Types of Eyelash Extensions

Types of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions complete your makeup. It is widely used regardless of its price due to its advantages. Do you know there are different types of eyelash extensions? If not, it’s fine. Today we will talk about types of eyelash extension and

Why are Eyelash Extensions used?

Eyelash extension is widely used to make your lashes look longer. These extensions are applied using eyelash glue. You can further use various types of extension that suits you best. Let us learn about different types of eyelash extensions.

eyelash extensions

Types of Eyelash Extension

Eyelash Extension varies depending on its type. You can differentiate eyelash extension based on:


Based on the length you will find various lashes such as 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, and so on. You can choose a long as well a short length extension according to your choice.


There are mainly three types of eyelash extensions: synthetic, silk, and mink. Let us study them in detail.

Synthetic eyelashes don’t look that natural or real but they are perfect if you are looking for long-lasting curly lashes. They are not very soft, but they maintain curls for a good long period. Synthetic lashes are thick but they fall off easily.

Synthetic eyelashes

Silk eyelashes look good and are not firm. You can also find different color varieties in silk extensions. They handle curly lashes well. However, there are various silk lashes these days that are not made of silk but other material.

Silk eyelashes

A mink eyelash extension is soft and gives a natural look. However, if you are an animal lover, you may not prefer this extension as it is made with mink and promotes malicious animal activities. Mink eyelash does not hold curl well and it can also cause reaction or allergy.

mink eyelashes


There are different types of curls on eyelash extensions. You will find the difference when you compare them or apply them. You may choose less or more curly according to your wish.

Which eyelash extension is best for you?

Now that you know about the types of eyelash extensions, you can choose what suits you best. Faux mink and silk extension are widely used because of their advantages. Both these extensions can handle curls and are long-lasting.

They are natural-looking and soft. However, it all depends on you and what suits your eyes.

Which Eyelash Extension Lasts Longer?

Faux mink and silk extension lasts longer. They are in demand due to their advantages. Faux mink and silk are useful if you are looking for a natural-looking lash extension.

Things to keep in mind while using an eyelash extension

  • Don’t wash your face with an extension on
  • Avoid contact with water
  • Don’t touch your lashes
  • Use quality extension adhesive
  • Don’t damage your natural lashes

To conclude, there are various eyelash extensions available. These eyelash extensions may vary depending on their type, color, length, density, etc. It further consists of the top eyelash extension to use.

This will help you in choosing the right lash extension for your needs. Let us know in the comment section about your preferable eyelash extension.

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