Types Of Clasps – Types Of Jewelry Clasps And How To Use Them

Types Of Clasps  – Types Of Jewelry Clasps And How To Use Them

Mostly everyone loves to wear jewelry and have quite some ideas regarding its different types and styles. But people are really not aware of the types of clasps that play a significant role in securing the jewelry? People often overlook the clasp, but it is something significant. Having the right clasp is essential since nobody loves to struggle while putting their different types of jewelry on. There are various types of clasps, and each of them has different designs and mechanisms. The security of the clasps also varies from one another. In this specific article, we’ll be discussing the different clasp types for your easy selection.

Various Types Of Clasps

1. Spring ring clasp

The spring ring clasp is one among the most common clasp types, and people use it on light and dainty jewelry. One can also use it for other products. It is a metal ring and has a spring mechanism. While wearing it, one needs to pull back the lever and compress the ring. As a result, a hole appears to slide a jump ring or a trim tab.

Then release the lever, and the clasp will close. These clasps are very secure, and hence there is very little chance of them getting lost. But the spring ring clasp can prove to be quite tricky since wearing it is not very easy.

If it is too small, then one may face difficulty in opening. Nevertheless, it’s still widespread because of its security and low price.

Spring ring clasp

2. Ball and chain clasp

The ball and chain clasp is not a very common clasp in the jewelry industry. Bracelets and necklaces that consists of only one bead or pendant use these types of clasps. It is a very regular chain clasp with a string chain at one end and a hollow bead at the other.

For securing the necklace or bracelet, one needs to insert the chain into the hollow bead and give it a bend. As a result, the chain gets bent and does not slide out of the bead. It is very secure as well.

Ball and chain clasp

3. Fishbook clasp

The fishbook clasp is a very glamorous but not popular type of clasp. Many people are not aware of this clasp since it is not very common like the other types. This clasp consists of a metal hook, while the other end has an oval-shaped box. For fastening the jewelry, the wearer needs to secure the hook inside the box.

As a result, the hook will not be visible after the fastening of the jewelry. One can face many difficulties in wearing and opening this clasp with just one hand, but it is worth it since it gives an aesthetic vibe to the jewelry.

Sometimes there is a spring mechanism inside the box that also helps in locking the jewelry. It is better for necklaces, and one can decorate it with diamonds or other gems for a fancy look.

Fishbook clasp

4. Lobster claw clasp

The lobster clasp closes by itself and is spring-loaded. Since this clasp resembles the claw of a lobster, its name also became the lobster claw clasp. It has a lever that helps in opening the claw. When one wants to wear the jewelry, they need to pull back the lever and swing the claw inside.

For closing, release the pull from the lever, and it will close automatically. They are best for bracelets and anklets since these pieces tend to move a lot while one wears them.

The lobster claw clasp is versatile since it is available in various styles and sizes. Perfect for jewelry that has light or medium weight, this clasp is very secure and gives off a very minimal yet classy look.

Lobster claw clasp

5. Toggle clasp

The toggle clasp is a unique type of clasp. Available in different sizes, these clasps can be both simple and fancy or decorative. One can identify a toggle clasp quickly because of its unique design. It consists of two distinct pieces, each of them being different from one another.

One piece is a long T-shaped bar, and the other is a concave circular shape. The wearer needs to insert the rod into the circle and fasten the lock for closing the jewelry. Heavy jewelry pieces are perfect for wearing along with this clasp. They do not let the bar slip out while one is wearing it.

Toggle clasp

6. Box clasp

The box clasp is very fancy and decorative. The use of this clasp in bracelets and chains is widespread. They are very wide as well and hence are pretty appropriate for thick chains. It has a folder part that the wearer needs to insert in a box on the other side for fastening it.

Specific box clasps have a side safety clasp for extra security. The safety clasp is adjustable, and hence, the wearer will always get the perfect clasp for themselves.

Box clasp

7. Layered clasp

People love wearing necklaces with layers these days. They are fashionable. But putting all the necklaces in a single clasp becomes a bit messy. To avoid that, one should use a layered clasp. This allows the wearer to put more than one chain through its O ring.

It has more than one O ring, and one only needs to insert their respective chains through it and connect them to the other side of the clasp. They avoid the tangling of necklaces and provide ease in switching them out. These are a bit costly and heavy but extremely helpful.

Layered clasp

8. Slide lock clasp

The slide lock clasp is a very particular type of clasp. The use of this clasp is widespread in multi-strand necklaces and bracelets. Each side of this clasp consists of a long tube that has rings on it.

The ring allows various chains, threads, strands, wires, etc., to pass through it. For wearing jewelry along with this clasp, the wearer needs to slip and slide one tube into the other, and it locks itself in the place.

Slide lock clasp

9. Magnetic clasp

The magnetic clasp is extremely easy to secure. It connects within a snap and is perfect for necklaces. These clasps use magnets for their construction, and they have two pieces. The magnets allow the jewelry to snap together, and hence these are very easy to use.

Available in different sizes, styles, and shapes, the magnetic clasps are not suitable for bracelets since they might get stuck on different things.

Magnetic clasp

So, now that you have somewhat of a good idea regarding the different types of clasps, owning the right one for you will be pretty straightforward. There are a few more different types of clasps available, along with their unique design and mechanism.

Getting the right clasp is also essential since it will help you in wearing the jewelry pretty quickly.

What is a barrel and torpedo closure?

Barrel (aka Torpedo) Clasps are low-profile clasps with threading, which are twisted to open and to close. See also screw clasps. Bead Clasps look like a bead, with a magnet, tab or bayonet closure.

What does a lobster clasp attach to?

Lobster clasps usually attach to a jump ring, the small ring that can be connected to the opposite end of your jewelry piece.

Are spring ring clasps good?

Aside from this potential problem, spring rings and lobsters are very safe clasps that do not easily come undone.

Why is it called a lobster clasp?

Lobster clasps are named as such because of their “pinching” mechanism, and they are often shaped like a lobster’s claw.

Do lobster clasps wear out?

They’re generally inexpensive to repair and are easy to work with. However, small lobster clasps can be difficult to open since the lever is so small, and if the little portion that opens and closes snaps off, the clasp is essentially useless.

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