What’s is the synonym to spray?

synonyms: atomiser, atomizer, nebuliser, nebulizer, sprayer. types: airbrush. an atomizer to spray paint by means of compressed air.

What is the meaning of flower spray?

A spray of flowers or leaves is a number of flowers or leaves on one stem or branch. a small spray of freesias. [ + of] Synonyms: sprig, buttonhole, floral arrangement, branch More Synonyms of spray.

What is the use of a spray?

The two main uses of sprays are to distribute material over a cross-section and to generate liquid surface area. There are thousands of applications in which sprays allow material to be used most efficiently.

What is the adjective of spray?

spraylike. Resembling or characteristic of a spray

What is the synonym of spraying?

Synonyms Near Synonyms for spray. spit,spritz

What is the name for spray water?

spritzdrizzlewater vapourUKnebulaeffluviumgashazinesspea-souperexhaustpollution53 more rows

What is called spray?

Definition of spray noun. water or other liquid broken up into minute droplets and blown, ejected into, or falling through the air. a jet of fine particles of liquid, as medicine, insecticide, paint, perfume, etc., discharged from an atomizer or other device for direct application to a surface.

What is floral spray used for?

This protective clear coating effectively reduces water loss on floral arrangements and products that have limited or no access to water (e.g. corsages, boutonnieres, headpieces and hand-tied bouquets). Cut flower foliage, and, to a lesser extent, flower petals and stems, contain microscopic pores called stomata.

What’s the meaning of spray roses?

What is spray rose? A spray rose is smaller and miniature version of common rose. Spray roses arent used to make fresh flower bouquets as these are smaller and have short stems. For making table-top centerpieces, corsages and small floral arrangements, spray rose is the go-to option.

What do florists spray on flowers?

The most common antibacterial products used for fresh flowers are bleach and spirits, such as vodka or gin.

How long do spray flowers last?

Standard Arrangements Arrangements can easily be transported to a church or place of ceremony and will last for several days, as opposed to a wreath or wall-spray which wont survive more than a day or two.

What is sprays in pharmacy?

Pharmaceutical sprays are medicines that are administered orally or nasally through respiration. In sprays, a liquid or solid formulation is converted into a dynamic mixture dispersed in gas through atomization.

What is spray water?

Definitions of spray. water in small drops in the atmosphere; blown from waves or thrown up by a waterfall. types: sea spray. spray from ocean waves. spindrift, spoondrift.

How many types of spray are there?

There are three types of Knapsack sprayers i.e battery, manual and battery plus manual sprayer. Portable power sprayers are operated by electric and petrol engine with the help of hose pipe.

What is spray method?

In spraying, the chemicals to be applied are dissolved or suspended in water or, less commonly, in an oil-based carrier. The mixture is then applied as a fine mist to plants, animals, soils, or products to be treated.

What is adjective evening spray?

Evening : soft and mild. Spray : flowery.

Is spray a noun or adjective?

spray used as a noun: A fine, gentle, disperse mist of liquid. The sailor could feel the spray from the waves. A small branch of flowers or berries. The bridesmaid carried a spray of lily-of-the-valley.

What is the adjective of sea?

Calm: (adjective) of the sea, not disturbed by large waves. Primordial: (adjective) existing at or from the beginning of time; primeval. Distant: (adjective) far away in space or time. Stormy: (adjective) having large waves or dark clouds because of windy or rainy conditions.

What is the adjective of evening?

adjective. of or relating to evening: The evening sky shone with stars. occurring or seen in the evening: the evening mist.

What is the antonym of sprayed?

synonyms: atomiser, atomizer, nebuliser, nebulizer, sprayer. types: airbrush. an atomizer to spray paint by means of compressed air.

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