11 Best Types Of Pants Every Man Must Have

11 Best Trousers Styles Every Man Must Have

Different pairs and styles from chinos to pleated trousers which you can wear on different occasions and events are the types of pants one should have in their wardrobe. Whether you are heading for your workplace, any official event, or maybe some casual outing with your friends and family, there are varieties of trousers to choose, know which pants are ideal for what occasion or event and what other accessories are perfect for styling up with those pairs of pants. Maybe some great pair of t-shirts, button-down shirts (types of shirts) with a couple of sunglasses will make you look extraordinary from others. These are the suggestions for the types of pants which can be worn on different occasions. Check out dress pants vs chinos.

1. Chinos


If you take a look at your closet and are uncertain of what to go for, choose a pair of chinos. They’re loose, easy to style and look extraordinary with anything. For the days when it’s too hot to even think about wearing heavy pants or trousers, these give a windy and great option without looking excessively easy-going.

2. Cords | Corduroy Pants


To bring back the works of art, sleek pair of cords are ideal. Corduroy got out and about during the ’70s, and still offer a smooth option in contrast to regular pants. The texture is natural to recognize – strands of yarn are bent or woven together. These pants are most appropriate to a colder climate.

3. Drawstring Pants

drawstring trousers

To avoid being uncomfortable throughout the day, choose the drawstring pants or trousers. These are great for comfort and style, whether the material be trousers like or joggers like. Without the commitment, if you want to look put together, this s a great option. If you pair it up with a buttoned shirt or a sweatshirt.

4. Slim-Fit Trousers

slim fit trousers

Get the vibe of a skinny jean yet in a smarter structure with these slim-fit trousers. Whether it’s a suit or separates, they’re a definitive method to flavor up a great outfit. Dark shades, for example, dark, charcoal, or naval, are customary alternatives if you’ve made an appointment for the workplace or a semi-formal occasion.

5. Wool Trousers

wool trousers

In case you’re looking for a simple pair of pants to style with anything, bid farewell to your jeans and say hello to wool trousers. This typical style looks great in all settings, from the workplace to a gathering outside. For a traditional look a la Pitti Uomo, complete this style with savvy dress shoes like Brogues or Oxfords.

6. Relaxed Leg Trousers

relaxed fit pants

For the man who isn’t a fan of the skinny leg trend, try to decide on comfortable leg trousers. Going back to the ’50s, this legwear got out and about through decades and has proved to stand the trial of time. Ensure you don’t make them excessively long or excessively short as the sizes are not perfect.

7. Joggers


Athleisure isn’t only for Insta-bloggers; it’s an amazingly comfortable and snappy option compared to easy-going dressing. Slimline joggers give the ideal crossbreed between tracksuit bottoms and standard work pants, so you’ll be sitting in pure extravagance without feeling like a lazy slob. A T-shirt or a longline sweater is great to pair up with.

8. Cropped Trousers

cropped trousers

If you have a couple of funky socks that you’ve been waiting to flaunt, or you have a feeling that your lower legs don’t get enough air, at that point, cropped trousers are the ideal fit for you. This style is a smart method to zest up a plain outfit and gives a simple cut of style.

9. Cargo Pants

cargo pants

Cargo pants have returned a smoothed out and stylish way. In case you’re avoiding the fisherman aesthetic, settle on a pair that doesn’t have large pockets on the sides, but offer a slimline leg. Head towards neutral shades, such as camel or sand for a great vibe and dark shades for adapting with the wardrobe.

10. High-Waisted Trousers

high waist pants

High in the waist and exceptional in design, there are a couple of ways you can wear high waisted trousers. Roll necks, crewneck shirts, and semi-formal blazers are the ideal method to modernize this vintage cut. Adhere to a plain dark or white T-shirt, dress shoes, and everybody’s eyes on you.

11. Pleated Trousers

pleated pants

Adhering to the classic route among the types of pants, pleated trousers are another flexible and immortal pair of pants to have in your closet. This little detail can change the look you’re wearing and is a vintage must-have for each man. Amp up the aesthetic by matching this style with a Cuban neckline shirt, white T-shirt, or a classic button-down.

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