Types Of Leather Jackets

Leather Jackets And Their Types

Among all menswear, leather jackets give out the coolest and trendiest vibe. It can add a sense of style and fashion to almost any look and can be donned by women and individuals of any age. It is a great choice of clothing that makes you look stylish and gives you an edgy vibe. In addition, these types of jackets keep you warm, protect you from unfavorable weather, and can last for years if kept and handled with proper care. Having a leather jacket within your wardrobe full of clothes is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. But since there are various types of leather jackets available in the market, choosing one might become overwhelming.

Leather Jackets

So in this article, we have sorted out a list of the most popular types of leather jackets so that you can pick out your preference easily.

Types Of Leather Jackets

There are different types of jackets differentiated in colors, types, materials, and more. Out of all, we have taken a few popular types and enlisted them below.

1. Biker Jacket

Also known as the asymmetrical jacket, the biker jacket is a cropped jacket that has a straight cut. It has lapel-styled leather collars that have buttons and studs attached to it for design. This jacket also has asymmetrical zips all over it. Designed, mainly for bikers, non-bikers can also wear these jackets.

Biker Jacket

Bikers usually wear these for protection against biking accidents since they are very thick and durable. It is among the most iconic options of leather jackets and is mostly demanded in the color black.

2. Field Jacket

The military jacket men originally inspired the field jacket. It is a versatile leather jacket with four pockets in the front, comprising an angled chest pocket with a press stud. Also available in other colors, this jacket has a zipper closure to keep the wind out and a tonal belt in the waist part. It is a very lightweight jacket that is highly demanded in the color brown.

Field Jacket

3. Bomber Jacket

The very common leather bomber jacket is the latest style of flight jacket generally worn by pilots. It is a simple style, a full-bodied jacket that has a tapered end. This jacket has a zipper closure, a round-necked collar, and fitted cuffs.

Bomber Jacket

In addition, it has an elastic material around the hips and wrists that allows the jacket to stay close to the body and keep you warm. The bomber jacket is a very commonly seen leather jacket and is great for casual wear. It is available in different colors like brown, red, black, white, or navy and both men and women of every age loves to wear these

4. Leather Blazer

The leather blazer is a great choice of clothing donned by both men and women. It has a soft and warm texture and is extremely popular among women’s leather jackets. It comes in different styles, each style varied by its manufacturer.

Leather Blazer

They are usually fitting, have either single or double buttoned closure and two pockets found on either side of the blazer. It is a very comfortable clothing item and can be styled with additional accessories and clothing materials.

5. Racer Jacket

The racer jacket is a modernized version of the biker jacket. Bikers prefer this jacket since it has a robust and resistant nature. Compared to the biker jacket, this jacket is more suited for fashion and is worn by both men and women of any age. It has a zippered front, zipped cuffs, and a stab buttoned collar.

Racer Jacket

It is a straight-lined, short-lengthed jacket that may have decorative elements like stitching or piping around the seem to give it an interesting look.

6. Flight Jacket

The flight jacket is the original version of bomber jackets and has useful enhancements for an aviator. It has a smooth, straight, effortless shape and is extremely fitting to the body without having any tapering ends. This jacket has a front zipper and larger than average-sized lapel collars.

Flight Jacket

The flight jackets are usually donned by pilots and have an insulation material inside that keeps people warm. It has patch flap pockets and is available in different colors, but the dark brown one is the most demanded color.

7. Leather Coats

Leather coats are extremely stunning and are a great addition to your wardrobe. These sleek-looking coats come in different sizes and are ideal for men and women since they keep you warm and protected. These coats are usually long, some till the hips and some till the knees and below.

Leather Coats

They have a front button closure along with a lapel-styled collar. It is a luxury coat made of smooth and buttery leather and has patch flap pockets stitched on either side. The leather coats are perfect for transition weather and come in many colors: black, light beige, brown, tan, and white.

Having a leather jacket in your wardrobe will change your entire vibe. It gives you a very cool and trendy look and also protects you from unfavorable weather conditions. It is very durable and must be kept with extensive care.

An overview of leather jackets

Leather jackets refer to a jacket lengthed coat generally worn after wearing some clothing below it. These jackets seem to dominate the market for a long time and have fashion or protective reasons behind wearing them. Leather is one material that is durable and hence makes the jacket a once-in-a-lifetime purchase.

The use of animals’ hides for making leather jackets is very common. But, nowadays, as we can see, with the help of modern technology, some people create faux leather for designing different types of leather jackets. This allows people to wear leather jackets without having the guilt of sacrificing innocent animals.

Materials used for making a leather jacket

The hide of different animals is used for designing a leather jacket. Buckskin, Antelope, sheepskin, goatskin, cowhide, and horsehide are the most commonly used hides for a leather jacket. The skin of the animal is first removed at the plant of meat processing. Then the skin is refrigerated and is either packed in brine barrels or is salted.

After that, it is sent to the tannery, and there the skins go through a series of processes to soften and preserve the hides. Other materials such as materials for sewing are also used. They include linings, zippers, buttons, threads, seam tapes, and snaps. These are usually bought from vendors outside and factories of garments store these products.

Choosing among these leather jackets can get overwhelming, but you should try it since it will be a one-time purchase and a lifetime investment. Have a look at all the different types and then choose the one you love the most!

Which Colour leather jacket is best?

For versatility, black and brown remain the top choice. If you are shopping for your first, genuine, leather jacket, avoid colored leather, like gray, red or army green; at least for now. Black and brown will be more acceptable even if worn almost every day.

What is genuine leather jacket?

The easiest way to check a jacket is by pressing the texture of the leather. … Genuine leather does not smell like plastic or give an odour of chemicals which is obvious with faux leather. A jacket crafted in genuine leather gives more of a natural and swanky touch.

How can you tell if a leather jacket is good quality?

A quality leather jacket should feel smooth to the touch without imperfections. It should also feel soft, not stiff or dry. There should be no bumps present and it should bend easily. Any other behavior could be an indicator of poor quality.

What season do you wear leather jackets?

The leather jacket is best for winter and spring weather, but you can wear a non-quilted leather jacket in warm weather to be in street style. For too cold weather you should wear a shearling-lined leather jacket.

Are leather jackets warm?

These jackets are not only stylish, but they are also ultra-warm and comfortable. A leather jacket is guaranteed to keep you warm during these otherwise cold winter days. The thick fabric acts as a barrier of insulation, trapping your body heat and preventing it from escaping.

What’s the name of fake leather?

Faux leather (also referred to as “leatherette” or “vegan” leather) is often considered as a lower cost alternative to genuine leather. Genuine leather is in high demand and for good reasons.

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