What To Do With Leftover Yarn

What To Do With Leftover Yarn

You have finished your work, and you have one left, see several balls of yarn. You’re not sure what to do with it, so here are some solutions:

1. Exchange them

Many shops accept exchanging your intact balls. It can be useful to inquire during the purchase on the conditions.

2. Do a laundry test

If you use this yarn for the first time knit this quality wool, you are not sure how it will react to the laundry. Knit a square, measure and write down its dimensions, wash it and compare the new measurements. A tip to follow especially for your precious wools: Mohair, Alpaca, Silk, etc.

3. Hats and scarves

You don’t need a lot of wool for this kind of work, and if you have several colors of the same quality left, why not mix them for a very “fun” result. To you, the mittens, the hats, the scarves, snoods, or even coats for small dogs.

4. Jacquards

Working with an inlaid design (jacquard) sometimes requires purchasing a ball just for a small pattern.
Look in your leftovers if you don’t have the right color.

5. Try a new stitch

A model tempts you, but you doubt that you will succeed in this point which seems complicated to you. Practice with one of your leftovers before buying the necessary yarn.

6. Participate in the dictation of points

You’ll have a voice that dictates you the stitches one by one, and you discover the stitch as you go (the result is a real knitting stitch and not a random “trick”). Another way to learn knitting stitches.

7. Make the assembly seams of your works

Some fancy yarns give a superb knitting result but do not allow the seam of the finished item. A remnant of classic yarn in a similar color will do.

8. Give them away

Do you really have a lot of leftovers, and you don’t know where to put them? Give them to a DIY friend, an association that makes blankets for the poor, a youth movement, etc.

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