Valentines Day Nails – 25 Nail Art Ideas With Pictures

Valentines Day Nails

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Valentines Day is around the corner, which means new nail art designs to celebrate. We’ve got a ton of valentines day nail designs for you, including some with hearts, some with flowers, and many more! We have it all from cute little hearts to creative nail art ideas. Here is a curation of valentines day nails with reference pictures. Let’s dive in!

Simple Valentines Day Nails

Are you ready to look adorable for your Valentine this year? They’re sweet and straightforward and make a great addition to any outfit. Pick a red dress and one of these nail arts, and you are good to go.

1. Red French Tip Nails

Red French Tip Nails are a fun and flirty way to show your love. The red shade is always appropriate, but you can jazz it up with a few little white hearts.

Red French Tip Nails

2. XO XO Valentine’s Day Nails

Valentine’s Day is coming up—and if you’re going out with your besties or your boo, you want to look your best. And what better way to do that than with some XOXO Valentine’s Day Nails?

XO XO Valentine's Day Nails 

3. Minimal Nude Nails With Single Heart

It’s valentine’s day, and you’re looking to paint your nails a beautiful nude. Minimal Nude Nails With Single Heart is a perfect marriage of class and elegance with a subtle hint of romance.

Minimal Nude Nails With Single Heart 

4. Black Heart Nails With Polka Dots

Black Heart Nails With Polka Dots is a classic. Just like your favorite lipstick, they never go out of style—but unlike your lipstick, they’ll last you for a long time!

Black Heart Nails With Polka Dots

5. Simple Red Abstract Nails

Looking for a way to make your nails stand out this Valentine’s Day? These Simple Red Abstract Nails will get you all the likes you want, and they’ll be a cute and affordable addition to your Valentine’s date.

Simple Red Abstract Nails 

Classy Valentines Day Nails

No matter what you’re doing for Valentine’s Day, you need Classy Valentines Day Nails! When February 14th rolls around, you want to be looking your very best.

6. Heart And Beat Valentines’s Day Nails

What’s better than beating your heart for your sweetheart on this valentine’s day? Heart And Beat Valentines’s Day Nails is the perfect way to celebrate your love for that special someone.

Heart And Beat Valentines's Day Nails

7. Pink And Red Valentines’ Day Nails

Here’s a quick and easy nail tutorial to help you celebrate this joyous day! Polish your French tips with pink and red on alternate nails. Wait for it to dry, then paint a heart over it with red to achieve this look.

Pink And Red Valentines' Day Nails 

8. Red And Rose Gold Nails

We guarantee your date will be so impressed with how pretty your nails look that they’ll get distracted from all other things, and if you love glitter, you probably love the fact that rose gold is everywhere right now.

Red And Rose Gold Nails 

9. Gradient White And Gold Nails

We’ve got a super cute nail art idea for you. It’s classic, pretty, and perfect for anyone who loves to use rose gold glitter. Well, it’s kind of hard to get it in your nails—at least if you want to avoid looking like a toddler’s craft project

Gradient White And Gold Nails 

10. Maroon And Silver Nails For Valentine’s Day

Ooooooooh. Are you doing something special for Valentine’s Day? And we something special to add up! If you want red-hot nails to match your red-hot date, then you’ll want to check out these Maroon And Silver Nails.

Maroon And Silver Nails For Valentine's Day 

Valentines Day Nails Coffin

Nail art is having a moment! And we’re not talking about the kind of nail art that takes place in a salon, with a nail artist who has been educated in practice. Here are some fantastic valentines day nails coffin designs with simple procedures.

11. Red Glitter Nails With Heart Motifs

It’s Valentine’s Day, and we have come to show you a way to get ready for the big day. If you love hearts, or if you just like shiny things, or if you’re looking for a fun way to use words on nails, check out these Red Glitter Nails With Heart Motifs.

Red Glitter Nails With Heart Motifs

12. Red Matte Coffin Nails

Ready to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit but dreading all the red and pink? We are sure these Red Matte Coffin Nails will make you feel like a real lover this February.

Red Matte Coffin Nails 

13. Nude Coffin Nails With Hearts

Nude nail polish, in general, gives your fingernails a soft, natural look, so it’s perfect for a night out with your partner. Add some glittery hearts all over the nails for a cute touch to your valentine’s day.

Nude Coffin Nails With Hearts

14. White And Pink Coffin Nails

Bring that feeling of love and romance this Valentine’s Day with White And Pink Coffin Nails. The white coffin nail is the perfect take on a classic look, and the pink nail can make a memorable impression!

White And Pink Coffin Nails 

15. Red And Black Coffin Nails

Eyes full of love and hope? No, you’re not. Not unless you’ve got a fresh set of Red And Black Coffin Nails on your fingertips. We’re pretty sure you’ll LOVE the color combo and the embossed heart design of the polish.

Red And Black Coffin Nails

Valentines Day Nails Pink

It’s time to paint your nails! There are so many fun ways you can do it. A classic red is always a safe go-to, but why not try something new this year? Here is something for the pink lovers! This curation of valentines day nails pink designs is all yours to check out and pick the perfect one!

