to divert your attention. With the aromatic essence, you will forget everything around you and will only be mesmerized with its fragrance. 

It will help to reduce the feeling of nausea, and you will feel rejuvenated. You can consider aromatic flavors like lavender, peppermint, fennel, cardamom, or even some other that you adore the most.

Best Tips To Keep Motion Sickness Under Check:

Apart from the above motion sickness remedies, you can follow these tips to have an edge over motion sickness:

1. Eat something before traveling

If you are living in a myth that eating something while your journey will make you puke, then you are definitely on the wrong track. You should never start your journey with an empty stomach.

Introduce some healthy meals in your diet and try to remain hydrated. But don’t go for a heavy meal because that can cause a problem. Eat only that amount of food that you can easily digest because an empty stomach will invite motion sickness to you.

Keep yourself hydrated throughout the journey by drinking a lot of water. Water has detox properties that will make you feel more replenished.

2. Have some ginger

Ginger has some of the commendable properties that can help you fight against motion sickness. Ginger contains gingerol that can help to get an edge over the problems like nausea, fatigue, vomiting, etc. with its magical effect.

It contains a good amount of vitamins that are required by your body and make your system works more efficiently. You can consume ginger in the form of candy, powder, dried capsules, or even raw if you can. It will surely help you to get over your motion sickness and enjoy your journey.

3. Be aware of the symptoms

You must know clearly what causes your problem. If you are aware of the symptoms that trigger your situations, then you can adopt methods to avoid them altogether.

Observe when you start feeling these symptoms. Sometimes, it is only due to your sitting position in a particular mode of conveyance. You can change your sitting patterns and observe the results. It will help you to eliminate the root cause of the problem.

4. Avoid reading

People love to engage themselves in reading something when they are traveling. But, it is not always a perfect choice to go with, especially in bumpy regions. You should avoid using any gadgets for reading.

On a bumpy ride, the level of your ear changes but the words displayed in front of you remain intact. This situation leads to nausea that is one of the major trigger to motion sickness. So, it is always advisable to stay free and relaxed while you are traveling.

3. Have some ice

When you are on a long journey, then it becomes inevitable to adopt some remedy and comfort yourself. In that case, ice cubes will come to your rescue. You can suck ice cubes to have a soothing effect. It is not very difficult to possess them during your journey. 

The ice cubes will not only relieve you from motion sickness but also makes you feel refreshed. It is not a cumbersome task that will require a lot of effort. It is the easiest remedy that can show some immediate effects and give you relief.


We can see that motion sickness is not such a severe problem. You just need to follow some simple remedies to get over it. All these remedies are fundamental, and you can apply them very quickly. These are some of the natural ways to get rid of motion sickness without hampering your health.

If the situation goes out of control, and these remedies are also not boring any fruits for you, then you should immediately consult the physician. Otherwise, these remedies are always at your rescue to provide you with wonderful results. So, don’t delay and follow these easy steps.

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