What Are The Different Types Of Belts?

What Are The Different Types Of Belts?

Belts are fashion accessories used to secure the waist of a pair of bottoms or pants. They tighten the loose pants or keep pants up that may be tight. Apart from intending to keep your pants from falling, belts are the representation of fashion. For numerous fashion purposes, you can wear belts, from securing too-large formal pants to styling casual outfits. It’s vital to familiarise yourself with all types of belts if you want to purchase them.

What Are The Different Types Of Belts?

There are various types of casual and formal belts that lend different stylistic accents. Few of these belts might have different functions as well. Mentioned below are the 12 different types of belts.

1. Leather belts

Usually, leather belts are brown or black accessories, and most of them are made from cowhide, though faux leather is also available for those who want to live a vegan lifestyle. They can be worn in either formal and casual settings.

Leather belts

2. Formal belts

These belts are reserved for formal occasions and are more often worn with dress slacks or suits. In general, a Cumberbund is a common type of formal belt worn with a suit or tuxedo. Sometimes, Suede belts are considered more semi-formal; depending on the quality, they can also fit formal attire.

Formal belts

3. Garter belts

These are also known as functional belts worn as lingerie, garter from falling down, or keep thigh-high socks.

Garter belts

4. Braided belts

These belts involve several pieces of leather braided together to create a solid material. Braided belts can be worn formally but more often in a casual style.

Braided belts

5. Chain belts

These belts are made with a piece of chain metal that sits at the midsection or hips of a person.

Chain belts

6. Obi belts

These belts involve a thick piece of leather or fabric that wraps around the midriff of a person. It is known to be a famous style for Japanese martial arts.

Obi belts

7. D-ring belts

Unlike using a typical belt buckle system, the D-ring belts are fastened with two d-shaped rings where the belt end tip is threaded to hold in place. These belts are made of cotton, canvas, or a few other fabric materials.

D-ring belts

8. Cinch belts

These belts are made of fabric, leather, or an elastic material used to cinch the waist of a person.

Cinch belts

9. Skinny belts

Typically, skinny belts are formal or casual belts made with leather. These are used as waist belts to accentuate the shape of a person, making him more stylish.

Skinny belts

10. Reversible belts

These belts are known to be formal or casual belts that come with a twistable buckle that can be worn “inside out.” The alternate side of the reversible belt features a different color or style than the other side.

Reversible belts

11. Studded belts

In these belts, the belt straps are embellished with plastic or metal adornments like studs or grommets, adding substance and texture to flat and plain belts.

Studded belts

12. Canvas belts

As a part of a training uniform, canvas belts are used by people in the military. Besides, they can keep a bottom pair fastened to the waist of a person while allowing for more movement. Often, the Canvas belts are made from a blend of cotton and linen or from synthetic webbing.

Canvas belts


In this modernized fashion era, a belt is a fashion accessory essential for every individual. Belts come in various styles that suit a number of casual or formal situations. Belts come in various styles that suit casual or formal situations. Besides, they can improve the garment’s fit. Choosing the right belt with your outfit helps in accentuating your curves.

What are the best type of belts?

The 6 best belts for men

  • TOM FORD Full-Grain Leather Belt. A subtly different designer option.
  • Polo Ralph Lauren Leather Belt. A preppy entry-level belt to suit most smart trousers.
  • ASPINAL OF LONDON Classic Mens Belt.
  • Ermenegildo Zegna Reversible Belt.
  • Diesel Men’s B-Washy Belt.
  • VERSACE classic Medusa belt.

How many belts should you have?

Belts are essential to every man’s wardrobe. They are just as important to men as they are to women. They may not typically own as many belts, but they do tend to wear the ones they have more often. We think men should have at least one belt, but it is still better to have at least three.

Which belts are best for men?

  • Urban Forest Leather Belt for Men.
  • ZORO Men’s PU Leather Black Autolock Grip Belt.
  • CONTACTS Men’s Genuine Leather Auto Lock Buckle Belt (Free Size, Black)
  • URBAN FOREST Men’s Leather Belt.
  • Labnoft Men’s Reversible PU Leather Belt.
  • SORSHORE Men’s Leather Belt (Pack of 3)

What is a formal belt?

Almost all formal belts include a frame-style style buckle, in which the strap goes through the frame. The prong of the buckle goes through holes in the strap to fasten the belt. The buckle of a dress belt is usually shiny and sleek, gold or silver in color, and smaller and flatter than those found on casual belts.

What is the most expensive belt?

Gucci diamond belt One of their products is the Gucci diamond belt, which is considered the most expensive belt in the world. Worth $256,970, the belt boasts a Gucci logo made from 250 grams of platinum and is decorated with 30 carats of flawless diamonds.

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