About Me

I’m an enthusiast of art and creation. I stitch, draw, write. All this started when I first penned a short story ‘The Confused Tea‘. No, I’m not a writer. Then my long-forgotten creativity opened up, started stitching again. Here’s a glimpse and no, not a fashion designer. 

Kora cotton crop saree blouse for kalamkari saree in pant saree styleNow, Kresent, my zest towards healthy lifestyle changes for people to get healthy, confident, and free to explore the heights they want in life. I’m mostly a YouTube learner and finding out different ways to style is part of creation and here are types of collars.

yogaThat’s not it, in this journey, I started finding ways to enhance myself. And, found out, Yoga and a good diet can actually better everything both physically and psychologically. One just has to take time and see what suits them and consciously monitor how their body and mind works. My take on how to improve concentration after recollecting my experiences. You’ll find some best healthy diet tips here, Millets is one such food. I hope Kresent finds itself useful for many.