Types Of Ear Piercings, Styling Tips, Healing Time

Types Of Ear Piercings, Styling Tips, Healing Time

Here is an article about the types of ear piercings, styling tips about ear piercing jewelry, and the healing time required for various types of ear piercing, FAQs about ear piercings, etc. Make sure to go through this article thoroughly and by the end of it you will be able to make a decision on what type of jewelry to choose, what is the aftercare for ear piercings, etc. Check out the guidelines on how to clean ear piercing. And, if you just want to have a different piercing, types of piercings.

Currently, piercings are quite popular style statements. There are many types of piercings like lip piercings, nose piercings, different face piercings like eyebrow piercings, dermal piercings, etc. Amongst them, lip piercings and ear piercings are the most common ones.

Types Of Ear Piercings

Some Ear Piercing Jewelry Styles

There are different types of ear piercings and using a suitable type of jewelry for different ear piercings is important to flaunt an ear piercing in the right way. Here is a list of ear piercing jewelry types with a detailed description of each of them. Check this out!!

Some Ear Piercing Jewelry Styles

1. Ear Studs – Ear Piercing Jewelry

Ear studs are the most common type of ear piercing jewelry in many parts of the world. Piercing the ear is a style statement and using the right kind of jewelry is important. An ear stud consists of a precious stone surrounded with a groove of metal and a post attached to it and held in the back of the ear with the help of a screw.

2. Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs are the most stylish ear piercing jewelry in my view. They do not require an actual piercing in the ear. Ear cuffs without piercing are quite an interesting thing to try as a style statement. There are different types of ear cuffs available. Amongst them, oxidized ear cuff earrings and silver ear cuffs are the most common ones.

3. Hoops

Hoops are the ever stylish earrings for any young adult. For instance, a pair of simple hoop earrings, a pair of jeans, and a tucked solid top are all you need to flaunt your look. Hoops are usually made using light metal, or plastic. Therefore, Hoop earrings are light in terms of weight. This type of earrings is suitable for different ear piercings and nose piercings.

4. Captive Bead Rings

CBR or captive bead earrings are metal rings with a metal ball fixed in the center of the circumference of the ring. Captive bead rings are made with different types of materials like metals, plastic, etc. An ideal captive bead ring is made with metal. Also, there are plastic captive bead rings available.

5. Drop Ear Rings

Drop earrings are common and interesting to experiment with different outfits. A pair of cute drop earrings is all you need to showcase the cute side of you. A drop earrings consist of a hoop kind of fixture to the ear attached with a drop-shaped plastic bead or metal bead. Gold drop earrings are the most common ones of this type.

6. Barbells

Barbells are the coolest of earrings in my view. This type consists of a metal post with two metal balls on both sides. One of the sides of a barbell earring is designed to be a screw that facilitates the barbell to be held from the other side of the piercing. Currently, circular barbells for ears are the trend in terms of ear piercings.

7. Huggie Earrings

As the name reveals, huggie earrings hug the surface of the ear lobe closely. Gold huggie earrings were popular during the age of old Hollywood cinema and now, the craze has been revived.

Different Types Of Ear Piercings With Pictures

Ear piercings are quite interesting and a popular style statement to try. There are many types of ear piercings and fourteen of them are listed and described here. Also, the pictures for each of them are provided for you to use as a reference.

Different Types Of Ear Piercings With Pictures

1. Rook Ear Piercings

A rook piercing is typically made on the inner groove of the ear cartilage, which is parallel to the outer lining of the ear. This type of ear piercing is unique to try. We recommend a curved barbell as a rook piercing jewelry. The time taken for rook piercing healing will be around 3 to 7 months.

Rook Piercing

2. Snug Ear Piercing

A snug piercing is meant for the center of the inner cartilage, i.e; on the lower end of the ear’s outer lining. Also, if you want to make it more unique, try a double snug piercing. Use a curved barbell for one piercing as snug piercing jewelry. The snug piercing healing time would be anywhere between 3 to 6 months.

Snug Ear Piercing

3. Cartilage Ear Piercing

Cartilage piercing is a general term used for any piercing that is done through cartilage. For instance, a piercing on the nose cartilage is also called a cartilage piercing. Here, cartilage piercing is a term used for describing a helix piercing. This is one of the most popular choices of ear piercing for young adults. If you want to add some uniqueness to the ear piercing, try out a double cartilage piercing. Like any other wound, a cartilage piercing healing stages involve four stages. Namely, the Hemostasis phase, Inflammatory phase, Proliferative Phase, and final phase called Maturation. Use a captive bead ring as the cartilage ear piercing jewelry.

Cartilage Ear Piercing

4. Orbital Ear Piercings

An orbital piercing is any piercing that involves two piercings connected by the same piece of jewelry. The orbital ear piercing healing time is anywhere between 3 to four months. Use a curved barbell for a double stud look, or a captive bead ring. Even if you do not have an actual piercing, you can also flaunt an orbital piercing by using a faux ring as shown in the picture below.

