Types Of Buttons For Clothes And Other Uses

Types Of Buttons For Clothes With Pictures

Buttons refer to a small fastener that secures two pieces of fabric with each other. It is the most popular type of fastener and is made typically with plastic. The use of different materials like wood and metal is also not uncommon. The button is a small disc-shaped item available in various sizes, patterns, colors, and shapes. They have great functionality and make the clothing of an individual appear refreshing and different if paired correctly.  There are different types of buttons, and each of them has a unique appearance of its own. One can use them for decorations as well. In this article, we will be discussing the various types of buttons and their uses. 

Types Of buttons

History Of Buttons

The earliest sighting of buttons was during the Kot Diji phase in the Indus Valley Civilization. During this age, people made use of seashells for creating ornamental buttons. Some buttons even had holes in them so that one could sew them onto clothes with thread. 

Previously, people made use of buttons more as an ornament and less as a fastening item. During the 13th century, in Germany, people began using buttons for securing pieces of clothes. This soon became popular and gave rise to snug-fitting garments. 

Types Of Buttons

There are different types of buttons available. Each of them has different colors, sizes, shapes and uses other construction materials. One can use it for attaching clothes and also on bags and wallets. Some of the common types of buttons are discussed below: 

1. Snap Buttons

Also known as poppers, these buttons are very reliable, sturdy, and strong. They have two parts, where one attaches itself to the other. Round in shape, snap buttons are great and are available in different colors and patterns. The buttons are available in both metal and plastic, and both of them are just as strong and sturdy as the other. 

Snap Buttons

2. Stud Buttons

The buttons that you see on jeans are known as stud buttons. One can use them in other denim garments as well, like in skirts and coats. They have two sections, and one gets pressed to the other. With the assistance of a unique tool, these buttons are pressed together, hence making it hard to take them out later. 

Available in various colors and sizes, one can use the stud buttons as decorative items as well. These buttons are very cool, strong, and durable. 

Stud Buttons

3. Lapel Buttons

The lapel buttons are an exciting and unique kind of button. These buttons use thin metals for their design and are mainly customized. Accessible in various sizes and being inexpensive, these buttons are eye-catching and extraordinary since one can come up with their own design for these buttons. 

Lapel buttons either use a small and thin object or a backing for attaching itself to the cloth. The latter provides more security and durability. Most people order these buttons in bulk for political or similar kinds of use. 

Lapel Buttons

4. Flat Buttons

Among the wide range of various kinds of buttons, flat buttons are the most notable. As their name recommends, these buttons are flat and have two or four center holes. Sturdy and straightforward to work with, these buttons are accessible in different shapes, sizes, materials, and shadings. 

Typically hand sewn, one can even utilize a sewing machine for it. Flat buttons are exceptionally versatile and look great on each garment of clothing.

Flat Buttons

5. Hook And Eye

The hook and eye button comprises a hook on the side of the clothing and an eye on the other side. The pin fits into the small hole that the eye has. These are incredibly inexpensive and available almost in all types of stores. The hook and eye are very simple to use; the hook and eye are easily sewn on garments and come in various sizes and shapes.

Hook And Eye

6. Shank Button

These are a little different from the other buttons. A shank button comes with a small loop at its back. One uses the loop at the back to sew this button onto garments and other items. The sewing of shank buttons is a bit different when compared to the other buttons. 

There are various teaching tutorials available that will help you to sew this button correctly. They don’t lay flat against the garment and hence provide you with an elegant and classy look. These buttons are available in various materials, sizes, and colors. The shank buttons are very durable and robust as well. 

Skank Button

7. Covered Buttons

These buttons comprise two parts. The front part that the fabric encloses and the back part that people use for sewing. One can find both plastic core and metal core-covered buttons in various shapes and sizes. 

These buttons look beautiful on dresses and skirts and give off an elegant vibe. They are also available in a wide range of colors and patterns. 

Covered Buttons

8. Novelty Buttons

The cutest and prettiest buttons have to be the novelty buttons. They are available in various funky shapes and characters. These buttons are available in multiple sizes as well and people mostly use these as decorations. The novelty buttons can be expensive as well as inexpensive depending on the material and the shape. 

Novelty Buttons

9. Cloth Buttons

These buttons are generally metal buttons and a fabric encloses them. The cloth buttons are available in different fabrics of various colors, patterns, materials, and designs. One can even create their cloth buttons since they are effortless to make. They look incredibly cool and beautiful and you have the freedom to design them to your taste.

Cloth Buttons

10. Leather Buttons

The leather buttons are exquisite and classy. They are available in both faux leather and genuine leather. These buttons are very durable, beautiful, and noticeable. They add a feel of classiness to your garments and make you look different. The leather buttons have a protective coating on them, hence making them low-maintenance. 

Leather Buttons

11. Metal Buttons

Among all the other kinds of buttons, metal buttons are the most popular. These buttons are available in different sizes, shapes, and designs. For construction, materials like tin, silver, brass, and stainless steel are widespread. The metal buttons can even have different prints on them. 

Just because they are metal, many people think that these buttons are heavy or uncomfortable. Well, that is absolutely untrue. These buttons are very classy and not at all uncomfortable or heavy. 

Metal Buttons

So, now that you are aware of the different types of buttons, choose your one carefully. Each garment has its own style and sometimes only a specific type of button will complement it. Make sure to get the right time of button for your attire so that you look classy and elegant at all times.

What are the two main types of buttons?

Flat buttons and shank buttons are two types of buttons that are commonly used for garments. Stud buttons are widely used in jeans. Stud buttons have two parts and are pressed onto fabric with a special machine.

What are the holes in a button called?

Buttonholes are reinforced holes in fabric that buttons pass through, allowing one piece of fabric to be secured to another. The raw edges of a buttonhole are usually finished with stitching.

What is flat button?

A flat button is a text label displayed on a (zero elevation) Material widget that reacts to touches by filling with color. Use flat buttons on toolbars, in dialogs, or inline with other content but offset from that content with padding so that the button’s presence is obvious.

What are coconut buttons?

Coconut buttons are made of the outer shell of the tropical fruit coconut, and corozo buttons are made of corozo which is growing in Ecuador and Colombia. Coconut shell is used to make buttons due to its strong rigidity and this kind of buttons are mainly applied to casual clothing.

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