Try These Trendy Velvet Nail Designs This Holidays

Try These Trendy Velvet Nail Designs This Holidays

The luxurious way of fashion has been started with velvet. From dresses to leggings to couches, curtains to bedsheets, velvet textiles are on the top peak. Now velvet is ready to make its way on the beauty scene with nails that give the fuzzy finish. The new trend of velvet nails is done through manicures and is characterized by shimmering, semi-metallic polishes that provide the exact look of velvet. Flocking powder or magnetic polishes gives a better eye on french manicures or abstract designs. Choose the best velvet nail designs from here.

How to do velvet nails

Velvet nails are the new way to create a romantic and straightforward look with nails. Whatever color you choose to design your nails in velvet but try to give the appearance of a velvety sheen look. Today, everyone books an appointment in the salon to give their nails a velvet look as no one knows how to do this at home. After reading this article, the how to do velvet nails question may be solved. Take any nail polish color, as here I am taking pink, and start with me.

Supplies required for velvet nails

  • Light pink magnetic gel nail polish
  • Darker pink magnetic gel nail polish
  • Gel base coat
  • Alcohol nail cleanser
  • No-wipe topcoat (This will prevent from having to cleanse the nail.)
  • LED light (Le Mini Macaron is a fantastic little portable light that non-professionals may use at home.)\

All you‘ll need is magnetic gel nail polish and a magnet

Instructions To Do Velvet Nails

Step 1: Begin by applying one application of gel base coat to clean, prepped nails.

When applying a base coat, make sure your nails are buffed, clean, and dry. To ensure no excess oil on the nail beds, clean the nail with alcohol.

Step 2: Cure your pink and ring fingernails in LED light after applying a thin, light pink magnetic gel paint coat.

Heal for at least 30 seconds, based on the LED light. Depending on the voltage, each morning may seem different. To find out how long it takes to cure, look at the instructions on your light.

Step 3: Cure in LED light after applying a thin coat of somewhat darker pink magnetic gel polish on your middle finger, index finger, and thumb.

Cleaning up any polish on your skin before curing is good.

Step 4: Paint all of your nails with an extra coat of paint. Place the magnetic bar on the bottom corner before curing, then continue on the opposite top corner—rep on all of your nails. Cure in LED light once you’ve achieved the desired look.

Apply fragile layers of gel to keep the gel from being overly thick. If you don’t utilize the magnetic bar before curing, it won’t function.

Step 5: Use an LED light to cure the gel topcoat on your nails.

If you’re using a no-wipe topcoat, give your nail a little tap after curing. Cure the nail for a more extended period if it is still sticky.

Galaxy Velvet Nails Design

Red Velvet Nails

Create the extraordinary theme of red velvet nails. Lock your home, go to the salon, and try these red velvet nail designs on your beautiful nails. Some trendy velvet nails are ready to make a velvety statement.

Velvet on Tips

You are all set to give a try your nails a velvet look. You can paint your nail in a velvet look from the salon or try it at your home with velvet materials. This velvet look on your tip also seems so catchy. Try to add the diamonds on the thumb and middle finger with nail glue.

Long coffin velvet nails

Most of the ladies don’t know about long velvet chrome nails. Try this look of long velvet coffin nails and give your nails a beautiful vibe. It is nearly not so easy to try at home, so share your nail look from the salon.

Matte Velvet

There is the least number of ladies who have tried the matte velvet nail paint. It will create a glossy and shinier look on your nails. Try it once and then again and again. This red velvet nails design will last forever.

Green Velvet nails

The love for green is beyond the thinking. The natural color that brings the ladies mad over it. Try the green color in the new way of green velvet nails and give your nails a genuine vibe.

Light green velvet effect

The light green velvet nail art will give your nails a brighter look. This summer, create the velvet effect and trip to a beach.

Dark green velvet

If you love dark and straightforward colors, go with this velvet effect. This dark green velvet effect on your nails is the most hydrating one.

Long velvet nails

You are now ready for the party, so why go with old neon nail paints. Try something catchy on your nails, just like these velvet nail designs. You will indeed find the rockstar of your party.

Black Velvet Nails

Why are you still using old black nail paints when you have an option for black velvet nails this season? Try some of them from here and take a quick idea.

Velvet on almond nails

Your lovely almond nails are ready for a velvet look. You can opt for this design from the salon or at your home. Only you have to fix the black velvet material with nail glue on your nails in the shape of an almond.

Black shiny velvet

The shiny black velvet looks on your long chrome nails is such creativity. This nail will go with your black dress for a bachelor’s or birthday party.

Matte black velvet

The most uncomplicated ever velvet design you can try at your home with matte black velvet nail paint.

Velvet top coat nails

Your nails need a velvet topcoat as you cannot do it by yourself. Here you can observe which will suit you best to your nails.

Pink velvet topcoat

Go with glossy flossy light pink topcoat velvet nails that will bring compliments to you.

Black velvet topcoat

Try something new and choose black velvet topcoat for your nails. Who will go with the old ones when they have the option?

Ombre topcoat

Your flawless nails are the die-hard fan of ombre effects. Go above your price and try this ombre velvet topcoat for your beautiful short nails.

Velvet chrome nails

Chrome nails will never go off the trend, whether it is with rhinestone or it will become velvet chrome nails. Take the best idea of velvet chrome nails from here and design your nails like that.

Red velvet chrome nails

These velvet chrome nails are so ideal for Christmas and valentines day. Don’t go season. Try it once.

Colorful velvet chrome nails

Make your hands loveliest than ever try velvet chrome nails. Your nails will indeed become the talk of the town with colorful velvet chrome nails. Choose your favorite color.

Short velvet chrome nails

The cutest ones will never be off-trend, like short velvet chrome nails. Try this trendy nail design with your friends.

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