2 Basic Types Of Sleeves – 33 Different Sleeves Styles

Types Of Sleeves And Their Names With Images:

Sleeve Definition:

The sleeve is a piece of cloth that ornaments the arms region of the garment.

One can choose different types of sleeves for each style of garment. Each sleeve gives garments such as a basic sheath dress, a bodycon dress, etc a different look. There are different types of dresses a woman should know and here are some types of sleeves for dresses and types of sleeves for blouse. Check out for a better understanding of choosing your style.

The major classification of the types of sleeves is of 2 types, the set-in sleeves, and the non-set-in sleeves. Read on to see how many different types of sleeves are present in the 2 major classifications of set-in sleeves and non-set-in sleeves.

Set In Sleeves Pattern:

The set-in sleeve refers to those sleeves which are joined onto the curved armscye. They join the side seams of the bodice at the underarm.

Set-in sleeves are a separate piece of cloth that is set into the armhole of the garment.

Types Of Set-In Sleeves

Long Set-in Sleeves:

1. 3/4 Sleeves:

3/4 sleeves

If you love clothes with set-in sleeves, 3/4 sleeves will be a good option for you. Sometimes, the style of sleeves plays an important role in enhancing the beauty of your clothes. Adding this sleeve to your clothes makes them fashionable and comfortable as well. This sleeve is suitable for any formal occasion like a dinner party, cocktail evening, etc. Clothes having 3/4 sleeves are also appropriate as casual wear or office wear. You can customize 3/4 sleeves to add your own specifications. Clothes with 3/4 sleeves are easily available in the market within a budget-friendly price range.

2. Long Fitted Sleeves:

Clothes having long fitted sleeves have got a new craze among fashion enthusiasts. It looks trendy as well as stylish, so everyone wants to have a dress with long-fitted sleeves in their wardrobe. The key feature of this sleeve is that it reaches up to your wrist. It has a loose-fitting around the armhole, but around the wrist, it remains tight. Wearing a vibrant dress with these sleeves makes you look elegant. Therefore these long-fitted sleeves are appropriate for a party dress, clubbing dress, or cocktail dress. You can also consider this type of sleeves for a wedding or birthday so that you look more gorgeous than others.

3. Shirt Sleeves:

The sleeve is an important part of clothes that is used to beautify the arm area of your clothes. Among set-in sleeves, shirt sleeves are hugely preferred by fashion lovers because of maximum comfort. Clothes designed with shirt sleeves can be perfect for an eye-catching look. You can wear long shirt sleeves with bold prints for a polished look. This type of sleeves is suitable for casual party and office wear. You can find different types of clothes with shirt sleeves within a pocket-friendly range. Also, you can add specifications according to your requirements.

4. Bishop Sleeves:

The bishop sleeve is one of the trendiest sleeves that you love to keep in your wardrobe. It is a long set-in sleeve gathered near your wrist area with the help of a button cuff, slit, and facing. The fullness of this sleeve entirely depends on the cuff. Clothes having this sleeve are not boring but offer you a classy look. Wearing a velvet or satin skirt with a bishop-sleeve top can create the perfect appearance for a casual holiday party. You can also add specifications to these sleeves as you want.

5. 2 Piece Sleeves:


Types of sleeves - 2 piece sleeves

Choosing the appropriate sleeves for your garments can enhance visual interest. If you love to wear clothes with set-in sleeves, you can consider two-piece sleeves for an attractive look. Besides, it provides you with ultimate comfort so that you can move your arms without any difficulties. This is the reason why two-piece sleeves are mostly used in designing tailored garments. In two-piece sleeves, a sleeve is cut into inner and outer pieces. It creates an “L” shape, which ensures a natural bend at the elbow region without wrinkles on the clothes.

6. Peasant Sleeves:

Types of sleeves- peasant sleeves

The name of the sleeves itself comes with ethnicity and tradition. This type of sleeve adds a different level to a simple garment by enhancing its appearance significantly. Peasant sleeve is the type of set-in sleeve that is long and puffed gathered at the bottom with cuffs. Clothes with peasant sleeves are commonly seen in a broad range of cultures that includes Mexican, Russian, Roma, Greek, Hungarian, etc. Peasant sleeves allow you to carry an urban and rustic look at the same time. Similarly, it can be bohemian as well as modest.

7. Flounce Sleeves:

flounce sleeves

If you are likely to follow fashion trends, you must have a top with flounce sleeves in your wardrobe. It enhances the beauty of the arm region of your clothes to the next level. This set-in sleeve is designed with the combination of the 3/4 sleeve and a piece of circle-shaped clothes. To be more specific, it looks like a circular skirt. Clothes with flounce sleeves can be an ideal choice for a casual party, dinner party, or a small outing. Different dresses with different colors having flounce sleeves are available in the market so you can pick any of them according to your choice and budget.

