20 Types Of Sleeves For Dresses In Interesting Styles

20 Types Of Sleeves For Dresses In Interesting Styles

Sleeves are such an important part of clothes as it is one of the first things you see in a garment. They should fit properly and be comfortable to wear as well. Sleeve styles vary greatly with time and fashion. Here are some varied styles of sleeves for different dresses. Read on to see the types of sleeves for dresses. Here’s a draped sleeves design pattern for Kurti.

1. Short Bell Sleeves:

These pleasant sheer bell sleeves in pale pink are a pure delight to the eyes. These are light, flowy giving it a nice evening look. This is the beginning, let’s get into the types of sleeve patterns for dresses.

2. Puff Sleeves Pattern:

Puff sleeves pattern never fails to give you that chic look, making you just look so cuter.

3. Double Flounce Sleeves:

The flounce sleeves pattern is the most used these days in varied styles. You can experiment with flounce sleeves in different sleeve lengths, flounce width, etc to get the desired look. You’ll see some more in flounce style right here while you read on.

4. Petal Sleeves:

The Petal sleeves pattern is the flowy cute sleeves. With different fabrics, it gives a different look. This is one pacifying look that you can style casually.

5. Styled Plain Sleeve:

Styled Plain Sleeve

A plain sleeve pattern is a basic set-in sleeve, but we’ll not let it be it. Here’s a twist, we’ve got an elegant detailing which gives this more sophisticated look.

6. Styled Puff Sleeves:

Styled Puff Sleeve:

A mix of a little bit of difference doesn’t harm. Here are minimalist puff sleeves with loop and button detailing

7. Four Layer Cape Sleeves:

Four Layer Cape Sleeves

Capes give us those wavy free-falling style sleeves pattern.

8. Roll Up Kimono Sleeves:

Roll Up Kimono Sleeves

Kimono are non-set-in sleeves, they just extend from the bodice. But the above picture makes it much more stylish with a roll-up touch.

9. Cold Shoulder Style Minimalist Flounce:

Cold Shoulder Style Minimalist Flounce sleeves

Petal sleeves are overlapped fabric falling down. This picture is a variation of the puff style and flounce style.

10. Petal Style Puff Sleeve:

Petal Style Puff Sleeve

Here’s another puff sleeve petal variation.

11. Bishop Sleeves:

Bishop Sleeves

The bishop’s sleeves are long, big, and exaggerated giving that fullness to the garments.

12. 3/4th Sleeves:

3/4th Sleeves

The 3/4th sleeves are a simple, easy-going, everyday style that goes with just about any garment.

13. Flounce Sleeves For Kurti:

Flounce Sleeves For Kurti

Here is a variation of flounce style sleeves as said before and more to come styled.

14. Petal style 3/4th sleeves:

Petal style 3/4th sleeves

Petal sleeves variation in flounce style.

15. Bell Sleeves:

Bell Sleeves

Here are another bell sleeves for the churidar, adding some spunk to this traditional outfit.

16. Long Fitted Sleeves:

Long Fitted Sleeves

Long-fitted sleeves are the most elegant of all types of sleeves.

17. Exaggerated Flounce Sleeves:

Exaggerated Flounce Sleeves

Here’s an exaggerated flounce for you, in this beautiful kurta.

18. Plain Sleeves With Loop Detailing:


Yet another plain sleeve with loop detailing, most suited for a kurta like this.

19. Petal Style Plain Sleeves:

Petal Style Plain Sleeves

Plain sleeves with overlapped petals and button detailing.

20. Ruffled Long Bell Sleeves:

Ruffled Long Bell Sleeves

Long bell sleeves are already angelic and those ruffles at the bottom make it a more worthy style to don.

Choose your sleeve style for different occasions from casual to formal, there’s a sleeve style to suit every outfit. Experimenting with sleeve designs will accentuate the look and add uniqueness to your wardrobe, as per your style. Whether you prefer flowy and feminine or structured and tailored, there’s a sleeve style for everyone. Don’t be afraid to mix and match sleeve designs to create your signature look.

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