When To Skip A Workout (Reasons, Tips To Not Skip A Workout)

When To Skip A Workout (Reasons, Tips To Not Skip A Workout)

While there’s no specific reason to not exercise, the mind still matters when it comes to doing or not doing something. It’s quite common to blame the mind for not letting you feel like getting off the bed and catching up with some exercise. It’s important to know when to skip a workout, is it really the reason to skip the workout.

Nevertheless, consider looking at it this way: While a quick soliloquy works, say this aloud – “let me see what my mind is thinking now.” You’d find nothing in your mind the moment you say it. This basically means that you have the power to control your mind and ditch every excuse that stops you from hitting the ground to work out. So here’s a read-through that will take you through all that makes you feel lackadaisical and intimidated. You might probably have your eyes opened to the facts of what could happen to your body if you don’t give it what it needs.

Top 5 reasons to skip a workout:

So to begin with, or rather relate to, here are the legit reasons to skip a workout.

  1. You have sleep problems that make you sleep till late morning.
  2. You’re exhausted after a late-night gathering
  3. Extremely tight schedule that does not let you make time for an hour to work out.
  4. Fear being judged for the way you look, by people at the gym.
  5. You don’t like to work out because it’s a bit painful.

It’s quite relatable to everyone at some point in time. But what’s important here is the attitude of overcoming the lethargy that sneaks into the mind. And here, how you train your mind is what matters. Health is the key to a happy and purposeful life, and that comes only with your control over your wishes. In other words, it comes with discipline, and exercising is discipline.

The human body is designed to function day in and day out. So, think about this as an example; when you feel you don’t need exercise because you’re already fit. What happens if your heart decides to take some rest form constantly pumping blood? Your blood circulation stops and the entire body shuts down. Similarly, when you don’t exercise the body tends to stop functioning smoothly, causing a range of health problems. The only difference is that the process is slower than the heart-stopping.

Training Your Mind To Move:

Movement is an involuntary action that we are born with. However, many people don’t value the gift of mobility that we have. If you are one of those who find pleasure in being a couch potato, you must know that lack of mobility increases stress levels in the body, accumulates fat, and allows a spectrum of chronic diseases to rule your life.

It is important to be self-motivated and exercise every day to have a healthy life. Knowing your body and its needs, take just a bit of an effort. It’s about being thankful to the body you live in. It needs care and nourishment that will in return be good to your state of mind. Exercising is a choice to make, for a better life, and a better world to live in.

Top 10 Tips To Avoid Skipping Your Workout:

  1. Choose your time of exercise based on the time you feel prepared most.
  2. Make your workouts fun.
  3. Hire a personal fitness trainer.
  4. Set your fitness goals.
  5. Keep changing your workout plans every day to keep it fresh.
  6. Consider using a fitness tracker.
  7. Add friends to your fitness tracker list to get closer to your goals.
  8. Keep a check on what you eat.
  9. Track your progress regularly.
  10. Build a library of exercise programs to follow when you’re on the move and cannot hit the gym.

The solution to avoid skipping exercise lies within you. All you need to do is follow a balanced diet and a conscious thought of wanting to make life better than it actually looks. Fitness must become not just a way of life but also an action that your mind automatically tells you to do as a part of your daily routine just the way you brush and bathe. Adopting fitness is the only way you can gift yourself a great life and an opportunity to make your society a healthy place to live in.


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