8. Angel Sleeves:

Angel sleeves are usually found in robes or gowns. People who love to wear baggy clothes with baggy sleeves can consider angel sleeves for ultimate comfort. This type of set-in sleeve is ideal for summer clothes. This type of sleeve is very long as well as wide, that hangs from the shoulder loosely. Clothes having these angel sleeves offer a charming and attractive look you can consider for an evening party, dinner party, or use as daily casual wear. You can choose printed sleeves, which you will easily find in the market within a reasonable price range.

9. Long Bell Sleeves:

long bell sleeves

Bell sleeves became famous in France in the 1500s. Thereafter, it became a trend in 1970, which was popularised by Bollywood celebrities. With time bell sleeves have got a better structural turn adding a vintage look to your beautiful outfit. This style of sleeves is a kind of set-in sleeves that allows your arms to breathe. It is airy and appropriate for any casual program. If you wear cloth with bell sleeves, you will be able to become a fashionista without compromising your comfort. You will not have to spend much to add these sleeves to your collection.

10. Long Lantern Sleeves:

If you consider yourself a fashion enthusiast and love to make the experience with your clothes, you can surely give a thought to the clothes with long lantern sleeves. This type of set-in sleeve is usually used to design a drop-shouldered outfit. It is a full and gathered sleeve that is increasing the beauty of your arm region in a significant manner. Long lantern sleeves can be used in designing jackets, dresses, and more. With these voluminous sleeves, it is easy to emphasize the slim upper part of your body so that you look more attractive and beautiful.

11. Leg-o-mutton Sleeves:

leg-o-mutton sleeves

The leg of the mutton sleeve is also renowned as a gigot sleeve, which is popular for its unique and unusual design. This type of sleeve was first introduced in the age of 1820s. It is designed with a wider gathering of fabric at the upper arm area. It brings a voluminous look at the upper arm, and then it narrows down from elbow to wrist. With this sleeve, the arm of your garments gets a triangular look. Though this sleeve is puffed from shoulder to elbow, it is tightly fitted up to the wrist, which adds a classy look to your dress.

12. Juliet Sleeves:

juliet sleeves

Juliet sleeves are the revised version of the leg of mutton sleeves. It is a good combination of the modern and traditional styles of clothes that can amp up the beauty of your garments. It is designed with a gathered band. The upper part of the band is puffed, and the lower part of the sleeve has a light fitting. You can also add specifications to this sleeve according to your requirements to make it more beautiful. This type of sleeves is easily available in the market, so you can choose the perfect Juliet sleeve top for you within your budget.

13. Batwing Sleeves:

bat wing sleeves

The batwing sleeve is also referred to as the Dolman sleeve or Magyar sleeve. This is a long set-in sleeve that adds a wing-like look to your clothes. With a wide cut and deep armholes, this sleeve has thin tapered wrists, which gives an overall wing-like appearance. Since the batwing sleeve is cut into one piece, it is different from other set-in sleeves. So, this sleeve is perfect to have a simple but unique style. Batwing sleeves were popularized in the Middle Ages. Nevertheless, it is equally popular in this present time among fashionistas.

14. Virago:

virago sleeves

If you are fond of a vintage look, you must have a dress with Virago sleeves in your wardrobe. This type of sleeve was famous in Western Europe at the start of the 1700s. It is a full, paned sleeve designed with a few clothes strips. This is a style of set-in sleeves where the clothes strips are gathered to several puffs tied by a ribbon or a cloth band. The puffs are gathered right above the elbow, so it gives a fluffy look to the arm region of the clothes. You can get embroidered strips of the sleeves.

Short Set-in Sleeves | Types Of Short Sleeves:

15. Plain Sleeves:

The type of sleeve you choose completely depends on your taste in clothes and style.  The plain sleeve is a very common type of set-in sleeve that comes without any fullness. This sleeve is usually designed for sari blouses that have no puff at the lower or top edge. Also, a plain sleeve gives you the opportunity to use it in designing different types of sleeves. You can add several specifications and customize the plain sleeves according to your requirements. Clothes with various types of plain sleeves are easily available in the market, so you can choose them for maximum comfort.

