What Lipstick Goes With Blue Eyeshadow

Getting to match your lipstick with your eyeshadow is no less than a job. An aesthete knows the struggle behind it. Unlike other eyeshadow colors, it is difficult to find matching lipstick for some specific shades like blue. Today, we will tell you what lipstick goes well with blue eyeshadow.

blue eyeshadow

What Lipstick Goes Best With Blue Eyeshadow?

It is a difficult task to find matching lipstick with blue eyeshadow. Let us help you with it. Below are lipstick colors that go well with blue eyeshadow. Let us dive straight into them.


Nude lipstick with blue eyeshadow will make your look classic and elegant. Nude is a lip color that nearly goes with all other shades.

blue eyeshadow and nude lips


Red lipstick never goes out of trend. Do you know what goes well with red lipstick? That’s right! Blue eyeshadow. This combination goes loud and works well with parties.

blue eyeshadow and red lips

Baby pink

Go cute with your baby pink gloss or lipstick. A combination of baby pink lipstick and blue eyeshadow can be your effortless go-to makeup look.

blue eyeshadow and baby pink lips


If you want to get a bold look, maroon is the perfect lipstick shade with blue eyeshadow. You can choose amongst different shades of maroon according to your makeup look.

blue eyeshadow and Maroon lips


Different shades of brown lipstick will bring different looks to your makeup. Blue eyeshadow goes well with brown lipstick and gives your makeup a bold look.

blue eyeshadow and Brown lips

Shiny gloss

It is not necessary to apply lipstick. You can use a shiny gloss that gives your makeup a natural and decent look. This combination is perfect for a fancy breakfast or brunch.

blue eyeshadow and Shiny gloss

What Not to Wear With Blue Eyeshadow?

You must avoid wearing dark makeup with your blue eyeshadow. You can keep other makeup like lipstick and blush light. Using very bold or too much makeup along with blue eyeshadow will give it that extra look that you don’t always want. You can match your blue eyeshadow with blue or black eyeliner along with mascara.

Is it Necessary to Match your Eyeshadow with Lipstick?

It is not a compulsion to match lipstick with your eyeshadow. However, having matching shades will make your makeup look better. Matching does not necessarily mean the same color. It could also mean colors that go well with each other. Such as blue eyeshadow with baby pink gloss, brown eyeshadow with nude lipstick, yellow eyeshadow with peach/red lipstick, etc.

When Should You Wear Blue Eyeshadow?

Your blue eyeshadow is not limited to parties or brunches. Blue eyeshadow can be cute, classic, and royal depending on the way you want it to be. You can wear blue eyeshadow to every occasion you like. Flaunt your blue eyeshadow with different shades and combinations. Go blue!

To conclude, various lipstick shades go well with blue eyeshadow. You can try lipstick shades such as peach, red, maroon, baby pink, and brown to match your blue eyeshadow.

The matching does not stop here. You can try other colors as per your wish. Let us know about your most preferable lipstick color with blue eyeshadow.

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