Types Of Nail Manicures You Need To Know

Different Nails Manicure Types

Manicures are a simple way to show love and care to your nails in trending nail designs. They include different techniques that make your nails healthy along with looking amazing. Know that you do not need a special occasion to pamper your nails.

Since there are many nail manicures, finding something per your budget, time, and style won’t be difficult. You can even experiment with the various types and get something you love. Here, we will provide you with the different types of nails manicure and, you can select the one you love the most.

Basic Manicures

If you are getting a manicure for the very first time, then a basic manicure is the one for you. They are straightforward and do not include any complicated or fussy procedures. The primary step in the method consists of applying the cream to your cuticles. Then you will have to dip your nails into a bowl of warm water for around five minutes.

After that, the manicurist will clean your cuticles and trim and shape your nails. Following this, you will get a simple yet relaxing hand massage. Lastly, the manicurist will apply a few coats of nail polish to your nails. You can choose the nail polish you want on top of your nails for a basic manicure.

French Manicures

Among all the other types of nails manicure, the French manicure is the classiest. It is exceptionally stylish and gives your nails an iconic and crisp look. It is quite different from the other nail manicures as well. In a French manicure, the tip of your nails will have a different color than the rest of your nails.

The professional will paint your nails with a very light shade of color in this technique. After it is dry, they will paint the tip of your nail with the white shade of nail polish. It looks very stylish and is extremely simple to do. If you want, you can even go with a different color than white for the tip of your nails.

Paraffin Manicure

If your hands are dry, you must try out the paraffin manicure. When the wax temperature is bearable, you will have to dip your hands inside them. The manicurist makes sure to cover your entire hand with wax and then allows it to dry.

The same procedure takes place around seven more times, and hence you will have seven layers of wax on your hand.

Before removing the wax, your hands need to rest for about 30 mins. After the removal, the manicurist performs massage of your hands along with nail shaping and filing. Finally, they apply the nail paint of your choice to your nails. With this manicure process, you will get highly soft hands that look amazing.

Reverse French Manicure

reverse french manicure

A reverse French manicure, like a standard French manicure, consists of two hues of nail paint. We coat the crescent of the nail with a white coat of nail paint compared to a classic French manicure in a reverse manicure.
This type of manicure has gained considerable mainstream vogue because of its stylish look and is an excellent option if one wants to go out of their way to fit it.

You can paint your nails with a reverse French basic manicure at your home. All you have to do is re-shape your nails and your nail cuticles. Once you push the cuticles back, paint the nails with a single color.
After the color coat dries, cover the whole nail beside the moon with a band-aid or a manicure sticker, and color the moon with any color of your choice.

Poly gel Manicure

polygel manicure

A poly gel is a thick, gel-like solution, which is lighter and feels more natural than acrylic or LED nail manicures. Nail stylists can use this versatile product as an overlay or utilize it to carve and extend nail length. Since the gel does not set until you cure it under LED light, it gives the artist ample time to work with it.

Poly gel nails are strong and flexible, too. If a professional applies the product perfectly, a poly gel can hold up even better than hard gels because they are the right proportion of strength and flexibility.

Acrylic Manicure

Acrylic manicure utilizes powder polymer and a liquid monomer to create a hard layer of the acrylic nail over your nails. It’s a nail extension that camouflages your original nail.

The manicurist files the nail surface to make it ragged. This rough surface allows the acrylic nail manicure to stick to your original nail surface easily. Then they apply a gum-like acrylic mixture on your nails with a brush. It is then sculpted using the brush and given the shape of nails.

The brush smoothens the edges, and once it dries appropriately, apply nail polish to the nail surface.

Shellac Manicure

If you are too lazy to take care of your nails, a shellac manicure will be convenient for you. A mix of gel and standard nail polish, shellac manicure is famous for its durability, which means fewer chances of chipping.

The manicurist first cleans, files, and shapes your nails. After that, you need to apply two coats of shellac nail polish. Finally, apply a top coat on the nails. Unlike gel manicures, shellac manicure makes your nails sturdier. It lasts for around two weeks and does not chip.