16. Pink And Grey Valentine’s Day Nails

You can’t go wrong with a classic combination of pink and grey. This Valentine’s Day, we’re showing you how to make a statement with these pink and grey valentine’s day nails! Well, these nails are worth at least ten thousand words, right?

Pink And Grey Valentine's Day Nails 

17. Valentine’s Day Nails With Hearts And Smilies

And we know you want to be in the valentines day spirit, but there’s just one problem: You’re not crafty. Or artistic. And you don’t have a ton of time to spare. These valentine’s day nails with hearts and smilies work the best!

Valentine's Day Nails With Hearts And Smilies

18. Pink And Gold Nails For Valentine’s Day

Have you finished your Valentine’s Day nails? Is there something missing? What about that special touch of some blingy stuff? Try these pink and gold nails for valentine’s day, along with gold jewelry!

Pink And Gold Nails For valentine's Day

19. Hot Pink Glitter Nails

Do you know what’s hot? Hot Pink Glitter Nails. Hot Pink Glitter Nails are so hot that they’re literally on fire, and you should get them for valentine’s day… or just for fun.

Hot Pink Glitter Nails 

20. Pink Marble Nails For Valentine’s Day

Oh, Valentine’s Day. The day is either a time of love and adoration or staying home and ordering Chinese food. Well, in either case, you can try these ink marble nails with letters on them!

Pink Marble Nails For Valentine's Day

Valentines Day Nails Short

21. Cute Short Nails With Colorful Hearts

Cute Short Nails With Colorful Hearts

22. Light Pink Short Nails With Hearts

Light Pink Short Nails With Hearts

23. Pink And Maroon Glitter Nails With Heart Balloons

The best part about this Valentine’s Day is the pink and maroon glitter nails with heart balloons to match. They’re so fun and easy to do, and they’ll make your nails look pretty and cute!

Pink And Maroon Glitter Nails With Heart Balloons 

24. Blue And Pink Matte Nails With Words

If you want to go cute, try blue and pink matte nails with words on them. It’s subtle, but it shows your personality in the best way possible. These Valentine Day’s nails are perfect for the laidback romantic in all of us!

Blue And Pink Matte Nails With Words

25. Transparent Nails With Mini Hearts

Want to be able to show off your sweet new nails on the valentines, but don’t want to go through the hassle of painting them up only to take them off in a couple of days? Try these transparent nails with mini hearts!

Transparent Nails With Mini Hearts 

How do you do Valentine’s Day nails?

How do you make a small heart on your nails?

What should I do for my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day?

Make sure that you make arrangements and reservations well in advance as places book up fast during the week of Valentine’s Day.

  • Plan an outdoor adventure.
  • Take him out of town.
  • Take him on a shopping spree.
  • Wine or beer tasting tour.
  • Take him to a show or game.
  • Drive-in movie date.
  • Indulge his adrenaline junkie side.

What is the color for Valentine’s Day?

red Have you ever thought why red, pink, and white are the colors for Valentine’s day? Red means love, symbolic of the heart, and the red rose was the favorite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love. The combination of red and white makes pink.

What are ombre nails?

Ombré nails (just like ombré hair) are a type of manicure created by a color gradient. A light color on the top of the nail gradually blends into a darker color toward the tip.

Why fingernails are white?

Random white spots that appear on the nails are generally harmless and caused by an injury, such as striking the fingertip or repeated trauma to the nails from frequent manicures. Other potential causes include zinc, calcium, fungal infections, or allergic reactions.

What does a girl get a boy for Valentine’s Day?

Get him another kind of subscription, like one for books or Hulu. For a few other harmless gift ideas, try a fantastic bottle of his favorite booze, a carrying case for said booze, a box full of charcuterie goods, a pair of sneaks, or a simple card.

What should a girl give a guy for Valentine’s Day?

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boyfriends

  • A Box of Date Night Cards.
  • Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger.
  • You’re My Favorite Asshole Keychain for my Boyfriend.
  • Messages in a Bottle.
  • Custom Love Letter Cufflinks.
  • Wrangler Cozy Fleece Shirt.
  • Explosion Gift Box.
  • Cat Playing Guitar Shirt.

How do I spoil my man?

50 Ways to Spoil Your Man Rub His Feet. Tickets to Ballgame or Event. Cook His Favorite Meal. Make His Favorite Drink. Make Homemade Bread. Let Him Grill. Give Him a Day to Himself—King for the Day.

What is the true color of love?

Red has been the color of passion, romance, and sexual energy throughout history.

Is it OK to wear black on Valentine’s Day?

With a healthy dose of hearts, naturally. Valentine’s Day is a lot like New Year’s Eve—there’s pressure to find something to do and someone special to do it with. Try accessories with a heart motif. And for those who may want to skip the usual pink and red hues, it’s okay to wear black (or any color you wish).

Is purple a Valentine’s color?

The tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day has many legends. The following colors can still be meaningful Valentine gifts: Purple, lavender-This color is an announcement that the giver has fallen in love with the recipient at first sight. It also symbolizes enchantment and originality.

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