Soft Gamine Kibbe Body Type Style Guide

Soft Gamine Kibbe Body Type Style Guide

A blend of yin and yang opposites with extra yin characterizes the Soft Gamine body type. It’s the result of combining a rounder body type with characteristics of a finely angular frame, as well as a fun and vibrant personality. ‍Here is a soft gamine kibbe body type style guide for you.

Keep in mind that the attention should not be on each individual item of the clothing, but rather on the whole aesthetic. Make sure that the strategy must be comprehensive. Your torso is linked to your lower body, just as your wardrobe is linked to your cosmetics and accessories.

What Characterizes a Soft Gamine?

  • Soft, curvaceous bodies have a tendency to be fleshy.
  • Natural waist definition with a curved breast line and hips.
  • Arms and legs, especially in the hip and thigh regions, are soft and chic.
  • The bones structure is delicate and small, although it is somewhat wide and angular. Angular edges, especially in the shoulders (square or tapered).
  • Face features that are delicately broad (nose, cheekbones, and jawline – which may have extra bits of angularity).
  • Faces that resemble dolls (round eyes, fleshy cheeks, full lips).
  • The jawline might be somewhat sharp or slightly strong, and the facial contour can be highly rounded.

soft gamine face

How to dress a soft gamine kibbe body?

The purpose of dressing a Soft Gamine is to follow your personal Yin-Yang balance, which is Gamine with greater Yin. If this seems perplexing, the suggestions below should help you get started. Here is how to dress a soft gamine kibbe body.

  1. The Soft Gamine Kibbe body type, like the pure Gamine type, has a mix of yin and yang traits, but with somewhat more yin.
  2. Choosing clean, rounded lines with sharp corners and edges is one method to do this.
  3. Your figure should be slim, feminine, and petite. In order to bring more Yin to your appearance, you should emphasise your waist.
  4. Make sure your outline is well-fitting and cleanly trimmed (especially at the waist, collar, and cuff).
  5. Choose a light, crisp fabric that can keep a distinct shape while also allowing for a small flow and mobility. Prefer matte finishes.
  6. Colorful outfits with brilliant, rich, and dramatic colours should be worn in contrast to one another.
  7. Pick contrasting colors. The same may be said about prints, which should be bright and vibrant and tiny to moderate in scale.

colors for soft gamine

Tips you need to keep in mind while styling a soft gamine body:

  • While you should undoubtedly acknowledge your extra Yin, you should do so in modest amounts to keep the overall impression of your Gamine foundation gentle.
  • Fitted items that stay close to the body (rather than flowing) will draw attention to your Yin.
  • Feel free to mix & match your top and bottom colors.
  • Using accessories is another method to do it. With rounded curves and decorative details, keep them light and delicate.
  • An asymmetrical cut with added layering or soft waves or curls is ideal for a Soft Gamine’s hairstyle.

soft waves for soft gamine

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