16. Cap Sleeves:

cap sleeves

You must be aware of cap sleeves if you are fond of short sleeves. It is a special type of short sleeve that covers your shoulder like a cap. This set-in sleeve is designed to perfectly fit on your shoulder. The thickness of the clothes is tapered under your arms. Clothes having cap sleeves increase the smartness in your appearance. It is easy and comfortable as well to carry so that you can choose this sleeve style for casual wear. You can also use these sleeves with your clothes to have a simple but magnificent appearance.

17. Petal Or Lapped:

petal or lapped sleeves

Among all the short sleeves and types of sleeves, the petal sleeve has a unique style. It is a set-in sleeve made of a one-seam design. The name petal has come from the shape of this sleeve, which actually seems like the petals of a Tulip. This style of sleeve was initially introduced in the end part of the 40s. Now, petal sleeves are mostly added to sari blouses and dresses. It provides you with an eye-catching look. There is a special technique to sew the sleeve into the armhole so that the pattern of the sleeve overlap on the arm region of your outfit.

18. Roll-Up Sleeves:

roll up sleeves

The roll-up sleeve is a very common style of short sleeves. You do not need to roll up a long sleeve. The sleeve is designed in a way that it automatically looks like a rolled-up long sleeve. Clothes having roll-up sleeves offer a smart look, followed by a unique style. This type of sleeve is usually seen in dresses or sari blouses. You can add roll-up sleeves to any type of casual wear that you can use every day or at a dinner party, club party, etc. You can also customize the sleeve design.

19. Puff Sleeves:

puff sleeves

This type of set-in short sleeves is a great addition to your collection. Puff sleeves have a traditional yet modern look that increases the beauty of your appearance to a different level. This sleeve has similarities with the big sleeves used by the king and queen during the age of the Renaissance. A Puff sleeve is gathered both at the top and bottom, but the middle portion creates a puff for fullness. This is how it develops a new style with puff and fullness in the arm region of your garments so that you look smart.

20. Ruffled Sleeves:

Ruffled Sleeves are absolutely perfect for short set-in sleeves. Usually, a piece of fabric clothes is gathered on the edge and added to the garment to design a ruffled sleeve. The fabric pieces can be pleated, as well. The thin, lightweight fabric is used to make ruffled sleeves. You can easily add ruffled sleeves to an ordinary t-shirt to get a ruffled-sleeve outfit. You can add lace or use simple shirring to create ruffled sleeves additionally. Also, different styles of ruffled sleeves are available in the market, so you can choose any of them within a pocket-friendly range.

21. Melon:

melon sleeves

The melon sleeve is very popular in Gothic fashion. If you have any interest in vintage fashion, you can consider this melon sleeve for your clothes. Melon sleeves can be added to blouses and dresses. In this type of short set-in sleeves, a piece of clothing is gathered right above the elbow region, which ensures a puff to create fullness. It has some similarities with the puff sleeves. This fashion trend was introduced in the nineteenth century, and now it is equally popular among fashion lovers. If you want, you can add specifications to this sleeve for an extraordinary look.

22. Cape Sleeves:

cape sleeves yellow dress

Mostly, jumpsuits are designed with cape sleeves. Also, this style of sleeves can be added to blouses, dresses, etc. Cape sleeves are very short, set-in sleeves hanging over the edge of your shoulder. But the clothes do not extend under your arms. With these airy sleeves, you can let your arms breathe properly. Cape sleeves are very comfortable to wear, but you do not have to compromise your style for that. You can customize the design as per your desire, but the overall look you have with cape sleeves is something more beautiful than you can’t even imagine.

23. Bell Sleeves:

bell sleeves

You can have dresses with short bell sleeves, which are designed without any pleating or shirring. This type of sleeve has flares at the bottom, and unlike long bell sleeves, short bell sleeves reach up to your elbow. Different other types of sleeves, including butterfly sleeves and bishop sleeves, are developed from the bell sleeves. Bell sleeves were first popularised in the Medieval ages, and with ages, this type of sleeve has got changed in size and design. However, bell sleeves are equally relevant to today’s fashion trends, so you can easily choose a dress with bell sleeves to enhance your appearance.

24. Lantern Sleeves:

lantern sleeves

Lantern sleeves can be used as either long sleeves or short sleeves. Short lantern sleeves are absolutely perfect for people having narrow shoulders because this style of sleeves adds a voluminous look to your clothes. You can find jackets and dresses, having short lantern sleeves. Lantern sleeves are designed for drop-shouldered garments, which are created with a piece of clothes gathered for fullness. Lantern sleeves are very popular among fashion enthusiasts people, and you can easily find this style of sleeves in the market within your budget.

