Kalamkari Dress Design Patterns – Kalamkari tops designs for stitching

Kalamkari Dress Design Patterns – Kalamkari tops designs for stitching

Looking for kalamkari dress designs, Kalamkari tops designs for stitching here are my 5 different kalamkari dress design patterns for every occasion from trendy kurtas to long dresses, to short tops.

Kalamkari is a block print or painted design on a fabric originated from India. Cotton fabric is mostly used for kalamkari print. These days we can see this print on some types of silks like Nellore silk and therefore the various styles of kalamkari dress designs.

6 Different Kalamkari Dress Designs:

1. Kalamkari Dress Designs | Kalamkari Long Dress:

Kalamkari Dress Design Patterns - Kalamkari Long Dress
Kalamkari Long Dress

My first design kalamkari long dress is with maroon kalamkari churidar material among the kalamkari dress designs.

This is actually a churidar material. The maroon cloth is for pant and all over kalamkari print over cream material is for the top with a dupatta. This design doesn’t need dupatta. Designed for a short girl and didn’t want a churidar wearing dupatta and all.

I’ve stitched it as a single dress as per the wish and made her look taller with this kalamkari long dress pattern with a cold shoulder and back teardrop neck design.

2. Kalamkari Kurta Design | Kalamkari Dress Designs | Kalamkari Kurtis:

Kalamkari Dress Design Patterns - Kalamkari Kurta Design | Kalamkari Kurtis

The Kalamkari Kurtis Churidar Kurtas in India are the running fashion in kalamkari dress designs.

I’ve cut this kalamkari kurta design professionally and sewed using pattern cuttings. Kalamkari Kurtis is the most commonly used fashion with different patterns and styles.

Pattern cuttings are very helpful. The outfit comes out just as sketched. The high neck, back rhombus loop neck, front cut from waist comes out just as sketched because of pattern cuttings. It is a sure shot to stitch when cutting correctly. We don’t have to check twice to where to stitch using the pattern cuttings method.

All my kalamkari dress designs next are professionally cut and stitched.

You can wear this trendy kalamkari Kurtis with any style of pants like jeans, cigarette pants. I’ve tried it with yellow cigarette pants contrasting with a dark-colored kurta.

3. 60s Look | Kalamkari Tops Designs | Kalamkari Dress Designs:

Kalamkari Dress Design Patterns - Mod Pattern - 60s Look | Kalamkari Tops Designs
Mod pattern-60s look

The 60s look is always a reoccurring new style in kalamkari tops designs. I’ve added Indo-western trend into this look. This is one of the kalamkari tops designs I’ve loved to wear in various combinations of trousers.

Tried this mustard yellow cotton material into a sheath pattern. Sheath pattern is usually a single piece dress falling flat with the exact fit on the body. Sometimes with a waist belt around.

I’ve followed the sheath pattern of falling flat on the body with a perfect fit without many curves. Given high low pattern with cuts. You can pair it up with jeans, or a blue palazzo pants or a blue skirt as in the above image.

There are many kalamkari tops for skirts designs on the internet and this is one model.

4. Sleeves Design Pattern | Kalamkari Dress Designs | Puff Sleeve Pattern:

Kalamkari Dress Design Patterns - Sleeves Design Pattern | Puff Sleeve Pattern
Puff Sleeves design Pattern

After all experiments with back necks, high necks, cold shoulder, etc, I’ve tried this puff sleeves design pattern. There are many types of puff sleeve pattern that are very simple to draft from the basic sleeve pattern. This puff sleeve pattern is made out of pleats on the sides and top of the sleeve. This is unlike the kalamkari kurta design which has pleats on top of the sleeve among the kalamkari dress designs.

In my opinion, this material will only suit fairer looking skin tones. The dominating dark print over cream color might not look good on a wheat-ish skin tone. But, it is designed for wheat-ish skin women.

I sketched the design such that the material is not all over dominating the person. So, I thought of experimenting with sleeves. I tried this huge puffed long sleeves fashion.

This can be simple and trendy work wear. You can also find some here online.

5. Kalamkari Frock Model | Kalamkari Gowns | Kalamkari dress Designs:

Kalamkari Dress Design Patterns - Kalamkari Frock Model | Kalamkari Gowns
Kalamkari Frock Model

Frocks or Kalamkari gowns give a chicky look. This is a happy-feel outfit.

Kalamkari gowns serve to be one of the most effortless and graceful outfits suitable for your daily wear or even semi-formal occasions among the kalamkari dress designs.
I’ve designed a simple and beautiful kalamkari frock model for all occasions. All occasions because you can match a wide variety of jewelry according to the occasion of this outfit.
You can use silk thread jhumka or silver colored antique jhumka or Chandbali earrings, a wristlet, and a pair of gladiators or pee toe with kalamkari Kurtis or sarees or kalamkari gowns to change the look every time.

Sometimes, a waistband can change the look of the Kalamkari gowns completely like this…

kalamkari frock models-waist band

Pant Saree | Pant Style Saree | Kalamkari Saree Blouse:

Pant style saree is the new age saree draping, a new style in wearing saree, now trending big. Here pant saree style is given to a kalamkari saree. The kalamkari saree blouse design highlights the pant saree outfit. This is the latest Kalamkari dress design pattern I’ve thought of.

The saree is a floral print kalamkari saree. The colors maroon and cream are highlighted on the saree. So I’ve chosen a combination of maroon cigarette pants and a strapped blouse, over which a cream kora cotton blouse. The cream crop blouse is a high neck, cowl sleeve blouse which is semi-sheer with the strapped blouse inside.

Kora cotton crop saree blouse for kalamkari saree in pant saree style

Here’s the pant saree style of this beautiful floral print kalamkari saree complimenting it with a different and stylish kalamkari saree blouse.

Blouse Sleeve Pattern | Kalamkari Sleeves Blouse:

kalamkari blouse sleeve pattern

Kalamkari sleeves blouses have been making waves these days. This blouse sleeve pattern is a wardrobe must-have this summer for their comfort level and style. Kalamkari blouse designs are versatile and can be paired with plain sarees or subtly printed cotton sarees to make a contemporary statement.

Hope! you like the kalamkari dress designs in different kalamkari dress design patterns. Catch you up with the next new design.

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