Gel Manicure

The soft gel, which we also know as a gel polish. It is porous; that is why you can soak it off in their visit to a salon. Complex gel polishes, on the other hand, are carving gel.

With hard gel, you can extend the nail and construct fantastic shapes you otherwise could not, like a long coffin, ballerina, or stiletto nail. Hard gel is not porous, so you have to file it off during its removal.

Mirror Manicure

Mirror manicures, which we also call Chrome Nails, first captured the attention of everyone through social media, and now, we are all going crazy about it. If you want your nails to look attractive, a mirror manicure is something you will love for sure.

Different types of nails manicure have diverse costs. No matter your budget, you can always get a manicure for your nails that is affordable and convenient for you. The next time you wish to visit a salon for haircuts and facial massages, do not hesitate to get a manicure as well!

The main manicure types that you will come across are basic, acrylic, gel (including Shellac), French and dip powder. We’ll explain what’s involved in each of these and why you might choose them.

What kind of manicure is best for your nails?

A basic manicure, with the right polishes, is the healthiest for your nails. When we say the ‘right polishes’ we mean the best nail growth polish or breathable nail polish. The harsh chemicals in many polishes often degrade our nails. Using an organic polish that contains vitamins, is the best way to avoid damage.

Does Shellac ruin your nails?

Even if you’re not pulling the polish off, Dunne says that frequent Shellac manicures can take a toll on your nails. “During the removal process (especially if not done properly), you can risk removing layers of your natural nails and weakening the nails,” she explains.

Does gel ruin your nails?

Gel manicures can cause nail brittleness, peeling and cracking, and repeated use can increase the risk for skin cancer and premature skin aging on the hands. To keep your nails healthy before, during and after gel manicures, dermatologists recommend the following tips: Be proactive with your manicurist.

What kind of manicure lasts the longest?

Think of it as a souped-up version of a basic manicure that uses a UV light to cure and harden liquid polish, which is what makes a gel manicure last up to three times longer than regular polish.

What is a classic manicure?

A classic manicure is a traditional way of applying nail colour and nail care where your nails are clipped, shaped, buffed smooth along with having your dry skin and cuticles cut and treated.

What type of manicure lasts the longest?

When applied correctly, a good gel manicure can last, on average, for two to three weeks. For those who tend to have oilier nail beds or are just prone to nail chipping, though, gel polish may not last for even two weeks. Dip powder manicures generally last longer than their gel counterparts.

What is a basic manicure called?

Gel Manicure $25 and up. Courtesy of Vanity Projects. “A gel manicure includes the same basic manicure process but with the addition of a gel polish cured under UV light twice, then the top coat is applied to cure the nail,” Cardenas says.

What is Brazilian manicure?

Brazilian Manicures are The Messiest Way to Paint Your Nails The surrounding skin around the nails is purposely coated with a clear base coat and then the polish shade of choice, followed by removing the excess polish with an orangewood stick and acetone-soaked cotton ball.

How many types of nails are there?

Worry not, we have all the answers. The main seven types of nail shapes you can opt for are: oval, almond, square, squoval, coffin (also known as ballerina), stiletto (or pointed nails) and that old friend, round.

Are gel or acrylic nails better?

Long gel nails have a good amount of strength and flexibility. Acrylic nails will be very strong and solid but won’t have any flexibility. This can make it difficult to do many tasks that you need your hands for. If you’re looking for nails that won’t peel, acrylic is a good pick.

Is shellac or SNS better?

In our experience, SNS can last up to one week longer than Shellac nails without chipping, and SNS also creates a thicker-looking nail from all that powder getting added on. But we’ve found Shellac to be a little less damaging to our nails long-term than SNS nails.

Is it better to leave nails bare?

“Nails do not need to ‘breathe,” says Dr. Dana Stern, an NYC dermatologist and nail specialist who also has her own line of nail care products and polishes. “This is a myth! Nails receive their nutrients, oxygen, and blood supply from the blood stream and not from the air.

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