What is a metal tail comb used for?

A pointed end comb ideal for lifting, parting and styling hair, especially for braids.

What are pin tail combs used for?

It is primarily used for sectioning, parting, and styling the hair. Hair stylists also use it for teasing and backcombing, and it is most commonly used for coloring and chemical treatments. The main portion of this hairstyling tool is a very fine-toothed comb with little space between the teeth.

What is the purpose of tail comb?

The tail of the comb is used for separating, straightening, and sectioning the hair for different styling processes.

What are the different types of combs and their uses?

8 Different Types of Combs and Hairbrushes

  • Type #1: All-Purpose Comb. The all-purpose combs are ideal for all genders, children, women, and men.
  • Type #2: Fine-Tooth Comb.
  • Type #3: Cushion Brush.
  • Type #4: Detangling Brush.
  • Type #5: Bristle Brush.
  • Type #6: Pick Comb.
  • Type #7: Barber Comb.
  • Type #8: Pintail Comb.


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