Types Of Sweaters And How To Wear Sweaters

Types Of Sweaters And How to wear a sweater?

The sweater is the essential piece to stay warm in winter. However, there are different forms of sweaters, how to wear them? With what? We explain everything to you in great detail. Want a lighter piece that warms you up, here are types of cardigans.

The V-neck sweater

The V-neck is a modern neck whose front is symbolized by a V-shaped notch whose depth can vary.

V Neck sweater

V Neck sweater is a sweater shape whose neckline forms the graphic of the letter V. This sweater shape allows you to lengthen and refine the silhouette. You can wear this sweater with a shirt or not according to taste, you will be very elegant.

The round neck sweater

This is a simple collar that follows the circumference of your neck forming a round. This one is maybe more or less wide.


round neck sweater

A round neck sweater is the most common sweater, the one that will be put on the most easily. You can wear it with jeans or pants, it will look great! If you want to add a touch of modernity, you can opt for the leather jacket over it.

The trucker neck sweater

The trucker collar closes with a zipper and folds down slightly on itself. It is perfect for a casual style.

Trucker neck sweater

This is a sweater whose collar goes up and covers the entire height of the neck, and it is characterized by its zipper in the front, in the middle. You can very well wear it with a shirt underneath, in order to look more chic and elegant.

The turtleneck sweater

This is a tube collar that folds up on itself at the neck. Very elegant, it slims the silhouette.

turtle neck sweater

Turtle neck sweater is a great classic of the male wardrobe, it allows you to enhance your silhouette. It can be worn alone or with a jacket to complete your outfit.

The funnel neck sweater

funnel neck sweater

This is a high collar reaching the neck, without necessarily molding it. Like the turtleneck sweater, it can be worn with a jacket.

The cardigan (or the waistcoat)


This is a knitted and non-woven jacket. You can wear the cardigan very well with a T-shirt, or more elegantly with a shirt and a tie; ideal for the office for example.

Jumper with shawl collar:

Rounded and falling low, this collar brings originality and elegance to all your outfits.

Sweater with zipped collar:

This is a collar that has a zipper at the front, this brings a touch of relaxation to the room.

Button-down sweater:

This collar closes with several buttons. Depending on the outfit, it can be casual or more dressy.

Nothing beats the warmth of a good sweater to protect yourself from the cold. However, you have to know how to choose your sweater, so gentlemen, have you made your choice?

How to choose the right sweater:

  • The seams of your sweater should end on your shoulder.
  • Your sweater shouldn’t be too tight, you shouldn’t feel cramped.
  • Finally, the sleeves of your sweater should end at the level of your wrist bone.

The size

The ideal size for a sweater is neither too tight nor too loose, to ensure a flawless look.

You won’t wear your sweater without another piece underneath. Therefore, when shopping, try on sweaters, always carrying something with you, such as a shirt, to get an idea. Choosing a sweater that is too large will be inelegant and the space between the fabric and your body will allow the cold to pass through.

The shoulder seams should fall over the acromion, your shoulder bone. If these protrude or stop before then the sweater is not in your size and will not put you to your advantage. A sweater of the correct length should go just below the waistband and reach roughly the top of your buttocks.

How to wear a sweater over a shirt?

Pairing a shirt with a sweater is a hot topic in men’s fashion. Purists agree that the shirt is far too elegant to pair with a more relaxed piece. However, more modern men will agree that a man can be stylish without necessarily wearing a suit.

Realize that you can’t just pick just any sweater to wear over a shirt. Here are some points to follow to successfully wear a sweater over a shirt  :

  • Choose a V-neck sweater: the opening at the front will show your shirt, and incidentally your tie

  • Watch the depth of the collar: it must show two buttons on the shirt.

  • Unbutton the shirt: If you want to unbutton your shirt for a more casual look, be careful not to go lower than the opening of your sweater.

  • If you want to have a dressy look, be careful that the shirt does not protrude from your sweater at the waist.

Tips To Style Sweater

  • You can perfectly wear a shirt under a cardigan
  • If you want to add a tie, make sure that the patterns and color of it are not transparent under the sweater
  • Only the collar of your shirt is visible, be sure to take care of it. The same goes for the tie knot if you wear one
  • Try your sweater over another piece of clothing to get a better idea of ​​which size to choose

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