Orbital Ear Piercing

5. Tragus Ear Piercings

A tragus ear piercing is a very different and versatile type of ear piercing that suits a variety of ear piercing jewelry. The perfect tragus ear piercing jewelry is a captive bead ring or an earring stud. Even though the pain tolerance for every individual is different, tragus ear piercing healing time depends on the size of the tragus.

Tragus Piercing

6. Industrial Ear Piercings

An industrial piercing is a double ear piercing, one opposite to the other, through the upper ear cartilage. We recommend a straight barbell for this unique style statement as the industrial piercing jewelry. Industrial piercing healing is anywhere between 2 to 3 months.

Industrial Ear Piercing

7. Lobe Ear Piercings

As the name reveals, a lobe piercing is a piercing in the ear lobe. A lobe piercing is the most common type of ear piercing. As perfect lobe piercing jewelry, any type of piercing jewelry is suitable. Like any other simple piercing, lobe piercing healing time is anywhere between 1 to 2 months.

Lobe Piercing

8. Daith Ear Piercings

A daith is the loop that embraces the ligament inside your ear. Best about Daith ear piercing that it is adaptable and suits almost any young adult. Some even accept that the daith penetrating can help ease nervousness related headaches! A Daith earring is usually made with different metals. However, a daith made with good quality metal should be a choice as Daith piercing jewelry. Daith ear piercing healing time takes around 2 months. Also, the healing time depends on the pain tolerance and the size of the ligament.

Daith Ear Piercings

9. Forward Helix Ear Piercings

A helix piercing is a piercing on the top end of ear cartilage. On the other hand, a forward helix piercing sits on the lower end of the ear. You can also try a double forward helix piercing to make it more stylish. We recommend a curved barbell or two studs for double piercings, and an ear stud as a forward helix piercing jewelry. The forward helix piercing healing time is anywhere between 3 to 4 months.

Forward Helix Ear Piercings

10. Tranvsere Lobe Ear Piercings

With a piece of transverse lobe jewelry, a barbell runs horizontally through the earlobe instead of from the within to the surface. The angle of the transverse piercing depends on the form and size of the ear lobe. The sole disadvantage to the present piercing is that it often takes longer to heal compared to other types. This also means a transverse piercing runs a better risk of infection. Also, a vertical transverse lobe piercing is a double piercing made one opposite the other.

Transverse Lobe Ear Piercings

11. Anti Tragus Ear Piercings

Anti tragus piercing is a piercing right above a lobe piercing. This type of ear piercing is quite unique and popular. You can use an ear stud or a captive bead ring as an anti tragus piercing jewelry. The time for anti tragus piercing healing is around 6 to 12 months.

Anti Tragus Ear Piercings

12. Conch Ear Piercings

Conch piercing is through the inner side and the outer side of the ear cartilage. The suitable conch piercing jewelry is a straight barbell. Additionally, if you would like to add some uniqueness to the piercing, try out a conch double piercing or a conch triple piercing. Some of the conch piercing healing tips include washing your piercing frequently with water, or a cotton swab dipped in sterile water.

Conch Ear Piercings

Aftercare for Every Type of Ear Piercings

  1. First, Use only sterile water to clean the new ear piercing. Using any kind of alcoholic solution might cause side effects that may lead to other skin sensitivity issues like rashes, bumps, etc.
  2. Also, make sure to wash your hands with clean water and soap before you touch the ear piercing.
  3. Keep the area clean. For that, make sure to use a cotton swab dipped in warm water for cleaning the pierced area.
  4. Make sure to twist the earrings to let the air pass through the hole. Therefore, the hole does not close with the body fluids like pus, or blood, etc.
  5. Above all, Do not remove the starter earring till the ear piercing heals completely.
  6. Avoid spicy foods, citrus fruits, hot beverages, and alcoholic beverages. In fact, any hot beverage might provoke an infection.

We hope you found out a lot of useful information regarding the types of ear piercings, different types of ear piercing jewelry, tips, and aftercare for ear piercings, etc. Make sure to go through it and make a decision on what type of ear piercing and suitable jewelry to choose, etc.

What is the most painful ear piercing?

According to research and evidence, industrial ear piercing is considered the most painful ear piercing. In industrial ear piercing, double piercing takes place, one is on the upper ear helix and another is on the opposite side of the ear.

Which ear piercings are easiest to heal?

The easiest part of the ear to heal is the lobe. Therefore, a standard lobe piercing is the easiest to heal.

What is the most uncommon ear piercing?

Forward helix piercings, the area of your ear right above your tragus, are among the most unique types of ear piercings that you can get.

What is the 2nd ear piercing called?

A double ear piercing is two consecutive single piercings placed adjacent to each other on the lower part of the earlobe.

Which ear piercing is most attractive?

These Are The Prettiest Ear Piercing Combinations To Try

  • Flat + Triple lobe.
  • Single lobe + Daith + Helix.
  • Single lobe + Industrial.
  • Conch + Double helix + Single lobe.
  • Triple lobe + Conch.
  • Triple lobe.
  • Conch + Helix + Flat.
  • Tragus + Helix + Flat.

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