Sleeves Design Pattern (Puff Sleeve Pattern – High Slit Kurta)

Puff Sleeve Pattern | Kalamkari Dress Design:

It took a while for me to decide on what to stitch next after a flawless women shirt dress… and got to try this sleeves design pattern in Kalamkari dress design. This is going to be a puff sleeve pattern with the puff being situated at three places instead of one on top of the sleeve. Check out some latest types of sleeves for dresses.

Grabbed all the different materials I had and watched them for a while. With all the half-baked ideas lighting up in mind one for each material, it was all chaotic. Then decided on picking up one and think over it. Then got the idea of experimenting with puff sleeve pattern.

Picked this intimidatingly dark print over a cream colored thick cotton fabric material. It was tough to think of any heavy pattern like flares, umbrella etc.. so a puff sleeve pattern with any simple overall pattern would already make it dominating and suiting for a fairly lighter complexion.

I wanted it to be simple and appealing. Simple with the body and appealing with the hands as I’ve had many ideas for the sleeves to be puff sleeve pattern. Finally decided on puff sleeve pattern. Usually, puff sleeves are frilled on the top center of the shoulder. But I’ve added an extra single wide frill on the side (where usually the princess dart begins).

sleeves design pattern-Puff sleeve pattern

Pattern cutting for this kind of hand is more calculation after imagination. The simplest way is to grab a paper and work on it with a sharpened pencil and a neat eraser.

The normal pattern of the sleeves appear like this

basic sleeve pattern cutting

But the modified puff sleeve pattern has the parameter of managing to add extra length at the circumference of the arm. This extra circumference is added where ever a frill or a pleat is needed for this puff sleeve pattern design. In my design 2 pleats on the top and 1 each on the center front and back halves as shown in the image below.

Puff Sleeve Pattern Cutting:

Puff sleeve pattern- cutting

Sleeves Design Pattern | Puff Sleeve Pattern | Kalamkari Dress Design:

Finally, the puff sleeve pattern of this Kalamkari dress design looked like this…

Puff sleeve pattern

Puff sleeve pattern

I’m sure, the tassels must have been noticed. This was another addition that I’ve done, for the first time. I’ve searched on YouTube for references and this helped.

I’ve chosen subtle colors consciously for tassels, to make the kurta soothing to that dominating dark print and puff sleeve pattern.

tassels neck

sleeves design pattern- Puff sleeve pattern

The high slits make the kurti look more fashionable and trendy. Pairing this puff sleeve pattern kurti with a palazzo would give it one look and with jeans gives an entirely different look. I’ve tried this puff sleeve pattern kurti with jeans and a pair of chunky heels from Ajio.

Kalamkari Dress Design | Kalamkari Kurta:

Here’s the final Kalamkari dress design in a puff sleeve pattern.

Puff sleeve pattern-sleeves design pattern -kurta

The back side neck design is a little teardrop 😉

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