Vintage Aesthetic Outfit Ideas – How Do You Dress Vintage

Vintage Aesthetic Outfit Ideas

Wearing a perfect outfit enhances the overall beauty of your body. Although fashion updates every year, as a great person has said, ” Old is gold. ” It’s the same with your outfits too. The old company may be extinct for some time, but they will gain the craze in the future. It’s not just to say we are also seeing this today. The old way of styling clothes just like vintage aesthetic outfits is again gaining the same trend as before. They are way too popular nowadays, even more than they were in their time. These styles were slightly modified in demand to the modern outfits than that of old times to make them more beautiful.

Vintage aesthetic outfits for girls

No matter the occasion, every girl wants to look perfect every day, and she wants to follow the trend by having an eye-catching outfit.  Following are a few of the vintage aesthetic outfits for girls.

Y2K Aesthetic outfits

This trend was popular in the 1900s  and has again gained popularity among girls. It generally includes baby tees which nowadays are called crop tops. You can also pick up some shiny material. You can pair your t-shirt with loose-fitted jeans and pleated skirts. It is a versatile outfit you can wear as your casuals, for a date, the market, and more places. Complete your look with a baguette bag.

Soft girl vintage aesthetic outfits

As the name itself denotes, it includes some soft pastel colors to make your outfit. This trend has similarities with kawaii aesthetics in Japan, and they are way more cute outfits. Pair your pastel tee having some pretty patterns over it with your wide-leg jeans and sneakers.

Cottagecore aesthetic outfits

The vibes of these dresses are perfect for summer, as beautiful as flowers. It was a recreation of a European outfit. It generally includes dresses of soft colors, flower patterns, laces, and more beautiful things.

Vintage aesthetic outfits for guys

Men are super conscious about the outfits they will wear, and they want to be updated with the trends. These days trends of vintage aesthetics have also influenced them. So, here are a few of the vintage aesthetic outfits for guys

Casual basic shirt and pant

Casuals are the must-have of every wardrobe. Take wide-leg high-rise pants. Pair this up with a retro-style shirt or a sports shirt, a pair of shoes. Shirts with wide collars and a chest pocket make it more vintage.

The vintage t-shirt

The trend of t-shirts came into existence in the 1940s before they were underwear only. For creating a vintage aesthetic outfit, you can take a striped t-shirt and pair it up with wide-leg high-rise jeans a belt. You can also wear a cap and tug the t-shirt inside your pants.

The Hawaiian shirt

This Hawaiian shirt creates a casual vintage look. They have printed shirts in tropical themes, and they are worn untucked and paired with wide-leg pants.

Vintage indie aesthetic outfits

These outfits are for people who less enjoy going mainstream. This word generally confers individuality and independence, and they are a bit costly outfits. Here are a few of the vintage indie aesthetic outfits you can try

Band t-shirts

They create a very classy look. They are so comfortable that you can wear them every season, every day. Pair it with wide-leg jeans. Tuck in your t-shirt, and you can wear an oversized coat and jacket over it in the winter season.

Leather jacket

Leather jackets are like an evergreen outfit and are very versatile, and it completely goes with your every outfit. You can wear a band tee or a striped tee inside it, and pair it up with your jeans.

Oversized hoodie or sweatshirt

Nothing is more comfortable in winters than an oversized hoodie or an oversized sweatshirt. This is a very casual outfit you can wear even at your home, and pair it up with jeans and a pair of sneakers.

Korean vintage aesthetic outfits male

In today’s era, everyone around you is a BTS fan. The Korean outfits are copied blindly with a lot of craze among the youth. The traditional Korean firms are otherwise called hanbok, and they have a diversity of Fashion industry which make them so famous worldwide. Given below are a few Korean vintage aesthetic outfits for males.

Iconic trench coat

It’s the simplest yet most magnificent outfit for a man, and it adds stars to your overall outfit. Trench coats are trendy, and they remain popular every year; they can be worn on every occasion to enhance your charm.

Man polo long sleeves

They are perfect Korean outfits to wear on formal occasions. You can pair your long sleeves with a short polo with slacks, baggy jeans, or shorts. To make your outfits look more aesthetic, unbutton your first button.

Matching coats and pants

They are a perfect outfit for your job interview or any formal occasion. Pair these matching coats and pants with a standard white shirt on the inside and a pair of leather shoes.

Retro vintage aesthetic outfits

Clothing styles of the last one or two decades are referred to as retro styles, and they seem to be very classy. The 1980s and 1990s looks are recreated keeping in mind the modern fashion demands. Here are a few of the retro vintage aesthetic outfits for males which you could try

Casual retro vintage aesthetic outfits

The most casual retro vintage aesthetic outfit includes an oversized tee. Pair it up with a bomber jacket, leather jackets, sweaters, and a pair of white sneakers or any casual shoes.

Hip hop retro casual vintage aesthetic outfits

Music stars and rappers inspire this retro look. It includes wearing baggy t-shirts or sweatshirts. Pair it up with sneakers and accessories like an athletic cap and chunky gold chains

Summer retro casual vintage aesthetic outfits

Summers are the season to show off your looks and catch everyone’s eye. Wear a bright-colored short-sleeved shirt or t-shirt, and pair it up with shorts.

Cute vintage aesthetic outfits

Although everybody wants to look beautiful, some people want to look cute and grab the attention of every person. Let’s get into some cute vintage aesthetic outfits for males.

Collared shirt & jumper combo

Wear a white shirt buttoned up to the neck. Over it, wear a sweatshirt of the crew neck. Pair it up with khaki-colored pants.

Cardigan sweaters

Cardigans are trendy these days. Wear this over your t-shirt, pair it with your favorite jeans.

Sweater vest outfits

Sweater vests are very trendy these days. Wear a sweater vest over your half-sleeved t-shirt or shirt, and pair it up with wide-leg jeans and casual shoes.

Vintage 80s aesthetic outfits

80s outfits are filled with bold designs and bright colors. It was an exciting time to showcase your style. Here are a few vintage 80s aesthetic outfits.

Acid washed denim

These are among the most trendy fashions these days. You can create this look also at your home by bleaching your clothes, giving them an acid-washed look.

Retro track jackets

Color-blocked jackets with various bright colors make your 80s look more magnificent. Pair your jacket with jeans and a pair of shoes.

Puff bow dresses

These puff-sleeved dresses have gained so much popularity these days. Wear off-shoulder puff-sleeved clothing with a bow in the chest portion. You can wear the same outfit even today without any recreation, and it will look simply fabulous.

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