What are the 3 fundamental male body types and more

Male Body Types – What are the 3 fundamental male body types?

Body types, also known as somatotypes, are inherent features based on your skeletal frame and body mass. You can accomplish your fitness objectives by comprehending which male body types you belong to.

You might be having trouble putting on weight while your colleague is having trouble losing it. If you explore a little further, you might have thinner wrists, longer collarbones, or a thinner ribcage. People are diverse in terms of physical appearance and size.

male body types

A psychologist named William Herbert Sheldon classified male body types into three physical kinds in the 1940s. He stated that Ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph are the three fundamental body types.


A tall, thin build is indicative of this type. Ectomorphs have a slender body type and a slender frame. Some people have difficulty putting on weight due to their fast metabolic activities. They have to consume additional calories than the ordinary individual to acquire body weight.

Ectomorphs may frequently feel hungry during the day because of their fast metabolic rates. Still, they don’t accumulate weight or muscle easily, irrespective of how often, or how much they eat.
Even if an ectomorph gains weight, they may seem slimmer than they are, specifically in the calves and forearms.


This body type has a better chance of gaining weight than ectomorphs and has more difficulty losing weight than endomorphs. With a medium-sized frame, they have a robust and naturally athletic physique. In other phrases, a mesomorph has a natural inclination to be fit and toned.


The endomorph body type is a rounder physique with a larger waist, thicker bones, and a broad framework. This body type is prone to putting on weight quickly, and without activity, the weight accumulated is much fatter than muscle.

Ecto-endomorphs have soft midsections, droopy torsos, and sagging upper arms and legs due to their long limbs and thin bone structure.

Derived from 3 fundamental male body types

As we mentioned before, there’s a lot of ambiguity regarding labeling people into the three-body kinds. And with a legitimate reason. These three types are not ultimate. Usually, men have a combination of these types.


These blends are becoming more prominent, particularly in the world of sports, where this body is praised for its appeal. Ecto-mesomorphs are slender and swift, with strong-looking (but again not obese) limbs. They are strong with V-shaped upper bodies.


This physique type is widespread among bodybuilders and contacts sportspeople (such as football players). This type has muscular arms and legs and a boxy chest and mid-section, and it looks robust but isn’t perfectly sculpted.

The triangle, the inverted triangle, the rectangle, the trapezoid, and the oval have all been used to categorize men’s body shapes in the past.

Oval Shape

The oval is one of the most popular male body types, with slender shoulders and chest and a wider waistline and narrow hips. It’s much more likely in guys who have a fuller physique and carry added weight in their top torso.
Oval males put on weight through their abdominal region first, and as they gain weight, they tend to become cylindrical.

This body type has large upper arms, a rounded abdomen, slimmer legs compared to the upper portion, dropped shoulders and hipbones, a shortened neck, and a bigger face.

Classic illustrations of this body type include James Corden, Kevin James, and Elton John.

Inverted Triangle Shape

This body type is more widespread among males who are athletic or who spend a lot of time at the fitness center. Famous Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, sprinter Usain Bolt, and soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo have similar physiques.

The top half of the body is broader than the bottom half; the shoulders are robust and well-shaped athletic legs and arms. Narrow hips and waistline, as well as well-developed chest muscles, define this body type.

Trapezoid Shape

The male Inverted Tringle Body Shape is a somewhat exaggerated trapezoid form. This shape is highlighted by broad shoulders and a broad chest, with a slightly thinner waistline. The trapezoid body type is thought to be among the most physically attractive.

Because it is so well-proportioned, models and mannequins commonly have this shape. There’s no need to accentuate or cover any area of your body, which means you may dress whatever you want and still look nice. The trapezoid body shape is typically the industry benchmark for off-the-rack clothes.

Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler, and Daniel Craig are just a few examples of males who sport this physique.

Triangle Shape

Most guys, especially as they get older, are usually thicker around the waistline and hips than the upper portion of their bodies. This culminates in a natural triangle shape with the waistline as the base and the face as the apex. The midsection of a triangle is wider than that of other male body types.

Because the arm area is substantially narrower, use caution when choosing dark colors and try to showcase your upper half while narrowing down your bottom portion. When a triangular-shaped male puts on weight, it is spread equally across his abdomen, chest, and face, which might make him look out of proportion to the remainder of his body.

A drooping shoulder line is also probable on this type.

Rectangular Shape

The waist and hips of rectangles are usually precisely proportional. This body type is frequently uncomplicated to dress and experiment with patterns and textures.

The shoulders of men with a Rectangle body type have the same breadth as their waistline and hips. When you have a rectangular body form, your objective should be to widen the shoulders while narrowing the lower torso.
Ewan McGregor, Hugh Grant, Ashton Kutcher, and Jim Carrey are a few celebrities who share the rectangle body type.

It’s a good idea to know your body type since recognizing your body type and its strengths and limitations can help you effectively organize your life and the numerous challenges that many of us confront.
It also aids in the understanding of how to style your attire and express yourself.

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