Comfortable And Chic Work From Home Outfit Ideas

Comfortable And Chic Work From Home Outfit Ideas

“It would be so comforting if we could just work from home in our pyjamas and loose t-shirts”, is a wish we want to experience while having Monday Blues. And 2020 ensured this wish of ours gets manifested for real. But now that we are stuck in our homes for more than six months, all of us have surely realized that the reality is quite the opposite of what was imagined. 

It becomes quite an exhausting affair when we have to manage our daily household chores while managing our professional work while dealing with Pandemic-induced stress. And in that case, having the best outfits for your work from home meetings can play a significant role in using both your professional and personal lives. Also, check out on women’s interview attire some time.

Why is it vital to dress up for working from home?

Some of us might wonder and consider it to be vain on the need to dress up as we are going to sit and stare at the screen of the devices, without any need to step out of our rooms.  Well, dressing up while doing work from home has its perks.

Let’s just admit; 

  1. Our outfits play an essential role in uplifting our mood. It is undeniable to feel sluggish and unproductive if we are in our regular night suits and pyjamas all day long. But the moment we slip into an outfit and put some makeup on, instantly our mood is fixed, and we feel confident and energetic.
  2. Clearly, how we think determines our productivity levels.
  3. Dressing up for work, even if it’s from the comfort of our living rooms compels us to follow a routine and makes our lives systematic. And this becomes all the more requisite when we are stuck at home for months. 

So, now that we have listed the perks of dressing up for your Work From Home Engagements, the next question would be what would be the best outfits while working at home?

Work from Home Outfit Ideas

We get it, none of us would like to wear a tight suit, or sometimes may even not feel like wearing something fancy. But do not worry, we have got you sorted. In this blog, we will be listing a couple of outfits that would be super comfortable and chic, making them the best pick for WFH meetings and presentations.

1.  Wide-Legged Pants

While Working from Home, the priority is to ensure comfort over anything. So if you wish to look good while being comfortable, wide-legged pants are your saviour. Available in both cotton and denim, they can be worn with a shirt, blouse and even a T-shirt. And here you have your first super comfortable yet chic outfit while working from home. 

2.  Duster/Shrugs

Okay, let’s admit that there are days when there is no desire to dress up. The only thing that we want is to be on our bed and binge watch our favourite show, but then we also have to attend that important meeting. On these days, a Duster or a Shrug comes to the utmost rescue. No matter how shabby we might look in our loose T-Shirts, putting a Duster or a shrug over it can instantly make us look presentable and professional. This makes Shrugs or Dusters mandatory in our closets.

3.  Shirt Dresses

Shirt Dresses are formal, easy to wear and very comfortable. They are very well suited when you have to attend a class, a meeting, a webinar. The collars which are visible on the screen add a professional element to the entire look. So if you are someone who loves her dresses and wants to wear them everywhere, then Shirt Dresses are your staple to rock both formal as well as semi-formal looks.

4.  T-Shirt Dresses

T-shirt Dresses are one of the most comfortable additions to the wardrobe. They can be easily slipped into, which makes them an absolute favourite. While they are not the ideal formal outfit in a shared office space, they can look standard on the screen, if worn in the right fashion. For WFH meetings, the best pick for T-shirt dresses would be something that is in neutrals or pastel shades. If one loves prints, one can look for a style in gingham or striped patterns. Team it up with a blazer, or a duster and voila you look chic and corporate!

t shirt dress

5.  Indo-Western Style

Indo-Western Looks are every Indian women’s favourite pick because they are comfortable, breezy and at the same time are a perfect outfit for all kinds of occasions, including formal space. Slip into your favourite Kurta, wear it as a dress or with cotton pants, add some jhumkas and voila, you are ready to attend your meeting or work throughout that presentation.

Indo Western Style

6.  Cotton Blazers

Blazers are the most pivotal element when it comes to creating a wardrobe for our formal wear. Since it’s hot and humid in most parts of the country, cotton blazers are the best fit. This Cotton Blazer should be saved for days when you have an interview, or you have a meeting or an essential client deal to make. Team up your blazer with your shirt, dress, and when working from home, you also have the leeway to style it up with your favourite pair of T-shirts and even jumpsuits. And you are good to go!

Cotton Blazers

7.  Cardigans

Cardigans are your best friends for days when you have a sudden meeting to attend, or you just don’t feel like dressing up at all. You can be in your loose, faded T-shirts and joggers/shorts, but worry not. All you have to do is pull over a cardigan on yourself, and you are instantly looking formal and well-groomed. Cardigans are also your saviour for days when you are running late, and you have no time to dress up. Make sure the cardigans are again in neutral or pastel shades as that would make them perfect formal wear.


These are some of the work from home outfit ideas that you should try out for your work from home setup, to feel good and confident. Make sure you complete these looks with light makeup and minimal accessories. Rock these looks and make sure to post that selfie on your Instagram, to have the best experience while working from home.

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