Different Types Of Khaki Pants For Men And Women

Types Of Khaki Pants

The term khaki refers to a colour that is a light shade of brown with a yellowish tinge. Khaki color is the only choice to make the uniform of armies around the world, including camouflage, now for different types of pants. The term khaki has been used in England as a colour name since 1848. Apart from uniform making, different types of khaki pants are widespread across the world. In the West, khaki is the standard colour for smart casual dress trousers for civilians.

Types Of khaki Pants

Most of the khaki types apply to both men and women. Khaki has initially been a male attire, just like jeans, but both genders are now loved.

Chino Pants

Khakis and Chino pants can be easily interchangeable. However, both khakis and Chino pants are distinguishable. The simplest way of differentiation is that Chino pants are more of a formal outfit, while khaki is generally casual.

Chino pants are more traditional because they are of lighter weight cotton fabric with visible stitching. Khaki Chino pants are those which are khaki.

Chino Pants

Classic Khakis

They are also very similar to chinos. Classic khaki pants are of heavier cotton fabric. They are durable and practical. Classic Khakis have a wide range that includes both casual wear as well as formals.

Classic Khakis

Cargo and Carpenter Pants

Cargo pants, also known as cargo trousers, are different from classic khakis. The former has a set of two extra pockets and a loose fit. Cargo pants are famous for their big bags, which helps in holding one’s belongings. They are a popular choice in the streetwear section and also among the blue-collar profession.

Carpenter Pants are cargo pants just designed with a loop to hold the hammer.

Cargo and Carpenter Pants

Khaki Jeans

Khaki jeans provide durability and comfort. This is the reason why khaki jeans are preferred worldwide as work pants. These are denim jeans in khaki colour. Khaki jeans for men are usually a relaxed fit.

Khaki jeans for women have a smoother look. They blend with bands which gives it a more acceptable stretch. Khaki jeans are an excellent choice for a business casual or a random visit to the store.

Khaki Jeans


They are very much similar to a sweatpant. Joggers are of lighter materials. Traditional joggers were of the loose fit and had elastic at the waist and the ankle. Nowadays, joggers range between athletic wear and casual fit styles. They are an excellent choice for lounging or hanging out with friends.


Khaki Pants for Men

Khaki usually owns a significant part in men’s fashion. Their versatility ranges from casual wear to work pants. All these make them essential in a man’s wardrobe. Different types of khaki pants for men are

Cuffed and Uncuffed

Men usually have to choose between cuffed and uncuffed when selecting a pair of khakis. If the hem is turned up and sewn on the inside, then it’s an uncuffed pant. Cuffed pants have fabric turned up on the outside. In between cuffed and uncuffed pants, the former one is considered to be more formal.

Cuffed and Uncuffed

Pleated and Flat Front

Pleated pants have one or more pleats at the side. Flat front pants have a flat front. Both of these pants are easily recognizable by their name. Pleated pants are best with a cuff. Flat front pants are more flattering for men.

Pleated and Flat Front

Fit Styles

The most common fit styles in khaki for men are slim fit, classic and wide.

Slim fit should completely fit on one’s body without being too tight. Most of the slim-fit pants have tapered or straight legs.

Classic fit belongs to the group of comfortable trousers. They are flattering to any body size. Classic fit is also known as relaxed fit.

Wide leg pants bring in the comfort of baggy pants and make a man look elegant with a wider thigh, a roomy fit, and a flowing look. Wide leg pants are usually cuffed.

wide leg

Athletic Pants

The athletic pants are for men with thick thighs. You can wear athletic pants while working out or while flattering one’s position in a particular situation. Athletic pants usually narrow down below the knee. This makes them look like a fitted pant that fits a larger thigh or seat.

Athletic Pants

Canvas Khakis

These are made up of heavy-duty fabric. This protects the pants from elements of everyday wear and tear. Canvas Khakis are excellent utility pants. Canvas Khakis are also flame resistant.

