10 Types Of Hats (Assorted Based On Utility And Comfort)

Types Of Hats

One way to easily make your outfit elegant and head-turning worthy is by adding a hat to it. However, with the rich variety of hats that are available around us, it might become very difficult to choose one from those many options. This is why we have curated the top ten best timeless types of hats that you can add to your wardrobe.

Top 10 Types Of Hats

1. Baseball Hat

The Baseball cap is a soft, round edge, a sporty hat that fits around one’s crown and has been popularly around since the 1960s. A baseball cap is a fun and very reasonable fashion item because of the stiff bill that sticks out from the cap to protect the eyes and face from sunlight. This iconic headwear offers a great deal of variety, starting from dad hats to snapbacks.

There are two ways one can wear this colourful hat variant, i.e., one is by fulfilling its purpose of providing shade to one’s face and the other way is wearing it backwards.

The trend of wearing baseball hats backward began in the 1990s when Ken Griffey Jr. started it and his fans noticed and adapted to this style. You can easily incorporate this unisexual hat into your casual attire for owning a laid back and chill sense of style.

2. Beanie 

The beanie is a hat variant that was originally meant to be worn by men, but now it has made a popular place in women’s wardrobe as well. Beanie is a winter-spring essential for your bad hair days as it is not only timeless but provides you with the added advantage of woollen warmth.

You can pair Beanies with a lot of outfits, but the recent trends show them mostly in complimentary with sweatshirts and street sleek-wear. The colours and types are versatile when it comes to Beanies, as they range from knitted chunky woollen beanies to stylish slouchy ones.

3. Beret

This unisexual soft and round crown hat generally uses woolen or felt material, Beret. This hat variation was originally worn by artists and farmers in Europe and that is why it is also ‘Peasants Hat’. However, throughout the 20th century, the Beret grew as a fashion piece to be of use to make political statements.

Starting from political revolutionaries like Che Guevara, Black Panthers, and Fidel Castro to pop icons like Beyonce, Brigitte Bardot, etc have all carried this elegant yet bohemian hat variant in their attires. The Beret is an iconic trans-seasonal chic hat that can not only accentuate your entire look but also is a revolutionizing and timeless style item. 

4. Bucket Hat

News!!! Bucket hats are very much back in fashion. The Korean style wave has influenced the international/western fashion trends greatly and bucket hats have become an absolute essential among them. Thanks to such trends, the 90’s revival continued with no sign of slowing down. The bucket hat rose to popularity again after being of use in the attires of musicians, skater subcultures, and Instagram models.

The bucket hat has come a long way since its origin from a humble canvas cloth fisherman’s hat, and now it is available in various colours and patterns. Pair the bucket hat with a sweatshirt, jersey, bomber jacket, or even a high top with a pair of sneakers to get a laid back urban look.

5. Cowboy Hat

The high crown, wide brim type of hat that is commonly known as a cowboy hat or Western hat is a defining piece for the American attires for cowboys, farmers, fashion lovers, ranchers and horse riders. This hat gained its fame from the 19th-century movies it has been used in; however, people still don’t fail to mention it whenever the rodeo concept comes up.

Modern Cowboy hats are made using a diverse selection of materials like wool, leather, felt, or straw. The most common shades of Cowboy hats found are brown, beige, black, and red. Have a rodeo themed party coming up? Pair a nice pair of ripped jeans or shorts with a plaid shirt, cowboy boots and of course the Cowboy hat.

6. Fedora

The Fedora is one of those hats that whether you love it or hate it, you simply cannot just ignore it. Initially, this type of hat was made and meant to be worn by men, but now women too have rocked in it several times. The fedora hat has a short brim, a ribbon in the middle and a pinched crown structure on top.

These Fedora hats also come in various colours and styles, but are commonly made using wool, felt, straw, and paper. You can also include a fedora or two into your formal wear and turn heads wherever you go with the added advantage of protection from sun rays.

7. Golf/Flat Cap

One of the chicest and contemporary types of unisexual hats is the golf or flat cap. Even though this hat variation got its name from the increased usage of it among golf club members and worn by people in golf events, however, in the modern times people wear it as a timeless fashion accessory. You can also include the Golf/Flat cap to your outfit for giving it a retro touch.  

8. Pillbox Hat

Want to own a hat that makes you feel Royal or a person of importance? Then the 1930’s originated, the feminine, elegant and stylish Pillbox hat is perfect for you. This hat is commonly made using solid colour materials and decorated with veil, peals, feathers, etc. to give it an extravagant yet aesthetic appeal.

The Pillbox hat was a common fashion element for many iconic royal and political individuals like Jaclyn Kennedy. The Pillbox hat might just be the accessory you need to your dress or pencil skirt and suit set for the enhanced appeal.

9. Floppy Hat

The Floppy Hat has been a big segment in the bohemian or hippie fashion styles. This hat has a big floppy rim with a round covered top that fits the head is made using wool, polyester or straw. 

This hat is worn by women outdoors or during their visit to beaches as an accessory to swimwear, dresses or skirt-tops, to provide shade and enhancing their look. The trend of wearing a floppy hat rose from actresses and pop icons wearing it on and off camera.

10. Visor Hat

The Visor hat looks like the stiff bill that sticks out of a baseball cap that is attached to the head using the straps with Velcro on it. The straps of the Visor hat encircle the head to hold it in place. This hat was originally designed and mostly used in sports for in the open field it helps in shielding eyes and face from the sun rays, and the uncovered head helps in heat release without causing sweat.

At present, people have broadened the horizons of fashion and adapted this sporty hat into their beach or morning outdoor outfits. Going to that tennis practice or planning to wear a cute summer dress? Pair the unisexual versatile Visor hat and showcase that inner stylish, sporty spirit.


Historically, there exist several other hats that are of importance, but we have tried to broken down and put forward the best assortment of hats according to their popularity, utility, and comfort. Hope this article has guided you about the types of hats that are in very much trend.   

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