Aquaphor vs Vaseline

For any makeup lover, it is important to keep their skin moisturized in all seasons. Whether you wear makeup or not, your natural skin still needs moisture to look healthy. In the winter, one of your favorite solutions for dry lips and dry skin is lotion and cream.

However, there are many brands available on the market that promise to make your skin soft and smooth in winter. But the most popular brands to treat dry skin are Aquaphor and Vaseline.

Many of you may be confused about these two brands, as both provide similar types of products. Then how can you find out which is best for your skin? In this article, you will get to know about Aquaphor and Vaseline and the main difference between them.

What is Aquaphor?

What is Aquaphor?

If you are already a skin caretaker, then you know about Aquaphor. Aquaphor is an occlusive; most people know it as a name for a healing ointment, but in reality, it is a trading name. Furthermore, Aquaphor is an American brand and has a good image all over the world as the best company of over-the-counter skin care ointments.

Moreover, Aquaphor contains a percentage of petroleum, commonly known as petroleum jelly. Besides, Aquaphor and Vaseline are compared together because both of them mainly have petrolatum. But how can you see Aquaphor vs. Vaseline? Before this, let me know about Vaseline.

What is Vaseline?

What is Vaseline?

In the world, you can say that no one is left who doesn’t know Vaseline. Vaseline is also a healing ointment provider brand with a great image in the market. Moreover, Vaseline has become a common name for healing ointment as it is marketed as a “healing ointment.”

Hence, there are still many people who know only Vaseline as a healing ointment. In reality, Vaseline is also petroleum jelly, just like Aquaphor petroleum jelly. Now you want to know the difference between Vaseline petroleum jelly and Aquaphor petroleum jelly.

Aquaphor vs. Vaseline

It is not easy to see the difference between Aquaphor and Vaseline as the products look and feel almost identical. Both Vaseline and Aquaphor are made up of petroleum or petroleum jelly and show the same kinds of results. Petroleum jelly is the best solution to moisturize dry skin.

Furthermore, petroleum jelly creates a barrier on the skin and prevents moisture loss from the skin. Now you may ask how you can tell if you are using Aquaphor or Vaseline if both of them have the same kind of nature. For this, you only have one way. The main difference between petroleum jelly (Aquaphor) and Vaseline (Vaseline) is their ingredients.

Comparison of Aquaphor and Vaseline Ingredients

When using Aquaphor or Vaseline without the label, it’s hard to recognize which skincare brand they are using as both of them have the same texture and also give similar results. However, from the packaging of Vaseline healing ointment and Aquaphor, you can see the ingredients contained in them. Both healing ointments can be compared in terms of their ingredients; let’s see what they contain.

Vaseline Healing Jelly Ingredients

The most famous brand of creams and lotions for dry skin is Vaseline. However, other brands are also available in competition with Vaseline, but they have never beaten Vaseline’s popularity.

In the case of ingredients, the Vaseline healing ointment contains 100 percent pure petroleum jelly with no water. That is the main and only ingredient that Vaseline contains. Now, to compare Aquaphor vs. Vaseline, you must know the ingredients of Aquaphor as well.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment Ingredients

Aquaphor has the same kind of image in the market as Vaseline. However, Aquaphor’s healing ointment has less petroleum jelly as an ingredient than Vaseline’s healing ointment. Moreover, along with petroleum jelly, Aquaphor contains other ingredients to treat any type of skin so well.

The other ingredients in Aquaphor are mineral oil, ceresin, lanolin alcohol, panthenol, Glycerin, and Bisabolol. All the added ingredients in Aquaphor, along with the small amount of pure petroleum jelly, help soothe the skin.

Vaseline and Aquaphor Benefits

You know very well that it is hard to do Aquaphor vs. Vaseline in terms of benefits. Both skincare products give almost similar results for the skin and dry lips. Aquaphor can benefit any skin just like medication. The Aquaphor can be used as a moisturizer on dry skin, and the Aquaphor can restore moisture to lips that are already dry.

Along with sensitive skin, Aquaphor is helpful for rough, scaly, itchy skin. Also, it can treat skin irritations such as diaper rash in babies or skin burns. On the other hand, Vaseline also works the same way. It can also treat dry skin, lips, and eyelids. Furthermore, Vaseline can also treat diaper rashes and rehydrate nails.

Comparison of Vaseline and Aquaphor Benefits

Now you can easily know that nobody can say any of the petroleum jelly-based products are bad or lower. Both brands give the same kind of results to the skin and dry skin parts, including the lips and eyelids. Still, you can find a small difference between these two. Let’s compare Vaseline to Aquaphor in terms of benefits.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is perfect for wound healing

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is perfect for wound healing

Studies have shown Vaseline is better for wound healing than Aquaphor, as the skin becomes sensitive to any skin care product while having wounds on it. Therefore, for wounded skin, Vaseline can play a great role in treating wounds without any irritation or allergy. Moreover, you can use Vaseline after your surgery on any body part to treat that area with no extra effort.

Aquaphor is advisable for skin with tattoos

Aquaphor is advisable for skin with tattoos

When you get a tattoo on your skin, you are advised to use moisturizer to keep your skin moisturized so that skin with a tattoo can get the best result without being interrupted. Furthermore, Aquaphor has more anti-inflammatory properties than Vaseline; hence, it can treat tattoo skin more perfectly.

Besides all, for tattoo skin, it is good to use water-based lotion, but Vaseline has no water. Moreover, Aquaphor healing ointment is best for sensitive skin so you can use it for your baby.

How safe are Vaseline and Aquaphor?

In general, there are no side effects of Aquaphor or Vaseline. Both of these skin care products give the best results in treating skin and protecting it from dryness. You can use any of these brands to make your skin smooth and soft in the winter.

However, if your skin is really sensitive, then without any second thought you can use Vaseline because it doesn’t contain any extra ingredients except pure petroleum jelly. Moreover, you can also take a dermatologist’s advice before using any skincare product on your skin.


Both brands can be used as synonyms for petroleum jelly products. Both brands are popular for their skin-healing ointments. In the above section, you have seen Aquaphor vs. Vaseline and the benefits of twos.

Furthermore, it all depends on which petroleum jelly you would like to use. A mixture of other ingredients with petroleum jelly or 100 percent pure petroleum jelly. You can find Aquaphor or Vaseline on online sites as well such as Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

Now it’s time to wrap up our things. Hopefully, you find this guide helpful and get satisfactory information through it. Now you are free to shop for Aquaphor or Vaseline, whatever you like to use for your dry skin.

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