Top Winter Wardrobe Essentials 2023

Top Winter Wardrobe Essentials for the Year 2020

With the month of December commencing from the next week, 2020 is finally coming to an end. This also means that Winters are finally here! The very thought of spending a cozy day inside our blankets definitely makes us happy, but to look fashionable in the winter season, choosing the right kind of clothes that is keeping up with  winter wardrobe essentials 2020 list can be quite tricky. 

Chilly winters add to our woes as most of us feel restricted with the styling options available with our wardrobe. If you too identify as one of such people who are confused with what and how to style up during the chilly weather, this blog is the one for you!

In this blog, we will be listing out the winter wardrobe essentials 2020 trends. We will be listing some of the most popular winter fashion trends for winter 2020, and also suggest ways to style them helping you look absolutely chic and stunning.

So without any further delay, lets dive into the blog:


Okay if you are wondering what is that one piece of clothing that will be a major part of the ‘winter wardrobe essential 2020’ list, then Shacket is your answer. To break it down, a Shacket is equal to a Shirt plus Jacket. This unique amalgamation of two basic pieces makes this clothing an absolute favorite and an essential winter wear.

Add a shacket to any regular t-shirt and denim outfit, and instantly make it look very trendy and chic. You could also layer them with your basic Kurta, which again makes them fit for Indo-Western wear.This also becomes a functional piece for layering in winters, making it a winter essential. For this season, go for a neutral shade shacket, thus having a versatile piece in your wardrobe to keep the chills away!


Jackets are one of the most pivotal constituents of your winter wardrobe. Check out different types of jackets. This season if you are in the mood to add more jackets to your closet, definitely go for a cropped Sherpa jacket. Sherpa Jackets are basically made of a special kind of garment that is Sherpa garment (a kind of polyester). 

sherpa jacket for winter

From Celebrities to Fashion Influencers, everyone is going crazy for them when it comes to winter wear styling. This Jacket is a versatile piece and can be worn with a regular denim and t-shirt outfit, with a nice dress and even with flared pants. The cropped ones are the best if you want to go monotone with your style. Or else pick one in a beige or brown shade and pair it out with everything!


If the girl next door is your style quotient, then knitted cardigan sweater are your must haves. Put them with any ensemble you are wearing, and they can instantly add that cutesy element to your look. 

knit cardigan sweater - winter wardrobe essentials

This season the cropped knitted ones are extremely in fashion. For 2020, make sure you get your hands on these cropped ones— preferably in neutrals or in a vibrant color, to add that splash of vibrancy in your entire look.

They can also be a perfect substitute for a blouse while wearing a saree, making them suitable for Indian Wear as well. 


Faux Leather Jackets were the most popular fashion piece for winter wear last season and they are going to dominate the closets this season too! A classic winter wear staple— a good faux leather jacket can instantly elevate any look. They give off a very powerful, girl-boss look which can add to your X factor. 

faux leather jacket - an essential piece for winter

This winter make sure you invest in a good faux leather jacket; in black or brown shade. Since Fringes are also a big style statement this winter season, you could definitely get yourself one with fringe details on it. Wear it with practically any kind of outfit and there you go making a statement!


Turtle Neck Sweaters can never go out of winter fashion given how basic and versatile they are. A turtle neck sweater can practically be worn with everything. From recycling your summer clothes in winters to adding a statement in your winter wear— they are your best buddy.  So it is extremely important for you to have good turtleneck sweaters. 

winter wardrobe essentials

You could actually get two varieties of this fashion piece. Firstly, get your hands on a skinny turtleneck sweater in neutral shades, specifically for layering. Secondly, invest in a good chunky turtleneck sweater having some patterns, designs or some embellishments. The latter would act as a statement piece in your wardrobe.


Okay when talking about Winter essentials, how could we miss on Boots! Boots are synonymous with winter fashion. A pair of boots is classic and extremely fashionable. While there are again many varieties of boots— you should totally  invest in a knee-high or an ankle length boot. 

These boots are versatile and can go with almost every occasion— from brunch to partying in the club. If you want to go by the winter wardrobe essentials 2020 trends, then laced up boots should be your top-pick.


If you want to add a new piece in your winter wear closet, then definitely go for sweater vests. Sweater Vests are basically the Half-Sweaters from the 90s, or the ones which we wore as a part of our school uniform. 

winter wardrobe essentials - sweater vest

Very back to school feeling, right? Choose a sweater vest in a chunky solid colour to add that splash in your outfit. Wear them full sleeves white shirts, ripped jeans to have that street style winter look. Do not forget your sassy sneakers or classy loafers, depending on the event!


While building your winter closet, do not miss out on blazers. Blazers are an extremely important element in your wardrobe. Go for solid neutral shade of blazers as these are staples and can never go out of fashion. 

They are a perfect choice for formal, semi formal or even date nights when worn in the right way. In fact, you can also adorn them with sarees, especially pant style saree to make all heads turn around!

Take Away:

So, with these we come to the end of this blog. We have listed some clothing pieces which are going to be a major part of your winter wardrobe essentials 2020 must have list. Wearing these pieces with the right styling can make you look absolutely gorgeous. 

Well, why delay? Grab your hands on these cool pieces of clothing and totally amp up your winter fashion game!

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