Canvas Khakis

Khaki Pants for Women

Khaki pants are not just part of men’s fashion anymore; they are important in a woman’s attire. Khaki pants for women are a perfect mixture of casual and classy. Different types of women khakis include,


These khaki pants have the fabric turned up in the inside of the pants. Women are usually more attracted to uncuffed khaki pants. Cuffed khaki pants is ideal for women of height 5’9 or above.

uncuffed pant

Flat Front

These khaki pants have a flat front panel. Since most women usually prefer a slimmer body, most women’s khaki pants should have a flat front panel.

Flat Front


Women khaki pants usually come in a few basic fits. First of all comes the slim fit. This provides a slim silhouette. This fit is flattering for all body types. Secondly, comes the relaxed trouser’s fit. This is of great use to women with full hips and thighs. Thirdly, comes the tapered fit. This fit accentuates the hip. This fit is ideal for women who have a curvy appearance.

Leggings and Jeggings

Khaki leggings are named after the colour of the leggings. Leggings are made up of cotton or polyester bended with lycra or spandex. Leggings are quite similar to tights. The only difference between the two is that leggings is made from thicker materials.

Jeggings are a bit closer to jeans. They provide the comfort of leggings. Jeggings are made up of much thicker material and provide much more coverage than leggings.

Cigarette Pants

They are just another type of slim-fit pants. Cigarette pants have a side and a back zipper and have a slimming appearance. A pair of heels will look great with cigarette pants.

Cigarette Pants

Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants is just the exact opposite of cigarette pants. The Palazzo pants come with a general fit and have a flowing appearance. A palazzo pant might look like a skirt when in motion. These pants go well with fitted shirts, they are always on the front of the trend and a very desirable option for the young generations in the evolution of the fashion industry.

Palazzo Pants

Therefore, all the different types of khaki pants use different materials and have different designs and styles as well. Knowing all of them will help you have a better understanding and allow you to make the right choice for yourself.

What are khaki pants called?

Khakis became the name for khaki colored pants made of khaki colored chinos.

Are khakis a type of pants or color?

Technically, khaki is a beige, tan, or brown color. In addition, today khaki is used to describe a type of pant, that may or may not be khaki in color. It can also refer to the type of twill cotton fabric the pants are made of, although khaki jeans are a different fabric.

Do khaki pants come in different colors?

Color. Khakis come in just about every color these days, but the most traditional is drab brown. I’d recommend getting a darker brown, rather than a school uniform-esque golden wheat, as it’s sharper and more versatile (it’ll look appropriate in both winter and summer).

Are chinos and khakis the same?

While many manufacturers today will use the terms “chino” and “khakis” interchangeably, the notable differences are that chinos are an offshoot of the original “khaki” pants and tend to have lighter fabrics, a cleaner line and a dressier look while khakis are more utilitarian.

Are all khakis tan?

Historically, khaki is a light tan or beige color, not necessarily an article of clothing. … The first time khaki-colored pants were worn was likely in The Corps of Guides, a regiment of the British Indian Army, in 1846.

Is flax the same as khaki?

The flax is very close to khaki.

Why is khaki called khaki?

Etymology. Khaki is a loanword from Urdu خاکی ‘soil-colored’, which in turn comes from Persian خاک [χɒːk] khâk ‘soil’ + ی- (adjectival ending); it came into English via the British Indian Army.

What is the difference between khaki and beige?

Khaki: A pale brown colour that is darker than beige and more muted than tan. It is so commonly used for chinos that they’re often called “khakis”. The colour is most common in cotton trousers, and it is also known for its use in military uniforms.

What is the true color of khaki?

The garment is so globally recognized that it’s now referred to as its own color, khaki is a light brown with a hint of yellow, resulting in a sandy tan hue.

What color is dark khaki?

The color darkkhaki / Dark khaki with hexadecimal color code #bdb76b is a shade of yellow. In the RGB color model #bdb76b is comprised of 74.12% red, 71.76% green and 41.96% blue. In the HSL color space #bdb76b has a hue of 56° (degrees), 38% saturation and 58% lightness.

What is the difference between slacks and khakis?

The word slacks comes from an old Saxon term that meant loose. Someone that term became the term to call dress pants. As dress pants, slacks are not tight, are not elastic and they are different from jeans, chinos or khakis.

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