What Is A Healthy Diet-Eat What’s Good For Your Body

Importance Of Healthy Diet:

What Is A Healthy Diet? What to eat-What not to eat.

Eat what’s good for your body – Sadhguru

What Is A Healthy Diet (Eat What's Good For Your Body)

Does the food what we eat really make a difference in our lives?

Yes, the food we eat can affect our way of living. After All, the food is what we are taking in to survive. But survival is not the only motto of our lives, we’re here to live happily with ease.

On a particular day, if you feel so light and you’re with ease of life, the food you ate on that day must have had a major contribution. There can be various reasons for you being happy or blissful or sad or of any emotion, but food has its part in it.

Which Diet Is Right For Me?

To know what to eat or what suits you best you don’t need a healthy diet quiz online.

You must check for one thing: whether the food you’ve taken is easily digestible for your body.

Why Is It Important To Eat Healthy: The Digestive System

Sadhguru says it is not about being vegetarian or non-vegetarian, but it is what food is suitable for the human digestive system to make digestion easy so that human beings can go through life effortlessly.

The digestive system is very important in our body, which produces the necessary energy for the body through the process of digestion.

If the digestive system creates a bad environment in the process of digestion with the food you’ve had, your body gets into trouble, so as the mind and the day will be ruined.

For example, we all know constipation is a condition of the digestive system which ruins our day. This occurs when the food moves slower through your digestive tract, the colon will absorb more water from food. Consequently, the faeces become dry and hard making it difficult to defecate. The slow movement of food depends on the type of food we eat. That’s why choosing what to eat is very important.

And if the digestive system creates a good environment in the process of digestion, your body will be at ease, so as the mind and the day, everything will be great. This is because, when you’re good within anything that comes in your way also turns pleasant with your action.

Here is the most logical explanation from Sadhguru

Take Away:

So, check for the food which suits you and make consuming food ease life but not an obstacle.

Happy EATING… and take good care of your digestive system…

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