25. Draped:

draped sleeves

If you want to have some variations in short sleeves, a draped sleeve can be an ideal option for you. It is stylish as well as comfortable to wear. This type of sleeve has some extra fullness at the top, but it is fitted tightly in the underarm region. This is how it gets a perfect fluffy look. Sometimes, elastic is used to create the fullness for an appropriate drapey effect. Usually, draped sleeves are used in designing wedding dresses and gowns. You can customize the design of the sleeves exactly how you want to have them. However, you must keep a dress with draped sleeves in your wardrobe to create your own style statement.

Non-Set-In Sleeves Pattern:

The non-set-in sleeves form with the one-piece sleeves, that are part of the bodice. For example, Kimono sleeves, Dolman / Magyar sleeves, and the batwing sleeves patterns belong to this category.

26. Raglan:

A raglan sleeve is a very common type of non-set-in sleeve that extends up to the collar in one piece. It is designed with diagonal seaming extended from your collarbone to your underarm. The shaping of raglan sleeves is matched perfectly with the front and back shaping to make sure each and every piece is fitted together for an appropriate look. Usually, raglan sleeves are seen in sports and casual clothing, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets. Clothes having raglan sleeves look simple but beautiful. It adds an extra smartness to your personality with its attractive design.

27. Split Raglan:

split raglan sleeves

Usually, raglan sleeves are sports clothing and casual clothing like t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. But split raglan is a little bit more stylish and trendy as well. People who love to have casual wear will definitely prefer split raglan to normal raglan sleeves. This sleeve has a split from shoulder to elbow and fits tightly after that. It adds a cheerful look to your clothes that are comfortable to use as well. This type of non-set-in sleeve is easily available in the market, so you can choose one exactly how you want without spending much on it.

28. Epaulet:

Epaulet is a unique style of non-set-in sleeves, that add a royal look to your clothes. Commonly, Epaulet is worn by the armies at the time of the parade. But now, with time, it has been included in our fashion. People who love to experiment with their clothes are likely to add this type of non-set-in sleeves to their outfits. Epaulet is attached to the shoulder with the help of a shoulder strap. Nowadays, we can see a five-sided flap of clothes attached to the shoulder seam, and the end has a button closure like the Epaulet. These types of sleeves were popular in several countries like Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, and more.

29. Dolman:

Dolman is a conventional style of non-set-in sleeves, which helps you to look smarter in a significant way. Initially, Dolman sleeves were popular among the Turks, and now it has become one of the favorite sleeves of fashion enthusiasts. In the case of Dolman sleeves, the armscye sometimes extends up to the waistline. This very low armscye is the main trait of Dolman sleeves, so your clothes need no seaming in the underarm area. This type of sleeve is effective in hiding the appearance of your waist. So, the Dolman sleeve is a good option to add a vintage look to your clothing.

30. Kimono:

The style of Kimono sleeves is adapted from traditional dresses of Japan, so this type of sleeves definitely adds a traditional but stylish look to your clothes. Because of the looseness, these sleeves are very comfortable to wear, which is why many women prefer them for their garments. Now, these traditional Japanese sleeves are mixed with Western clothes so you can find different types of clothes with Kimono sleeves in the market. Wearing a dress with Kimono sleeves boosts your confidence with a unique style. You can try Kimono sleeves to add a more aesthetic look to your dress.

31. Kimono/ Gusset:

The Gusset sleeve looks almost similar to Kimono, but it has better fitting than Kimono. The gusset has a diamond shape inset in underarm areas. Though the underarm seam extended from elbow to wrist, you can move your arm comfortably. You are also able to customize the design of the sleeves as per your requirement. If you like to wear stylish clothing having a touch of cultural sensitivity that also looks good aesthetically, you can try Kimono sleeve gussets effectively.

32. Kimono Cap:

The kimono Cap sleeve is a special type of short sleeve that just covers the top of the arm. If you are fond of short sleeves, you will definitely choose this type of sleeve to have an eye-catching. Clothes having Kimono cap sleeves are also very comfortable to wear so you can use them as casual wear. In this sleeve, the shoulder cap slightly extends down to the arm without breaking it down. This is a more Westernized version of Kimono sleeves, which you can find easily in the market with different types of clothes.

33. Drop Shoulder:

Finally, the drop Shoulder sleeve, you see these sleeves commonly in making sweaters, pajamas, etc. This is a type of non-set-in sleeve where the shoulder line extends below the shoulder. It has a loose and unrestricted cut allowing you to move your arms comfortably. Because of this loose-fitting, you can add this sleeve to your clothes that you can wear to a casual party or small outing. If you want, you can add your own specifications to make it looks exactly how you want. Clothes with drop-shoulder sleeves are very popular among women who love to wear a casual dress in style.

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