Lantern Sleeve Pattern Tiered Dress

Tiered Dress With Lantern Sleeve Pattern:

This is an off-shoulder tiered dress with shoulder wide collar and lantern sleeve pattern crop top over it. The lantern sleeve is a classic sleeve style with vintage design feature. It also has a modern flair to it. There came many modifications with short sleeves, long sleeves, sometimes a double lantern sleeves at the bottom of the sleeve, like in my design.

We’ll look into the design step by step as it has got 3 main design features. Firstly, the main garment is an off shoulder tiered dress. Then over it, it is a crop top with wide collar and double lantern sleeves.

Lantern Sleeve Pattern:

A lantern sleeve is a two section sleeve that flares out from the sleeve cap and hemline to a style line within the sleeve. The sleeve can be developed at varying lengths and fullness.

Here’s the pattern cutting of lantern sleeve. It basically has the sleeve pattern cut into two where you want the puff to be situated. The ends of the cut pieces are extended to the width of the flare needed to make the lantern sleeve cutting as shown below.

lantern sleeve pattern

Shoulder Wide Collar:

The lantern sleeve is a full, gathered sleeve attached to a drop-shouldered garment; it can be either a long or short sleeve look. It’s seen on everything from jackets to dresses. The crop top with drop collar and double lantern sleeve.

lantern sleeve pattern - drop collar - tiered dress

Tiered Dress Pattern:

A tiered dress is an arrangement of cloth in tiers or layers each ascending to bottom. The measurements depend on the size of the dress stitched. For example, you can take the below measurements for a skirt. Sometimes in terms of fashion, oversized measurements are also considered. It all depends on the design you’ve made.

tiered dress pattern

Here’s a look with denim. These are fashionable and trendy dresses. Flary and mostly chic styled. You can compliment with some block heels or chic shoes for your feet, some jewelry and a fashionable bag to set the overall look. You can also go for some cool glasses that suits you.

tiered dress with demin

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