Exercise In Winter (6 Tips For Winter Workout Motivation)

Winter Workout Motivation:

People often get derailed from their daily exercise regime during the winter season. Here are some tips to keep up your daily routines.

A change in weather should bring a change to your mindset. As temperatures get colder, it’s important for athletes to adjust their routines. You need to have a winter sports strategy.

In winter, we’re supposed to up our exercise, to get our Kapha (fire) going in the body, says Dr. Zankhana Buch, the Medical Superintendent at AyurVAID Hospitals, in Bengaluru. If you avoid exercise, and you’re binging on a lot of party (junk) food during the time, your body is sure to be acidic. Yam and jaggery are great alkalizing agents for the body, again, the foods popular at this time. Amaranth, says Manjari, is also rich in potassium.

All this helps, with the build-up of viral infections in the air, whether it’s swine flu or respiratory trouble. “You can pick up your immunity before all this hits,” says Manjari. For starters, stick to the traditional foods that are usually dual-ingredient (jaggery-sesame laddoo, khichri), rather than trying to add too many ingredients that may not work together.

So exercising is important in winter and keep going with the exercises the following are the tips. Also, increase your fire for the immune system functioning in the winter with this yoga for immune system.

6 Tips To Exercise In Winter | Fitness Tips For Winter:

If you plan well with these tips to exercise in winter, you’ll be able to keep up with your routine fairly easily. Being aware of winter’s challenges is the best way to avoid injury.

1. Winter Exercise Clothes – Watch What You Wear:

Your winter exercise clothes must be in layers for outside exercise. The layer closest to your skin should be made of breathable wicking material, avoiding cotton, which retains sweat. Add a thermal layer of fleece or cotton to keep in the heat, and use a third, outer layer as a cover.

Winter Exercise Clothes

2. Best Time To Workout In Winter – Under Sun:

The sun is the perfect warmer for your exercise in winter. The natural warmth gives you more energy than using some heaters etc.

Best Time To Workout In Winter

3. Watch what you eat and drink:

If you over-indulge in rich foods, holiday drinks, and sugary desserts, you’ll need to step up your workout just to maintain your current level of fitness. Stay well-hydrated and drink plenty of fluids, though be sure to avoid caffeine and alcohol-based beverages which also lead to dehydration.

Watch what you eat and drink

4. Use Bright Clothes:

Use caution when running after dark by wearing light-colored, reflective clothing so that drivers can see you.

5. Right Exercise In Winter:

Activities like running in the park, golfing and swimming may not be options in the winter. Be creative, try ice-skating, cross-country skiing, or a yoga class as your exercise.


6. Watch out for injuries:

If you play court sports like basketball and racquetball in the winter months be aware of the greater chance of falling or colliding. Be sure you switch to shoes with good traction to help avoid collisions and avoid ankle injuries.

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