Types of makeup brushes And How to use makeup brushes

Types of makeup brushes to use

Types of makeup brushes to use. A guide to makeup brushes. Are you a makeup lover? Do you want to know which brush to use for applying a particular product? Do you want flawless makeup?

Makeup brushes play a crucial role in your makeup. A good set of makeup brush help in applying makeup products quickly and effectively. It helps products to go on smoothly and gives a flawless finish to the makeup.

There are so many varieties of brushes available in the market. If you are a beginner, you would have confused about which brush to buy. Even if you buy a makeup brush set, you do not know how to use most of them properly and effectively. Knowing the use of different brushes is necessary for someone who does makeup.

For your convenience, we have sort listed different types of makeup brushes to use and how they are useful.

1. Foundation brush

After doing our daily skincare routine or CTM ( cleanse, tone, moisturize ), the first thing we do is apply foundation. For this purpose, we have a foundation brush. To apply an even base foundation you can use this one.

Foundation brush

There are two types of foundation brushes. One with some spiky bristles and another are having flat tops. To identify a good foundation brush, you can look for one having a firm and soft bristles. Flat-top brushes are mostly preferred for liquid foundations.

Apply the product on your face and neck using your finger. Then with the help of a foundation brush, start blending it in a circular motion. There should not be an application of pressure while blending it. You can go for long-handle brushes and hold the brush keeping a distance from the bristles or you can say in the middle of the handle.

2. Stippling brush

A stippling brush has bristles of different lengths. They are tightly packed together making a curvy shape. They have a light and feathery feel. It creates an airbrushed makeup look.

stippling brush

This type of brush is used for liquid or cream-based products. They are used for layering different types of makeup products with each other including primer, foundation, highlighter and blush.

Take out the product on the back side of your palm and then dip the brush in it. Using that dipped brush, stipple the product onto the skin by dabbing the product with light pressure. Multilayer the product until you get full coverage. You can also move it in a circular motion in between for good blending.

3. Powder brush

The next step for makeup is to set the base. Loose powder or compact powder does this process. For this product, we have a powder brush. They are domed-shaped brushes with a fluffy look. The shape is to apply the product evenly through the face.

powder brush

Before applying the product to the face you should tap off the excess product. Apply the product lightly. Start sweeping strokes from the middle of the face to the whole face for better coverage.

4. Contour brush

contour brush
contour brush

Contouring is the process to redefine cheekbones and facial structures. You will need a great angled brush for it. This kind of brush is called a contour brush. It has dense angled bristles.

To have a contoured face, first, choose one shade of dark contour powder from your skin and make fine lines on the nose and jaw lines. To have a good contour, You can pout while making the lines. Now you can take a contour brush and blend it in an upward motion. Avoid blending in the downward direction to avoid a saggy face look.

5. Blush brush

Blush brush
Blush brush

We use blush to give a rosiness glow to our faces. If you are using a powder blush then you must have a good blush brush. They are similar to contour brushes but have slighter round tips.

You can use the product near the cheeks and blend it with lighter pressure. Start with slow motion of the hand. If you are using cream or liquid blush then you can dab it before blending.

6. Fan Brush

Just as the name suggests, this type of brush is similar to the shape of hand fans. They have very thin bristles. They are good at applying highlighter. Apart from this, it brushes away makeup mistakes and hides dark circles.

Fan brush
Fan brush

If while applying eye shadows, some flecks of it get scattered then you can use it and brush away those particles. Just like this, for a bronzer or highlighter, you can brush away extra product using a sweeping motion.

You can also use it for skincare products. It will let you feel like a day spa.

These were brushes that we use for face makeup. Now you can have a look at eye makeup brushes.

7. Eye shadow brush

Eye-shadow brush

They are small, thin, stubby brushes. They are flat brushes. The first step is to apply the eye shadow to the lids of the eyes properly so that it does not get spread. This brush helps in applying it.

It can also do the job of application of eye primer. You can dip the brush in the product, tap off excess product and apply it to the lids. Move the brush in a semi-circular motion.

8. Angled eyeshadow brush

Angled eye shadow brush

The angled eyeshadow brush is must have brush if you want to experiment with your eye looks. They are good for smudging and contouring eye makeup. This is for adding colors to the corner of the eyes. It can also be used for making creases with contrasting colors.

9. Eyeliner brush

Eye liner brush
Eye liner brush

Eyeliner brushes are very thin sharp brushes. They are very necessary for eye makeup. You can dip the brush in the pot of eyeliner and tap the extra in the pot. Apply it over the eyes. applying towards the outwards direction and slowly increasing the width of the line.

Be careful while applying eyeliner. You will need practice for perfect application. If you want a cat-eye look, look for the slightly angled brush.

10. Eyebrow brush

Eyebrow brush
Eyebrow brush

After giving shape to the eyebrow, this brush will help in taming the brows. There are unique in shape and have a comb-like structure. Some eyebrow brushes come with two sides. One side has a brush for applying eyebrow products. The other side has a comb for taming the eyebrows.

Now it is the turn for brushes for applying lip makeup.

11. Lip brush

Lip brush
Lip brush

They are similar to eyebrow brushes. Unlike eyebrow brushes, they have a slightly flat tip. It can make applying lipstick or lip gross easy.

Dip the brush into a liquid lipstick and apply it to the lips. You can start with corners to avoid mess. Blend it properly to have glossy lips.

12. Lip liner brush

lip liner brush.

They are flat-tip brushes. They are used to line the lips and smooth them after applying lipstick. It gradually gives shape to the lips and highlights them.

Having a brush is not enough. One should keep it clean regularly. There are more such brushes available in the market but trust me these are enough to complete your makeup look. Using these brushes properly will help you to have smooth flawless makeup.

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